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The Church Relations Office is grateful for the opportunity to serve churches, organizations and job seekers as they search for a minister/ ministry.

Below is a list of the ministry openings that have been submitted to the Church Relations Office. The openings are provided by the church or organization seeking a candidate and are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Kentucky Christian University. Job candidates should contact the church or organization listed for further information regarding the position(s).

Ministry opportunities are displayed for a maximum of three (3) months from the posting date.

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Church Name Church Location Category Hours
  • First Christian Church Springfield, Ohio


    3638 Middle Urbana Rd.
    Springfield, Ohio 45502
    Weekly Attendance: 1200

    Contact Information

    Jennifer Snyder Phone: (937) 399-1000 Email:

    Position Description

    Title:  Local and Global Missions Minister

     Current Classification:  Full-Time, Salaried

    FLSA Status: Ministerial/Exempt

    General Description:

    The Local and Global Missions Minister will lead the effort to share the Gospel worldwide and in the greater Springfield Community.


    To empower the people of First Christian Church to impact their community and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ; to grow and develop FCC’s local and global mission programs and provide opportunities for missionaries and church members to meet the Great Commission.


    • Create opportunities for FCC members to experience a mission trip, thereby enhancing their faith walk
    • Create opportunities that encourage people to share the Gospel
    • Develop and implement strategies that enable people to engage others with the gospel
    • Equip and release the people of First Christian Church to affect the world and the local community with the Gospel


    • Remain current on curriculum and other ministry trends in the areas of local and global outreach. This may be accomplished by online course study, reading books and periodicals, and attending approved training, events, and peer-to-peer networking
    • Create an environment that encourages people to be the Gospel both locally and globally
    • Develop relationships, especially with our faith based, community outreach partners
      • Oversee and develop opportunities to love and share Christ with Springfield and the surrounding communities
    • Oversee all local and global mission opportunities at First Christian Church
    • Oversee the missions budget

    Specific Responsibilities:

    • Maintain constant contact with FCC global and local missionaries
    • Design, promote and oversee all mission trips opportunities
    • Network with local community leaders for the purpose of developing partnerships
    • Oversee FCC outreach events
    • Participates in regular ministerial duties related to pastoral care
    • Act as Preaching Pastor when needed.
    • Other duties as assigned
  • Avoca Christian Church Bristol, Tennessee


    2417 Volunteer Pkwy
    Bristol, Tennessee 37620
    Weekly Attendance: 230

    Contact Information

    Justin Gillespie Phone: (423) 844-1080 Email:

    Position Description

    Avoca Christian Church is searching for a Student Pastor who is looking for a leader who is willing to start from scratch with a blank slate to build a life giving, lost student reaching, student ministry (7th-12th Grades).  We are a church in the midst of a transition and revitilization that has been very difficult at times, we will be open and honest with our struggles and answer any and every question you may have.  We have recently made the transition from a blended/traditional worship style to a Spirit lead modern style.  Avoca was also a church that was focused on itself and ‘taking care of our own first’ (yes, that was actually said) that is truly becoming a Great Commission Church.  All teaching is straight forward and biblical not shying away from hard truths.    Some things will promise are 1) Complete support from the Lead Pastor and Elders, 2) A fun work environment that boarders on ridiculous some days, 3) a city/county that is full of unchurched students, we made the Barna top 100 unchurched list (yay us), 4) and at times, difficult challenges, we want you to know that going in, but we’re in this together.

    A few of the key concepts we are looking for in a student ministry are 1) Biblical teaching, we can’t out entertain the world, 2) Community, fun comes with anything when there’s community, 3) Service, learning to serve and love like Jesus, 4) the use of conferecnes to enhance the spritual lives of teens, 5) and no, there’s nothing wrong with having some fun either.

    The Student Pastor will have opportunities to preach on Sunday mornings to develop skills and prepare for ministry after student ministry and will participate in other areas of church leadership.  We believe in growth and training, we all can get better and we believe in being a sending church if that is where God leads.

    Feel free to stalk us at

  • West Lafayette Christian Church West Lafayette, Indiana


    1980 Lindberg Road
    West Lafayette, Indiana 47906
    Weekly Attendance: 200

    Contact Information

    John Dittmer Phone: (765) 463-7995 Email:

    Position Description

    West Lafayette Christian Church, an independent Christian Church near the campus of Purdue University, is seeking to hire a part-time worship leader.  Contact for a more complete job description.

  • Hazelwood Christian Church Clayton, Indiana


    9947 S County Road 0
    Clayton, Indiana 46118


    Contact Information

    Fred Glover Phone: (317) 373-2157 Email:

    Position Description

    Lead Minister

    Job Description

    Hazelwood Christian Church



    The primary role of the Lead Minister of Hazelwood Christian Church is to shepherd the church through biblical visionary leadership, creative biblical teaching and strategic planning to develop passionate followers of Jesus Christ.



    • The Lead Minister is responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of Hazelwood Christian Church’s vision and strategic plan.
    • He will work to motivate the church body in a passionate, unified approach to fulfill the vision of the church.
    • He will create an inviting and healthy church environment that promotes the ability to seek, save and retain those who otherwise would be lost from the Word and Will of God.
    • He will work alongside the Elders to plan the overall direction of the church.
    • He develops and oversees assimilation of new families into the church.
    • He will regularly discuss and evaluate the ministries of the church and their progress.
    • He will work along-side the Ministry Team Leaders of the church to encourage leadership development and provide accountability for the growth of individual ministries.
    • He will identify God-given gifts within individuals willing and eager to serve The Lord and integrate these talents and skills for a collective Body of Christ that will build His Kingdom.


    Preaching and Teaching

    • The Lead Minister will be responsible for the development and management of the preaching schedule.
    • He will oversee each ministry team and minister to develop sermon and stage ideas each week.
    • He will be governed by prayer and scripture throughout the week in preparation for each week’s sermon.
    • He will directly oversee the Sunday morning schedule.
    • He will work in close connection with the worship ministry team leader and teams to create an enjoyable focused worship atmosphere on Sunday mornings.
    • He will oversee the development and recruitment of life groups.
    • He will work diligently with the Christian Education Ministry Team to develop adult Sunday school classes.
    • He will also work to create other teaching opportunities (i.e. Seminars, Retreats, evening classes).



    • The Lead Minister will provide oversight to the day-to-day operation of the church office.
    • He will oversee all other staff of the church to ensure excellence in ministry, to maintain a healthy team environment and to challenge each staff member to develop to their full potential in ministry.
    • He will conduct and lead weekly staff meetings with ministerial staff to enhance communication of the staff.
    • Along with the church elders, he will oversee business decisions for the ministries of the church.
    • The Lead Minister, along with the elders, is responsible for conducting annual reviews of staff performance.



    • The Lead Minister will work to foster an attitude of outreach within the church.
    • In working with the Outreach Ministry team, the lead minister will help develop creative ways to engage the church in reaching out to and loving the community around the church.
    • He will live a life as an example focused on reaching others with the love of Jesus through humility and a focus on God’s will, not human or earthly gain.



    • The Lead Minister will provide basic Crisis, Marriage, Pre-marital and General counseling.
    • He will officiate Weddings and Funerals. This can be delegated to associate ministers as available and per family request.
    • He will be the primary staff contact with new and visiting families of the church.
    • The Lead minister will work in close communication the other staff ministers in regards to nursing home, hospital and in home visiting.
    • He will share emergency calling duties with the other ministers of the church.


    Working Relationships

    • The Lead Minister will work alongside the Elders in all matters of leadership.
    • He is accountable to the Elders of Hazelwood Christian Church.
    • He will actively participate or oversee other ministers in the organization and planning of key programming such as church summer camp, other youth or children programs, adult programs, and mission efforts.


    Terms of Employment

    • This is a salary position. The corresponding salary and vacation time will be reviewed at least annually and determined by the elders.
    • Evaluations will be conducted annually. The first year of employment they will be more frequent.
    • This position includes 2 weeks of vacation as well as the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, unless those days occur on a Sunday whereby the following Monday will be considered the holiday.
    • Vacation schedules are to be coordinated through the Elders of Hazelwood Christian Church.


    Desired Qualifications for Lead Minister

    • Called by the Holy Spirit to shepherd God’s Church.
    • Meets the Biblical qualifications for the role of Elder/Minister as outline in 1 Timothy and Titus.
    • Passion to preach and teach God’s Word.
    • Evident prayer life and a zeal for the Word.
    • Has a proven track record of working well with others.
    • Ability to work with a broad diversity of people.
    • Passion for people and reaching the lost for Christ.
    • Organized skills in administrative management.
    • Creative and proficient in written communication.
    • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited Bible College.
    • Is visionary, self-motivated, creative and innovative in ministry thinking.
    • Exemplifies the humility and servant attitude of Christ.


  • New Life Christian Church Winchester, Virginia


    2930 Middle Road
    Winchester, Virginia 22602
    Weekly Attendance: 210

    Contact Information

    Kraig Bishop Phone: (540) 723-0030 Email:

    Position Description

    New Life Christian Church is seeking a full-time Children’s Pastor/Director to join our team.

    Salary is negotiable and based on experience. Health insurance is included as well as retirement after a period of employment.

    Our Lead Pastor, who founded NLCC, is retiring after 20 years of faithful service here and many more prior to founding NLCC. Our Teen Pastor has been here for 7 years and will be transitioning to the role of Lead Pastor. Our Children’s Pastor will be transitioning to the role of Teen Pastor. We have recently remodeled our Children’s Area and revamped the way we do most things in that ministry area.

    For a full job description and more info, please submit a resume and cover letter.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Oversee Children’s Ministry programming in all worship services including regular teaching.
    • Recruit, train, manage, encourage, and lead Children’s Ministry volunteer team.
    • Lead in the area of parent/family ministry.
    • Plan special events in conjunction with overall church calendar.
    • Oversee Check-In systems and security as it applies to children’s ministry.
    • Lead classroom decoration/design/upgrades.
    • Work with ministry staff to define/redefine vision, purpose, and direction of Children’s Ministry within the vision, purpose, and direction of NLCC.
    • Establish/Lead one weekly, non-Sunday morning kids gathering.
    • Develop and supervise budget for Children’s Ministry
  • Jarvisburg Church or Christ Jarvisburg, North Carolina


    121 Forbes Road
    Jarvisburg, North Carolina 27947
    Weekly Attendance: 150 to 170

    Contact Information Phone: (252) 491-8412 Email:

    Position Description

    In search of one who first and foremost lives by and preaches the Word of God without compromising.  He needs to be an energetic people person with good communication and management skills to replace a retiring senior minister. Someone with the ability to lead us to the next level. Preferably someone who has been where we want to go.

    If you are that man, send a resume and a written statement why you believe you are the one for us. All submittals will be kept in confidence initially until such time and with your permission  the references will be contacted.

  • Westwood Christian Church Ashland, Kentucky


    424 Wheatley Road
    Ashland, Kentucky 41101
    Weekly Attendance: 65+

    Contact Information

    Ken Downs Phone: (606) 324-3236 Email:

    Position Description

    Westwood Christian Church is seeking a full-time Senior Minister with a college or seminary degree from a Restoration Movement-based Bible College/University.  The congregation is seeking a man who relates well to people of all ages, will be able to work together with the current elders and Associate/Youth Minister, is gifted at preaching and teaching, and is committed to growing in his personal walk with Christ. He will be expected to build relationships within the community, as well as offering leadership to the members of the congregation.

    The salary negotiation will depend on experience. A three bedroom, 2 bath parsonage is offered as part of the minister’s compensation and is included within the salary package.

  • Providence Christian Academy Georgetown, Kentucky


    172 Southgate Drive
    Georgetown, Kentucky 40324
    Weekly Attendance: 200 students

    Contact Information

    Kathleen Mallory Phone: (502) 868-9393 Fax: (502) 370-4766 Email:

    Position Description

    PCA is seeking candidates for teaching positions in the following areas:

    • PE (K- 12th)
    • Music (Preschool – 12th)
    • Technology (K- 12th)
    • Bible (6th – 12th)
    • MS/HS Science

    While these are listed as part-time, qualified individuals willing and able to teach multiple subjects may be considered for fulltime employment.

    Job Description – Teacher (Elementary, Middle, High School)

    We also just learned that we need to add 2 more. We have Math (includes Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Geometry) and Science for middle and high school grades. As with the others, they are listed as part-time but could result in fulltime employment with the appropriate mix of subjects and availability for qualified individuals.

    The Essentials: A PCA School Teacher

    • Is a Christian who fully understands and supports PCA’s Statement of Faith and performs his/her duties in such a way as to reflect the Statement of Faith
    • Is an active church member in good standing at local Christian church
    • Cooperates with administration and other faculty and staff in implementing all policies, procedures, and directives governing the operation of the school
    • Teaches classes as assigned, following the prescribed scope and sequence as outlined in the grade level curriculum guides
    • Integrates Biblical principles and Christian philosophy of education throughout the curriculum and in all extra-curricular activities
    • Demonstrates the spiritual maturity, academic qualifications, and personal qualities to “train up a child in the way he/she should go”


    EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in an educational field related to elementary, middle, or high school education. A minimum of three to five years of successful employment experience in a classroom setting is preferred. Teachers with less experience will be considered, but may be required to complete a mentorship program during their first year of employment with PCA.

    SKILLS: Participative work style that reflects an ability to give and receive feedback. Possess the ability to work collaboratively with administration, faculty, staff, parents, and representatives in the community.

    Teacher exhibits professional communication skills, both written and oral, in contacts within and outside of the organization. Displays the ability to maintain confidentiality of personal information of staff, students, and families. Supports the mission of PCA through words and actions and serves as a positive, Christian role model for students, parents, and fellow faculty and staff.

    RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible for the supervision and overall management of the classroom, including all facets involving the students, families, and employees.

    1. Maintain a clean, attractive, uncluttered, well-ordered classroom
    2. Conduct parent conferences as scheduled and whenever needed
    3. Build and maintain Christ-like relationships; demonstrate high expectations for all students and staff with a commitment to providing the support required to attain Christ-like standards
    4. Maintain complete student records; update RenWeb weekly to inform parents of anticipated daily class assignments
    5. Attend and participate in Morning Prayer time and regularly-scheduled staff meetings
    6. Support the implementation of school-based student discipline policies and monitor all safety and security concerns
    7. Prepare weekly lesson plans
    8. Obtain approval for all special guests and/or field trips
    9. Maintain compliance with PCA and Harmony Christian Church policies
    10. Clock in or complete time sheets and document hours and paid time off
    11. Maintain confidentiality of all sensitive information accessed in the performance of duties. Such information includes, but is not limited to, personal financial information, family situations, employment actions, salary information, etc. Any breech of this confidentiality is grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including immediate dismissal from PCA.
    12. Perform other duties as assigned by the Administrator

    Physical Requirements: Able to stand for prolonged periods, bending, stooping, and stretching. Has sufficient eye-hand coordination, manual dexterity sufficient to operate a keyboard, photo copier, telephone, calculator and other office equipment. Possess a normal range of hearing and vision to record, prepare, and communicate appropriate reports. Position requires occasional lifting up to 50 pounds.

    Mental Requirements: Be able to give, receive, and analyze information, prepare written material, and input information into a computer. Teacher must understand people and effectively communicate with them, answering questions in a professional and friendly manner. The position requires public contact and excellent interpersonal skills.

    CLASSIFICATION: Exempt Full-time

    CONTRACT PERIOD: August to May

    SALARY RANGE: Salary formula calculated by base salary, educational degree, and years of experience

    REPORTS TO: PCA Administrator


  • Northside Christian Church Fortson, Georgia


    9801 Whitesville Road
    Fortson, Georgia 31808
    Weekly Attendance: 100

    Contact Information

    Paul Chappell Phone: (706) 887-1624 Email:

    Position Description

    July 24, 2017


    Northside Christian Church

    9801 Whitesville Road

    Fortson, GA 31808





    Open Position:  Senior Minister


    NCC is beginning a search for our next preaching minister.  The responsibilities include preaching, teaching, providing staff leadership, and working alongside the elders to encourage the church in its mission to serve Jesus Christ.


    We are looking for a candidate who is committed to the work of preaching and who can apply Biblical truth to life in a way that is faithful to the Word and encouraging to the church.  His educational credentials should come from one of the Christian Church Schools/Seminaries that uphold the principles of the Restoration Movement.


    Northside Christian Church is a congregation of about 100, located on the north side of Columbus, GA.  Columbus is a city of about 250,000 that provides plenty of opportunity for recreation, shopping, education, and is a great place to raise a family.  Although our current facility was built in 1989, we went through a major upgrade in 2012-2013.  Our worship is a good mix of contemporary & traditional music.  And we believe that God is using us to make a difference in the life and faith of His Church.


    Organizationally, NCC has (6) Elders, who give oversight to the ministry of the church.  We have deacons who serve in many different capacities.  And we have several small group and committee ministries that support the work of the church.  One of those committees is focused on missions and the support that we send each month.  About six years ago we sent a team to Linda Vista Mexico to help build a church building there, and we have made a couple of other trips there to encourage the people and to offer our continued support for their congregation.


    The point is that we are open to the call of the Gospel on our lives, and we are eager for God to lead us into the next phase of our congregational life.  We want to grow in number, but only as we grow in the Kingdom; extending the love and life of Christ to all those around us.


    If you are interested in working with NCC, please send your resume to us.  We will respond in a timely manner.  Most of the nuts and bolts, like salary, can be discussed at a later point in the interview process.  Our prayer is that God will bring the right fit together for His purposes at NCC.


    Paul Chappell, Chairman of Elders

    Cell:  (706) 887-1624


    Send your resume to:

  • Newbern Community Christian Church Dublin, Virginia


    5382 Grace Street
    Dublin, Virginia 24084
    Weekly Attendance: 250+

    Contact Information

    Ben Tickle Phone: (540) 239-7077 Email:

    Position Description

    The Children’s Minister is someone deeply in love with Jesus Christ, who has a desire to further His Kingdom and edify His church, through investing in and nurturing His children. The Children’s Minister will have a passion to share Jesus with children of all ages, but they will have special interest in the growth and instruction of children from birth-5th grade. The Children’s Minister will be an integral part of the ministry team at Newbern Community Christian, working with the senior minister, youth ministry associates, and under the leadership and spiritual guidance of the Elders.  The Children’s Minister must also be fully committed to the vision and purpose of the Restoration Movement.


    Duties and Responsibilities


    • Teach, Coordinate, and Supervise classes, programs, curriculum, and events for children ages birth through fifth grade
    • Provide a creative, fun, encouraging, and safe environment for children ages birth through fifth grade
    • Maintain regular office hours during the week (Monday-Friday), setting sufficient hours for study and administrative work, working with the ministerial staff and coordinating the schedules so that there is a minister present in the office on a daily basis from 9am – 4pm
    • Recruit, empower, encourage, and train volunteers to work in all areas of the children’s ministry
    • Attend weekly staff meetings, established and conducted by the Senior Minister, in order to help plan and coordinate the services, visitation responsibilities, and other ministry activities of the Church.
    • Prepare and manage the children’s ministry budget
    • Develop and implement ways to assist and equip the parents of Community Christian Church in the spiritual development of their children
    • Work with the youth ministry to maintain a uniform presentation of the Gospel of Christ throughout different grade levels
    • Develop goals and activities on a monthly and annual basis, provide to the Elders their accomplishments for that month
    • Represent the Church and its ministry to the community, being a spokesman for the congregation and an ambassador of Christ








    • Be expected to attend and participate in Community Christian Church functions and outreach events
    • Attend scheduled and called meetings with the Elders at their discretion
    • Other duties as assigned by the Elders
  • Newbern Community Christian Church Dublin, Virginia


    5382 Grace Street
    Dublin, Virginia 24084


    Contact Information

    Ben Tickle Phone: (540) 239-7077 Email:

    Position Description

    The Senior Minister is someone deeply in love with Jesus Christ, who has a desire to further His Kingdom and edify His church, through investing in and nurturing His people. The Senior Minister will have a passion to share Jesus with people of all ages.  The Senior Minister will provide leadership for Community Christian Church to accomplish our purpose of making fully committed disciples of Jesus Christ, while under the direction and supervision of the elders.  The Senior Minister must also be fully committed to the vision and purpose of the Restoration Movement.


    Duties and Responsibilities


    • Fulfill the regular preaching and teaching responsibilities for Sunday morning, Sunday night services, Wednesday night, and other teaching occasions, as needed. He will coordinate service plans and themes with the music ministry team, ministerial staff, and communicate these plans to the leadership
    • Coordinate and supervise special classes as needed for new members, those considering membership, or those desiring a review of basic Christian teaching
    • Maintain regular office hours during the week (Monday-Friday), setting sufficient hours for study and administrative work, working with the ministerial staff and coordinating the schedules so that there is a minister present in the office on a daily basis from 9am – 4pm
    • Be responsible for conducting and coordinating visitation, including hospital calls, shut-in calls, prospect calls, member cultivation, and counseling calls
    • Meet weekly with staff (ministerial/office) to help plan and coordinate the services, visitation responsibilities, and other ministry activities of the Church. He will have the responsibility for the oversight of the daily activities of the staff (ministerial/office).  At this time, the staff includes a full-time children’s minister, part-time youth ministers, and an office assistant
    • Be available to conduct and coordinate funerals as needed
    • Provide pre-marital counseling and perform weddings at his discretion, within the Biblical guidelines
    • Participate, coordinate, and encourage participation in small groups, classes, and other ministries, including Blue Ridge Christian Camp events
    • Represent the Church and its ministry to the community, being a spokesman for the congregation and an ambassador of Christ
    • Be expected to attend and participate in Community Christian Church functions and outreach events
    • Attend scheduled and called meetings with the Elders at their discretion
    • Other duties as assigned by the Elders
  • Casas por Cristo El Paso, Texas


    7201 North Loop Dr.
    El Paso, Texas 79915


    Contact Information

    David Robertson Phone: (915) 778-0046 Fax: (915) 778-0086 Email:

    Position Description

    Guatemala Field Coordinator

    Role: Help and assist the Guatemala field director in accomplishing tasks and goals for operations in Guatemala.

    Responsibilities: Lead home building mission trips, assist local pastors with family follow up, and assist the field director with team care, pastors committee, and daily operations.


    • Location: San Raymundo, Guatemala.
    • Starts immediately.
    • Health insurance and other benefits provided.
    • Salaries are fund raised in full by the missionary.
    • Mature Christian character required.

    Casas por Cristo

    Casas por Cristo exists to open the door for local pastors and churches to share the love of Jesus Christ by serving.

    Our mission is to build and serve. We are builders. That’s who we are. We build homes for families that need to be reminded that Jesus loves them. We build relationships between volunteers, families, and pastors that would otherwise never have met. We strive to build the Kingdom of God by partnering with other local churches and ministries, leveraging their influence and history within the communities we serve. We strive to build opportunities for growth by creating structured experiences that cause our volunteers to be stretched beyond their comfort zones. Through this building process, God allows us to interact with our teams, local families, pastors, churches, vendors, and fellow missionaries. We do not want to take any of these interactions for granted. We believe that these are unique opportunities presented to us by God to serve each other.

    We began building homes along the U.S. / México border in 1993, first in Ciudad Juárez. We have since expanded to Ciudad Acuña, MéxicoSan Raimundo, Guatemala; and Santiago, Dominican Republic. To date, we have provided over 5,000 families with homes. We are dedicated to meeting the physical need of better housing as a way of also meeting the spiritual need for Jesus Christ.

    Casas por Cristo is primarily comprised of support-based missionaries. Each staff missionary is responsible for raising the majority of their salary. Most support comes in the form of donations from friends, family, churches, and team members. In addition to leading teams of volunteers through the building process, staff missionaries are responsible for administrative duties that allow the ministry to function.

    The Casas por Cristo Pastors Boards are comprised of nearly 150 pastors who live and work in México, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. These dedicated pastors meet monthly to worship together, encourage one another, and submit home applications for approval. Each pastor is personally responsible for visiting with the recipient family before and after they receive a home. This process is an opportunity to spread the Gospel and make disciples.

    Our Board is comprised of individuals from all over the U.S. and Canada.

  • Fourth Ave. Christian Church, Disciples of Christ Columbus, Ohio


    296 W. Fourth Ave.
    Columbus, Ohio 43215
    Weekly Attendance: 25
    Website: http://

    Contact Information

    Sonny Whitehead Phone: (614) 580-1960 Email:

    Position Description

    Position Description: a part-time position in a loyal, hardworking, loving, small congregation; serves with 2 additional staff members (worship leader and pianist).

    Primary Focus: outreach to grow attendance; good preaching; youth programs

    Duties: Sunday morning worship services, emergency pastoral calls, providing counsel upon request, and one day per week in-office for program planning, study and preparation; funerals/weddings upon request; representation at seminars, meets and conventions as needed

    Salary: annual salary of $18,000 less deductions for 16 hours/week

    Benefits: one week paid vacation after 6 months/two weeks paid vacation after 12 months; the IRS Standard Mileage Rate per mile for travel expenses upon receipt of mileage statement.

    Congregational Profile available upon request.

    For additional information, contact Sonny Whitehead (614-580-1960)

  • Mt Olive Church of Christ New Vienna, Ohio


    10021 Mad River Road PO Box 147
    New Vienna, Ohio 45133
    Weekly Attendance: 95
    Website: http://

    Contact Information

    Mike Whited Phone: (937) 205-6229 Email:

    Position Description

    Mt Olive church of Christ is a Country Church located approximately three miles outside of New Vienna at 10021 Mad River Road. We were founded in 1833 and been a functioning Church of Christ since that time.

    We draw members from several communities and schools in the area.

    Three large cities are equal distance (One Hour Drive) in different directions from us; Cincinnati south west, Columbus north and Dayton west.

    The position we are looking to fill is an Associate/Youth Minister that will work alongside our Senior Minister. Our Senior Minister is nearing retirement and is wanting to reduce his current workload and hours.

    This position reports to the Church Elders.

    Personal Qualifications:

    Has a Personal and growing relationship with God a healthy family life and teachable spirit.

    Strong Biblical background.

    Self-Motivated leader able to work without direct supervision.

    You will lead and organize youth programs that foster fellowship, worship, biblical teaching, discipleship, and evangelism.

    Maintain contact with youth and their parents keeping them informed of activities and updated on ministry strategies.

    You will rotate with the senior minister in preaching.

    Calling and visitations, shepherding and an emphasis on young people

    Other duties as required



    Skills desired:


    Youth Leadership

    Youth Development


    Organized self-starter

    Engaging Speaker

    Christian Leadership

  • Chilhowie Christian Church Chilhowie, Virginia


    172 Apple Valley Road
    Chilhowie, Virginia 24319
    Weekly Attendance: 350

    Contact Information

    Frank Branson Phone: (276) 759-5686 Fax: (276) 646-5835 Email:

    Position Description

    Do you love the mountains? Do you love people? Are you looking for a place to serve, to grow, to put down roots and to use your gifts and talents? Chilhowie Christian Church might be the place – but we are looking only for the right person. We are a small town church of over 350 people just off Interstate 81 with a fabulous facility overlooking the beautiful mountains of Southwest Virginia. Our complex includes a large over-sized gym, up-to-date technology, lots of space and is full of great people. We major in children, missions, outreach, and grace. If you need a Starbucks at every corner we are not for you but if you like to hike or mountain bike, avoid traffic lights and work in a great environment let’s talk.

    This is a full-time position as Associate Minister to lead, guide and direct all aspects of the church. You will work with the Senior Minister, the Elders and other staff. You need to be committed to loving lost people, serving the needy and overseeing activities and programs of the church with skill and innovation.

    Other qualities we highly value are:

    • An unwavering love for Jesus Christ which in turn produces unconditional love for His people.
    • A minimum of 5 years of full-time ministry experience that includes management of church programs, functions, and finances.
    • A high degree of self-discipline and self-motivation. The candidate should feel comfortable working autonomously to create and implement ideas, events, programs, improvements, etc.
    • A high degree of team building and mentoring skills that will promote and enhance volunteers and paid staff efforts.
    • A high degree of organizational and computer skills.
    • Communications skills both written and oral, grounded in the Holy Bible that produces attention, clarity, and motivation to achieve the mission and purpose of the universal church of Jesus Christ.
    • Creativity and devotion to delivering ideas, events, programs, messages, etc. with excellence and consistency.
    • A humble, “can-do” attitude that places themselves at the feet of the people and a willingness to do all they can to bring the kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven.
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Real World Experience

“The KCU School of Business provides a unique education, teaching students how to integrate their faith and to be leaders in the workplace, and to give opportunities for ‘real world’ experiences.”

Lauren Witkowski, Class of 2012

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