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chapel serviceOne of the many facets that make the KCU experience unique is our chapel services. Twice a week for 50 minutes, the entire campus community comes together in the Nash Chapel for a time of worship and teaching from God’s Word. Vibrant worship services are led by talented members of our student body. Each Chapel features a guest speaker who is typically a regionally or nationally known communicator. We make an effort to bring high caliber speakers to Chapel who have something to share that we feel will benefit our students and “nudge” them along spiritually. Chapel services have been a key component of the DNA at Kentucky Christian University since the beginning and set us apart from most other colleges and universities.

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Schedule of Chapel Speakers, Fall 2019:


Aug. 20 – Convocation

Aug. 22 – Jacob Shockey, KCU Campus Minister

Aug. 27 – Tracy Tooley, ReGeneration Church – Ona, WV

Aug. 29 – Ben James, First Church of Christ – Grayson, KY

Sept. 3 – Dr. Brian Baldwin – KCU Bible Faculty

Sept. 5 – KCU Worship Collective

Sept. 10 – Ben Stroup, Madison Hills Christian Church – Richmond, KY

Sept. 12 – Rich Duffield, Athletes in Actions – Morehead, KY

Sept. 17 – Ja’Mel Armstrong, One Church – Louisville, KY

Sept. 19 – Jeff Fife, ICOM – Clayton, IN

Sept. 24 – Aaron Coon, Grace Church – Noblesville, IN

Sept. 27 – HOMECOMING – 64 to Grayson

Oct. 1 – Kaleb Mullins, West Towne Church – Knoxville, TN

Oct. 3 – Tyler McKenzie, Northeast Christian Church – Louisville, KY

Oct. 8 – Dan Smith, Momentum Church – Cleveland, OH

Oct. 15 – Terry Yoder, School of Missionary Aviation Technology – Ionia, MI

Oct. 17 – Kevin Ingram, Manhattan Christian College – Manhattan, KS

Oct. 22 – Joe Bowers, Gallipolis Christian Church – Gallipolis, OH


Oct. 29 – Joel Reid, Fairfield Christian Church – Lancaster, OH

Oct. 31 – TBA

Nov. 5 – KCU Senior Sermon

Nov. 7 – KCU Senior Sermon

Nov. 12 – Dominick Jenkins, FCC Kernersville – Kernersville, NC

Nov. 14 – KCU Senior Sermon

Nov. 19 – Jacob Steagall, Better Life – Morehead, KY

Nov. 21 – Thanksgiving Chapel

Dec. 3 – Jacob Shockey, KCU Campus Minister

Dec. 5 – Christmas Chapel

Spring 2020

Jan. 14 – Dr. Jamie Coates – KCU Bible Faculty

Jan. 16 – Dr. Marvin Elliott – KCU Faculty

Jan. 21 – Dr. Rob O’Lynn – KCU Bible Faculty

Jan. 23 – Dr. Dennis Durst – KCU Bible Faculty

Jan. 28 – Dr. Scott Caulley – KCU Bible Faculty

Jan. 30 – Dr. Brian Baldwin – KCU Bible Faculty

Feb. 4 – Dan Mackett, International Justice Mission

Feb. 6 – Dan Mackett, International Justice Mission

Feb. 11 – Dr. Jamey Gorman, Johnson University – Knoxville, TN

Feb. 20 – Jess Eubanks, Love Thy Neighborhood – Louisville, KY

Feb. 27 – KCU Worship Collective

Mar. 3 – Christian Stewart, Gallipolis Christian Church – Gallipolis, OH

Mar. 5 – Seth McManus, CMF International – Indianapolis, IN

Mar. 12 – Philip Mullins, Gateway Christian Church – St. Albans, WV

Mar. 26 – Dr. Daniel Overdorf, Johnson University – Knoxville, TN

Apr. 9 – John Kelley, Catalyst Christian Church – Nicholasville, KY

Apr. 14 – Hunter Fraley, West Liberty Christian Church – West Liberty, KY

Apr. 28 – Jacob Shockey, KCU Campus Minister

Apr 30 – Awards Day Chapel

Prepared for the World

“KCU was more than a University, it was also a home for me. Professors didn’t just worry about my grades, but
they knew about my life, provided counsel, encouraged me, and pushed me to grow. I felt that my education for
ministry was amazing and really helped prepare me for ministry. A lot of my spiritual mentors have come out of
KCU and also some lifelong friendships with fellow students. KCU might not be the biggest school, but it has one
of the biggest hearts.”

Cady Wurtz, Class of 2017 Graduate School

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