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Kentucky Christian University is a “transfer friendly” university, making it easy for you to complete the education you may have started somewhere else.  We will work with you personally to ensure you receive as much credit as possible for course work you may have completed at a two-year community college or other academic institution.


Quickly turn your Associate’s degree into a bachelor’s degree! Your Associate’s degree* will be accepted as the first 60 hours of a B.S. in General Business or Biology. By completing 60 hours at KCU, you can be on your way to a new and exciting career!


Laptop and stethascopeCurrently working as an Registered Nurse with your Associate degree in Nursing and want to expand your degree to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing? KCU offers a solely online RN to BSN program in which you can still continue to work full time as you look to further your degree. Learn more…

If you are considering transferring to KCU for one of our other traditional and on campus degree programs, we will need official transcripts from your previous colleges to evaluate your credits. In order for your classes to qualify for transfer credit, you must have received a grade of “C” or better and the course must serve as an equivalent to a course required for your degree program here at KCU.  Our registrar will work with you to determine which classes can transfer and make sure you receive the most credit possible.

*Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree must be earned at a regionally accredited academic institution.


  • Q: What are the transfer requirements at KCU?
    • A: Transfer students need to have cumulative gpa of at least a 2.0
  • Q: Will I have to send ACT/SAT test scores to apply?
    • A:  It depends if either (or both) of the following apply: student is under 24 years of age or the student has less than 30 transferable credit hours from previous college experience.
  • Q: Will I have to send high school transcripts to apply?
    • A: Yes, even though you have completed college level course work, we still require your high school transcript for review.
  • Q: I am in high school and taking college courses. Am I considered a transfer student?
    • A: No, you are still considered a first year student, you will simply be ahead of schedule and could potentially graduate early as a result!
  • Q: Do I have to send all my transcripts?
    • A: Yes. In order for KCU to determine if you meet the requirements for enrollment at KCU, we have to look at all your transcripts. We will also need it for Financial Aid purposes, in order to determine what Financial Aid or Loans you are eligible for.

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Discover Your Path

“The Humanities Department opened its doors right around the time where I was caught in a bit of a personal dilemma. I was studying music, but really wanted to further my studies in film through an internship in Los Angeles. The department was made for someone like me, who was trying to navigate a lot of artistic interests and find the career path buried in the middle of all of them. That internship changed my life and the KCU Humanities Department made it not only possible, but easy to follow my heart.”
– Johnny Recher KCU ‘03

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