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Schedule of Chapel Speakers, Spring 2022
1/25 – Dr. Terry Allcorn (President: KCU)
1/27 – Efren Rosario (The Point Church: Cary, North Carolina)
2/1 – Dr. Rob O’Lynn (Professor: KCU)
2/3 – Jacob Shockey (Campus Minister: KCU)
2/8 –  Better Together Week – Aaron Rayburn (Better Life Church: Grayson, KY)
2/10 – Better Together Week – Ja’Mel Armstrong (New Horizon Baptist Church: Louisville, KY)
2/15 – Laurel Guy (Emmanuel Christian Seminary: Johnson City, TN)
2/17 – KCU Worship Collective
2/22 – Keeran School of Bible & Ministry Series – Dr. Scott Caulley
2/24 – Keeran School of Bible & Ministry Series – Dr. Rob O’Lynn
3/1 – Keeran School of Bible & Ministry Series – Dr. Brian Baldwin
3/3 – Keeran School of Bible & Ministry Series – Dr. Dennis Durst
3/8 – One Body Week (TBD)
3/10 – One Body Week (TBD)
3/15 – Jacob Shockey (Campus Minister: KCU)
3/17 – Peyton Baskins (KCU Senior Sermon)
3/22 – Josh Tinkler (Bridges Christian Church: Russell, KY)
3/24 – Zachary Gomez (KCU Senior Sermon)
3/29 – Wimbai Mutonono (Journey Christian Church: New Orleans, LA)
3/31 – Philip Mullins (Gateway Christian Church: St. Albans, WV)
4/5 – Tracey Tooley (ReGeneration Church: Huntington, WV)
4/7 –  Dr. Brian Baldwin (Dean – Keeran School of Bible & Ministry)
4/12 – Easter Chapel – Jacob Shockey (Campus Minister: KCU)
4/14 – Easter Chapel – KCU Worship Collective
4/19 – Paul Potter (Cornerstone Christian Church: Pikeville, KY)
4/21 – Donald Damron (VP of Student Services: KCU)
4/26 – Jacob Shockey (Campus Minister: KCU)
4/28 – Dr. Terry Allcorn (President: KCU)

Opportunity to Use My Abilities for God

“At KCU I was able to learn under the guidance of the best ministry professors and administrators. KCU gave me
my first opportunity to use my abilities for God. KCU gave me an opportunity to excel athletically, artistically, and
academically. But most of all, when I look back on my time at KCU, I will remember the people. I will remember the
smiles, I will remember the laughs my friends and I shared. KCU is a family and one I am very proud to be in.”

Cody Sabol, Class of 2017

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