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Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, KCU will be making the following changes to our weekly chapel services:

  • Required weekly chapel credit will be reduced to 1 per week.
  • The students will be divided into 4 groups that will work on a rotating schedule as it pertains to in-person chapel gatherings. Students will be notified of their groups and subsequent schedule.
  • Students may only attend in-person gatherings on their scheduled days.
  • On this rotating schedule students will have the opportunity to attend 7 in-person gatherings per semester.
  • In-person chapel gatherings will require face coverings as well as the enforcement of social distancing measures.
  • On a week that a student is not scheduled for an in-person gathering, they will still be responsible to acquire 1 chapel credit. They may do so by choosing one of two options:
    • Virtual Chapel Option: Students may engage with either the Tuesday or Thursday chapel through KCU’s livestream and reflecting through a provided Google document that will be sent to the Campus Minister for credit. Students will be able to complete this anytime from Tuesday at 10:30AM through Sunday at 11:59PM.
    • Spiritual Formations Opportunities Option (SFOs): Students may receive chapel credit through approved SFOs that can take the shape of small groups, bible studies, dorm devotionals, volunteer services, etc. SFOs must be at least 30 minutes in length. Students wishing to pursue this option must get an SFO approval form and turn it into the Campus Minister. Once approved, it is the student’s responsibility to track their attendance using the SFO tracking form and turn it in at the end of the semester. If a student has an idea for an SFO they may discuss this with the Campus Minister.
  • Students with conflicting schedules due to internships, employment, practicums, etc. or are deemed medically at-risk, may request an exemption from in-person gatherings. Students may do this by filling out an exemption form, attaching all specified additional information, and turning it into the Campus Minister for approval. Once approved, it is the student’s responsibility to acquire 10 chapel credits through Virtual Chapels or a combination of Virtual Chapels and SFOs.
  • All students are required to acquire 10 chapel credits out of 14 possible to pass. In-person gatherings must account for 50% of a student’s overall attendance (i.e. 5 in-person gatherings and 5 outside).

Virtual Chapel Google Doc

In-Person Exemption Form

SFO Approval Form

SFO Tracking Form

Click here to stream chapel live!

Schedule of Chapel Speakers, Fall 2020: Coming Soon.


Investment of Time, Prayer, and Love

“I’ll never forget how the Bible and Ministry professors at KCU cared about me as a person. They didn’t just see me
as a student number. They invested time, prayer, and love into my life and my ministry, and I’m eternally thankful
for their influence.”

Sean Plank, Class of 2010

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