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chapel serviceOne of the many facets that make the KCU experience unique is our chapel services. Twice a week for 50 minutes, the entire campus community comes together in the Nash Chapel for a time of worship and teaching from God’s Word. Vibrant worship services are led by talented members of our student body. Each Chapel features a guest speaker who is typically a regionally or nationally known communicator. We make an effort to bring high caliber speakers to Chapel who have something to share that we feel will benefit our students and “nudge” them along spiritually. Chapel services have been a key component of the DNA at Kentucky Christian University since the beginning and set us apart from most other colleges and universities.

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Schedule of Chapel Speakers, Fall 2018:

Aug. 21 – Dr. Jeff Metcalf, President, Kentucky Christian University

Aug. 23 – Larry Marshall, Campus Minister, Kentucky Christian University

Aug. 28 – Dr. Tom Lawson, Senior Pastor, Bridges Christian Church, Russell KY

Aug. 30 – Scott Pugh, Lead Pastor, Velocity Church, Cleveland OH

Sept. 4 – David Kibler, Senior Pastor, Catalyst Christian Church, Nicholasville KY

Sept. 6 – Joe Boyd, President, Rebel Pilgrim Productions, Cincinnati OH

Sept. 11 – Ryan Rassmussen, Lead Pastor, First Christian Church, Canton OH

Sept. 13 – Dick Alexander, International Consultant, Christian Missionary Fellowship, Cincinnati OH

Sept. 18 – C.Y. Kim, Missionary and Founder, Christ Reaching Asia Ministries

Sept. 20 – Brian Bolton, Senior Pastor, Centerpointe Christian Church, Lexington KY

Sept. 25 – Seth McManus, Christian Missionary Fellowship, Indianapolis IN

Sept. 28 – HOMECOMING – Fella Wilson, Senior Minister, Woodlawn Christian Church, Campbellsville KY

Oct. 2 – David Raisor, Recruiter, English Language Institute China

Oct. 4 – Fall Break

Oct. 9 – PREACHING ROUNDTABLE – Tim Spivey, Lead Pastor, New Vintage Church, San Diego CA

Oct. 11 – Brian Crawford, Chosen People Ministries

Oct. 16 – Todd Lackie, Senior Minister, Kenwood Church of Christ, Detroit MI

Oct. 18 – MINISTER’S APPRECIATION DAY and GRANDPARENTS DAY – David Welsh, Lead Minister, Franklin Christian Church, Franklin TN

Oct. 23 – Kevin Dooley, President, 2019 International Conference on Missions

Oct. 25 – Dan Smith, Momentum Church, Cleveland OH

Oct. 30 – Monte Wilkinson, Lead Pastor, Northeast Christian Church, Lexington KY

Nov. 1 – Dale Meade, Missionary In Residence, Columbia

Nov. 6 – Chip Denief, Sr. Minister, Union City Christian Church, Richmond KY

Nov. 8 – KCU Worship Collective

Nov. 13 – Brian Jones, Lead Pastor, Christ’s Church of the Valley, Philadelphia PA

Nov. 15 – Lane Hassloch, Associate Minister Family & Students, Centerpointe Christian Church, Lexington KY

Nov. 27 – Paul Potter, Cornerstone Christian Church, Pikeville KY

Nov. 29 – Jake Ratliff and Rex McGinniss, Tollesboro Christian Church, Tollesboro, KY

Dec. 4 – FOUNDERS DAY, Jeff Greene, Director of Alumni, Kentucky Christian University

Dec. 6 – Special Christmas Chapel

Jan. 15 – Sammy Harris, Leesburg Christian Church, Cynthiana, KY

Jan. 17 – David Stauffer, Gateway Christian Church, St. Albans WV

Jan. 22 – Daniel Lucas, Better Life, Morehead KY

Jan. 24 – Tracy Tooley, ReGeneration Church, Huntington WV

Jan. 29 – KCU Worship Collective

Jan. 31 – Barry Blair, Founding Member, Audio Adrenaline

Feb. 5 – KCU Bible Faculty

Feb. 7 – Kyle Davies, Generations Church, Vancouver WA

Feb. 12 – KCU Bible Faculty

Feb. 14 – KCU Bible Faculty

Feb. 19 – KCU Bible Faculty

Feb. 21 – Trevor Stone, Better Life, Morehead KY

Feb. 28 – Youth Ministry Crash

Mar. 12 – Jacob Steagal, Better Life Church, Morehead KY

Mar. 14 – Dave Hamlin, Shelby Christian Church, Shelbyville KY

Mar. 26 – KCU Senior Sermon

Mar. 28 – KCU Senior Sermon

Apr. 2 – Al Serhal, Hippo Valley Christian Mission, Grayson KY and Zimbabwe, Africa

Apr. 4 – KCU Leadership Summit with Bob Russell, Louisville KY

Lifelong Friends

“At KCU, you have the opportunity to make lifelong friends with other faculty, staff and students.  I know for
me, these friendships will continue into eternity as these will be some of my treasures stored in heaven.”

Dr. Mitch Marshall, KCU Professor

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