Transcript Request

Official transcripts are required for many endeavors such as new jobs, educational opportunities, scholarships, and military enlistment. It is our desire to serve you by processing your transcript request promptly and sending your transcript out as quickly as possible. You may help this process by carefully following the instructions below.

How to request a Transcript

  1. Official transcripts are $5 each. There will be an additional $2 processing fee for online payments.
  2. If you are mailing or hand delivering your request you may pay by cash or check made out to Kentucky Christian University.
  3. Make sure any and all prior names are listed on the form.
  4. If you have an unpaid account of any kind, did not do exit counseling for financial aid, or have a Perkins Loan in default, we will not be able to release your transcript. We will let you know the type of hold and you will need to resolve that with the appropriate department.
  5. Federal Law requires your signature. Unfortunately, we do not accommodate electronic signatures at this time. Please print the form (link below) and either mail or fax the completed and signed form to our office.
  6. If you wish to have your transcript expedited, you will need to make an online payment of $30 per transcript. Your transcript will be sent USPS Priority Mail Express (Delivery in less than 2 days). Requests received after 2:00p.m. Monday through Thursday may not be processed until the following day. Requests received after 2:00p.m. on Friday, may not be processed until the following Monday. Hold policies still apply.
  7. To request an unofficial transcript please complete the transcript request form and write unofficial at the top.

Transcript FAQ’s

Q: How long will it take?
A: It usually takes 3-5 business days to get your transcript out. This may be held up if you have a hold on your account. During peak times (first and last couple weeks of each semester) it may take up to two weeks.
Q: Who do I contact if I have a Perkins Loan hold?
A: Aggie Porter – (606) 474-3254
Q: Who do I contact if I have a Business Office (unpaid account) hold?
A: Wilma Whitt – (606) 474-3245
Q: Who do I contact if I have a Financial Aid hold?
A: Kaitlyn Jones – (606) 474-3227
Q: Do you send electronic transcripts?
A: No. At this time KCU is not equipped to send electronic transcripts.
Q: The school I am applying to says they didn’t get my transcript. Now what?
A: Typically when a school reports that they do not have an official transcript, it is one of two things: 1. The transcript was mailed to a generic university address and never arrived in the appropriate office. Contact the school to get a more specific department address. 2. The school received your transcript but does not consider it official because there are in progress courses. After grades are posted for the current semester, request another transcript be sent to your new university.

Real World Experience

“The KCU School of Business provides a unique education, teaching students how to integrate their faith and to be leaders in the workplace, and to give opportunities for ‘real world’ experiences.”

Lauren Witkowski, Class of 2012

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