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Ministry Openings

The Church Relations Office is grateful for the opportunity to serve churches, organizations and job seekers as they search for a minister/ ministry.

Below is a list of the ministry openings that have been submitted to the Church Relations Office. The openings are provided by the church or organization seeking a candidate and are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Kentucky Christian University. Job candidates should contact the church or organization listed for further information regarding the position(s).

Ministry opportunities are displayed for a maximum of three (3) months from the posting date.

For assistance with the following please contact Jacob Shockey – or 606-474-3277:

  • To request that an opening be removed if filled sooner than three months.
  • Your opening is not filled within three months and you wish it to continue to be available (3-month extension).
  • You need to edit the information provided in an opening.
Church Name Church Location Category Hours
  • Milford Christian Church Brooksville, Kentucky


    7080 Neave Milford Rd
    Brooksville, Kentucky 41004
    Weekly Attendance: 240

    Contact Information

    Michael Cannon Phone: (606) 735-3581 Email:

    Position Description

    We are looking for someone to lead the music during morning worship this summer. We would like a blend of both contemporary and traditional worship. To inquire contact the church by phone (606) 735-3581 or via email

  • University Christian Church Muncie, Indiana


    2400 N Nebo Rd
    Muncie, Indiana 47304
    Weekly Attendance: 250 pre-COVID, 170 in-person currently

    Contact Information

    Steve Huddleston Phone: (765) 284-0896 Email:

    Position Description


    To provide vision, coordination, and administration of a comprehensive teen ministry

    To provide vision, leadership and support for an effective education ministry

    To provide vision, leadership and support for an effective outreach ministry

    To assist the Senior Minister as needed in performing other ministry activities.

  • Northridge Christian Church Milledgeville, Georgia


    321 Log Cabin Rd.
    Milledgeville, Georgia 31061
    Weekly Attendance: 900-1000

    Contact Information

    Adam Scott Phone: (478) 452-1125 Email:

    Position Description

    The Groups Pastor is responsible for all aspects of ensuring the congregation is connecting with one another and building community through a strong, healthy, and growing Group Ministry.

  • Hillndale Christian Church Lexington, Kentucky


    371 Hillndale Rd.
    Lexington, Kentucky 40503
    Weekly Attendance: 80-100

    Contact Information

    Lizzie Rogers Phone: (859) 230-3972 Email:

    Position Description

    We are currently looking to hire a part-time Kids Director. This position will be responsible for helping to oversee our kids programing on Sunday morning, curriculum, as well as scheduling volunteers. The position is currently between 7-10 with room to grow. We are looking for someone that has a passion for reaching kids with the Gospel. For more info please contact Lizzie Rogers.

  • Hilliard Church of Christ Hilliard, Ohio


    4300 Avery Road
    Hilliard, Ohio 43026
    Weekly Attendance: 250

    Contact Information

    Jeremy Klein Phone: (614) 876-6136 Email:

    Position Description


    The worship leader will work closely with our senior minister to cultivate a worship service and worship teams that will help lead our congregation to see and savor the greatness of God. They will foster a dynamic congregational worship, bringing an assortment of old and new worship songs to encourage the glorification of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    To obtain a copy of the job description, please contact HCC at 614-876-6136 or email at requesting a copy to be sent.

  • Amazing Grace Christian Church Grove City, Ohio


    2255 Quail Creek Blvd
    Grove City, Ohio 43123
    Weekly Attendance: 270

    Contact Information

    Tom Alexander Phone: (614) 875-4470 Email:

    Position Description

    Amazing Grace Christian Church, 2255 Quail Creek Blvd., Grove City, Ohio 43123 (Columbus Ohio Region)



    Position Title: Worship Pastor

    Supervisor’s Title: Senior Pastor

    Date: March 24, 2021


    General Summary

    The Worship Pastor plays a vital role in our church and works closely with the Senior Pastor, leading the technical volunteers, and other worship volunteers to create impactful and life-changing experiences!


    The Worship Pastor oversees all services and opportunities which gather for worship inside and outside our church. The Worship Pastor will have a passion for leading people into the presence of God through modern and contemporary worship. In addition to being a skilled musician and leader, the Worship Pastor will disciple and shepherd a group of volunteers, organize and lead the worship ministry and help lead the church in authentic worship that honors our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Worship Pastor will serve as part of the overall pastoral team, accountable to the Senior Pastor.





    1. Weekend and other Pertinent Special Services.
    2. Lead worship for weekend services & special events.
    3. Develop & maintain personnel schedule for worship teams, tech, media, etc.
    4. Continued development & training of musicians, tech & media personnel.
    5. Preaches occasionally designated Sundays.
    6. Coordinate set-up of stage for Sunday service.
    7. Attend and support various “all campus” events (rallies, missions conventions, church workdays, etc.).
    8. Schedule and facilitate events with special music guests.


    1. Senior Pastor with Overall Church Goals & Objectives
    2. Lead the congregation in worship each Sunday.
    3. Demonstrate & communicate the heart & spirit of worship to the congregation.
    4. Demonstrate a servant’s heart.
    5. Provide care for the facility, its workers, and volunteers in ministry.
    6. Integrate and evaluate standards of excellence in worship programming.
    7. Communicate regularly with Amazing Grace attendees in support of events & programs.
    8. Communicate and model the vision and mission of Amazing Grace with the staff and


    1. Facilitate special projects, events, services, conferences, etc.
    2. Act as a catalyst for new initiatives in support of Amazing Grace’s vision.


    1. Pastoral Staff, as a Team, to build all aspects of ministries as they relate to Worship.
    2. Identify, recruit & develop musicians & tech personnel to facilitate worship.
    3. Oversee development of creative arts and media appropriate for weekly services, holidays, missions’ focus, Vacation Bible School, other special events, etc.; both “live” and online.
    4. Develop the repertoire of “hymns, psalms & spiritual songs” that facilitates engaging worship

    during services.

    1. Shepherd and disciple the worship members, tech and media personnel. (And, other relationships.)
    2. Facilitate worship & media for outreach events.
    3. Oversee, develop, and maintain audiovisual gear.


    1. Manage Budgets for all related ministry responsibilities.
    2. Includes: worship, advertisement, special guests, set design, and others.
    3. Create for annual approval with quarterly updates to Senior Pastor.


    1. Meet weekly schedule expectations.
    2. Attend and Contribute to the Weekly Staff Meeting.
    3. Present weekly follow-up report
    4. Participate in vision casting.
    5. Maintain office hours and communication etiquette as directed by Senior Pastor.
    6. Attend training and further education that will inspire opportunities to enhance our worship.





    1. Interpersonal Skills – Focuses on solving conflict, not blaming; maintains confidentiality; listens to

    others without interrupting; keeps emotions under control; remains open to other’s ideas and

    tries new things.

    1. Oral Communication – Speaks clearly and persuasively in positive and negative situations; listens

    to others and gets clarification; responds well to questions; demonstrates group presentation skills; participates in meetings.

    1. Teamwork – Balances team and individual responsibilities; exhibits objectivity and openness to

    other’s views; gives and welcomes feedback; contributes to building a positive team spirit; puts the success of the team above own interests; builds morale and the group’s commitments to goals and objectives; supports everyone’s efforts to succeed.

    1. Change Management – Develops workable implementation plans; communicates change effectively; builds commitment and overcomes resistance; prepares and supports those affected by change; monitors transition and evaluates results.
    2. Leadership – Exhibits confidence in self and others; inspires and motivates others to perform

    well; accepts feedback from others; inspires respect and trust; gives appropriate recognition to


    1. Judgment – Displays willingness to make decisions; exhibits sound and accurate judgment; supports and explains reasoning for decisions; includes appropriate people in the decision-making process; makes timely decisions.
    2. Motivation – Demonstrates persistence and overcomes obstacles; measures self against

    standard of excellence.

    1. Professionalism – Approaches others in a tactful manner; reacts well under pressure; treats

    others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position; accepts responsibility for own actions; follows through on commitments.

    1. Innovation – Meets challenges with resourcefulness; generates suggestions for work improvement; develops innovative approaches and ideas.
    2. Lifestyle – Lives out spiritual principles required for pastoral leadership (participates in a small

    group; tithes; consistently attends worship services; involved in outreach; follows Jesus personally and passionately; maintains sexual purity).





    1. Singing – Is vocally proficient. Can lead congregational singing.
    2. Instrumental Ability – Is highly proficient in one or more of the instruments of utilized in modern

    worship services (i.e. Keys, Guitars, Drums, Wind, Strings, and/or Electronic).

    1. Musicianship – Exceptional musicianship, including, but not limited to, understanding of basic

    music theory, ability to read and notate music, familiarity with Nashville number system (or agreed upon scale transcription), base knowledge of various instruments, etc.





    Who We Are!


    Amazing Grace Christian Church is a Non-Denominational Christian Church based out of the Restoration Movement of Churches.  Our mission is to make disciple of Jesus, transforming lives one at a time through intentional relational environments.  We accomplish our mission through

    • Connecting with God and one another,
    • Thriving in our walk with God and one another, and
    • Going into our community to reach others with the transforming message of Jesus.


    Amazing Grace currently has Sunday services at 9:30 and 11:00 am. We have one location on 21 acres in Grove City, Ohio, one of the fastest growing communities in the state.  The church, of nearly 300 people, is positioned for growth to reach people from all walks and stages of life. We are an inter-generational church, desiring to reach families and singles in our community and greater Columbus, Ohio region.


  • Taylorville Christian Church Taylorville, Illinois


    1124 North Webster Street
    Taylorville, Illinois 62568
    Weekly Attendance: 180 current, 340 Pre-COVID

    Contact Information

    James C Jones Phone: (217) 824-6621 Email:

    Position Description

    Taylorville Christian Church is a 55-year-old church in a small Illinois town (pop. 11,000). Pre-COVID, we averaged 340 on Sunday morning. Though we haven’t gotten back to where we were before the pandemic, we are making strides and adding back programming all the time. We’re excited about the changes that we’ve made to reach people in new ways over the past year, but we also believe that we have a great opportunity to connect with people as we continue in the process of regathering.

    We’ve had a variety of worship styles over the years and currently have a classic service and a contemporary service. Our current Worship Minister is retiring, though he’s been semi-retired for a couple of years now and has been leading only the classic service.

    What we know is that we have a group of dedicated volunteers in both services that need new leadership and a vision for engaging people in meaningful worship. We’ve got the resources to do some really good things, but leadership will be key moving forward. So, we’re seeking someone who can take us to the next level in this area of ministry.

  • First Christian Church of Herrin Herrin, Illinois


    2804 S Park Ave
    Herrin, Illinois 62948
    Weekly Attendance: 100

    Contact Information

    Eric Lam Phone: (618) 697-3018 Fax: (000) 006-2948 Email:

    Position Description

    First Christian Church of Herrin, Illinois




    First Christian Church of Herrin, Illinois is seeking the immediate hire of our next Worship Minister. We are dedicated to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe we are called by God to fulfill three areas of ministry in our church. Reaching people where they are in their lives, Connecting them to Jesus and the local body through discipleship, and Serving everyone at every turn as we go into the world. Every ministry that we have at FCCH is looked at through the filter of REACH/CONNECT/SERVE.


    The position of Worship Minister would be to work alongside the Lead Minister in preparing and directing everyone who enters our doors in our services to an encounter with God. We understand that worshiping God happens in several ways, but we are looking for a gifted individual to lead us and draw our hearts and minds through the power of the Holy Spirit to the Lord in song. The person in this position will be responsible for investing time and energy into all worship/tech volunteers at the church. This involves recruiting, developing, training, encouraging, and motivating volunteer and lay leaders for our worship teams.

    The Worship Minister would be held directly accountable to the Lead Minister but would be under the authority of the Eldership of the Church. With the role of Minister, you would be (if not already) ordained and required to be a present and vocal person in our Elders’ meetings once a month. Your role would be to provide leadership in all areas of worship within our church. Here is a list of some specific duties you would perform.


    • Weekly leading and preparing of worship songs for Sunday services.
    • Weekly leading and preparing of worship songs for Sunday Evening Youth Group.
    • Weekly practice and spiritual strengthening with worship/tech teams.
    • Oversee all audio/video and musical elements pertaining to the worship service.
    • Actively participate in weekly meetings with the Lead Minister for spiritual growth/prayer/planning
    • Collaborate with the Lead Minister for worship services.
    • Vision casting
    • Stage setup and teardown for Sunday services and all special events.
    • Be fully engaged in Sunday worship services.
    • Be visible in the lobby prior to and following each Sunday Service.
    • Disciple others and encourage others to use spiritual gifts that you recognize.
    • Be able to teach/preach when called upon to do so.
    • Help maintain FCCH social media presence.
    • Regularly attend Sunday School (be willing to teach at times)
    • Please understand that this is not an exhaustive list, and we are certainly willing to help and work with you over the first months and years as we work in growing together in each aspect of ministry here at FCCH.


    • Worship Leader
    • Gifted vocalist
    • Team Builder
    • Creative Minded
    • Collaborative
    • Desire to Build Ministry


    • Ability to play either guitar or keyboard/piano and lead from this instrument.
    • Demonstrated ability to lead a diverse set of songs including but not limited to slow, fast, hymns, etc.
    • Able to read musical arrangements.
    • Ability to present a Christ-like image when presented before or interacting with individuals from all backgrounds.
    • Ability to work independently, and as a team member, while using discretion in decision making and sound judgment in problem solving.


    • Must meet the qualifications of an Elder as is clearly laid out in Scripture (1 Timothy 3; Titus 1)
    • Have a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a passionate, growing, and personal relationship with Him
    • In full agreement with First Christian Church’s vision and mission
    • Deep personal sense of a calling from the Lord to worship ministry
    • We prefer a candidate with a minimum of a B.A. or B.S. degree in Worship/Bible or ministry degree with prior experience specifically in worship ministry. (We will consider students finishing up a degree)
    • Must be very personable and have strong communication and people skills
    • Strong leadership skills and dedication to grow in the area of leadership

    We offer a competitive salary for our area, with opportunity for growth in the coming years.

    We would ask that you prayerfully consider this position prior to submitting a resume.

    We are currently updating our website. For any additional information about our Church or questions regarding this position, feel free to contact our offices during our office hours Monday thru Thursday 8:30-2:30 and ask for Eric.


    If you are being led by the Spirit to this ministry, please include:

    • Resume
    • Personal Statement/Confession of Faith
    • Highlight experiences in worship
    • Links to leading worship, preaching, etc.
    • A minimum of three references
    • Please send all materials to our Lead Minister:
    • Or mail to our office at 2804 South Park Avenue, Herrin, IL 62948, Attn: Eric Lam
    • You can call 618-942-2955 with any questions
    • You will be contacted by the Lead Minister and will be interviewed by the Elders of the church


  • FBC Mt. Sterling Mt. Sterling, Kentucky


    Mt. Sterling, Kentucky

    Contact Information

    Austin Lewis Email:

    Position Description

    Job Description: First Baptist Church of Mt. Sterling, KY is seeking to fill a part-time Worship Leader position, who is able to lead hymns, as well as contemporary choruses for our 11 am service.

    The ideal candidate possesses:

    ‣ A passion for leading God’s people in corporate worship

    ‣ A commitment to a blended worship style

    ‣ An ability to choose theologically-rich worship songs and hymns that complement the week’s sermon

    ‣ The ability to play and lead worship from guitar or keys

    ‣ The ability to lead a small worship ensemble including: piano, guitar, bass, light percussion, as well as vocalists

    ‣ An ability to enlist, train, and encourage volunteers ‣ Strong organizational, relational, and computer skills

    ‣ A team player mentality

    ‣ Must be in agreement with the Baptist Faith and Message (2000)

    ‣ Must possess strong Christian character

    Primary Function: Leading FBC in a blended style of corporate worship, as well as recruiting and leading the church’s praise team and worship band.

    Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

    ‣ Plan and lead the worship ministry of FBC ‣ Recruit and lead musicians

    ‣ Lead a weekly worship rehearsal for worship band members, as well as vocalists.

    ‣ In conjunction with church staff, plan special worship events for Christmas & Easter. ‣

    Any other duties assigned by the Senior Pastor

  • Christian Union Church Metamora, Illinois


    925 W Walnut St
    Metamora, Illinois 61548
    Weekly Attendance: 180-200

    Contact Information

    Gary Salm Phone: (309) 367-4602 x3096783872 Email:

    Position Description

    Christian Union Church is an independent, non-denominational church seeking a Family Minister/Youth pastor who is ready for a challenge filled with great opportunities and many blessings.  Located in Central Illinois, we are looking for a motivated, experienced youth pastor with a heart for God and a heart for all people. We are looking for a Family/youth pastor who can help us lead our young people to follow Christ through serving experiences, mentoring, and meaningful worship experiences.  We want to reach lost/seeking young people in a community with very ripe fields. We need someone capable of working with K-12, understanding the needs of young families and integrating our youth in meaningful relationships within our whole church family. We need someone unafraid to take some chances and willing to work hard to get the job done.  We need a pastor called by God and called to serve with us in this vital work.

    Salary does include additional benefits.  Send us a resume if you believe you could be that person. If you would like a full job description, e-mail, or contact Gary at 309-367-4602 for more information.  We are praying that God leads us to the right person for this vital work.

  • Northwest Chapel Columbus, Ohio


    no address
    Columbus, Ohio 00000

    Website: http://

    Contact Information

    Meggan Jacobus Phone: (614) 551-3989 Fax: (000) 000-0000 Email:

    Position Description



    Northwest Chapel is a Charis Fellowship (formally known as Grace Brethren) church located in the town of Dublin, OH, a suburb of Columbus. The church is led by Senior Pastor Rob Barlow who came on as the senior pastor 9 years ago. The church currently has two Sunday morning services at 9:30a and 11:00a, both of which are identical with a modern worship style. Attendance currently runs around 500 each Sunday for their main worship services. The church saw around 550 each Sunday for their main worship services pre-COVID. They are currently meeting in person and are also live-streaming both services.

    The church is seeking the right candidate to take over as the new Director of Worship Arts to lead their worship ministry. The right candidate will have a deep personal life in Christ and the character and capacity to develop a church worship culture. Below are the requirements and responsibilities Froot Group has identified for this role:

    • Plan and drive the process of the weekly worship services in conjunction with the teaching Pastor and other leaders
    • Lead worship during services and mentor/oversee other worship team members
    • Oversee the development, coordination, and scheduling of all worship service participants
    • Oversee all worship ministry initiatives for other events
    • Oversee development of lighting, video, audio, and other volunteer teams
    • Coordinate and facilitate other service elements & programmed events like baptism, parent dedication and communion
    • Oversee the livestream on Sunday mornings


    • Spiritual maturity and good working knowledge of scripture
    • Experience in leading worship full time in a similar worship environment
    • Ability to play guitar and/or piano
    • Strong vocal skills
    • Ability to communicate on the platform and in the office effectively
    • High organization and administrative skills
    • Relational skills (training, recruiting, developing lay volunteers, etc)
    • Education
      • Preferred candidates should have a bachelor’s degree, but not required
    • Experience
      • Preferred candidates should have at least 2-3 years previous full time ministry experience



    Reports to: Lead Pastor


    For more information, view the full church profile at


    To apply, email your resume to Meggan at

  • Charlotte Church of Christ Charlotte, Michigan


    64 Vansickle Drive
    Charlotte, Michigan 48813
    Weekly Attendance: 120 before covid, 70 now

    Contact Information

    Dave Walton Phone: (517) 541-9930 Email:

    Position Description

    With the recently announced retirement of our minister of 20 years, the Charlotte Church of Christ is in search of a new full time minister. If interested in applying for this position you may submit your cover letter and resume to the Charlotte Church of Christ at 64 Vansickle Dr. Charlotte MI 48813. Please bring it to the attention of Dave Walton or email it to

    The Charlotte Church of Christ is a small congregation located in Charlotte Michigan just 15 miles South West of Lansing with an average attendance of 120 pre-COVID and about 70 post COVID. We are an older Congregation established in 1956. The demographics are middle aged to senior citizens with a few younger couples.


  • Sulphur Well Christian Church Nicholasville, Kentucky


    116 Old Sulphur Well Road
    Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356
    Weekly Attendance: 50
    Website: http://

    Contact Information

    James W. Peel Phone: (859) 553-0275 Email:

    Position Description

    Our preacher is retiring July 1st.  Looking for Bible believing Christian to deliver a uplifting sermon on Sunday mornings. Call or Email for further information.

  • TeachBeyond Downers Grove, Illinois


    932 Maple Ave
    Downers Grove, Illinois 60515


    Contact Information

    Marge Lewis Phone: 1 (313) 789-0991 Email:

    Position Description

    Christian Teachers/Educators needed to teach English at a refugee camp of 10,000 in Lesvos, Greece.  Displaced people (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Congo) are crowded in unhygienic camp conditions with little prospect of education or acceptance into a western country.  TeachBeyond’s branch which educates refugees (Beyond Borders) provides hope of Jesus Christ through children’s education programs in the camp. We request a minimum of 3 months service. Exceptions in the summer when 6-8 weeks minimum service may be accepted.  Please partner with us to bring many sons and daughters to Jesus Christ.

  • Lakeside Christian Church Shell Knob, Missouri


    P O Box 845
    Shell Knob, Missouri 65747
    Weekly Attendance: 150

    Contact Information

    Drew Colwell Phone: (913) 522-5720 Email:

    Position Description

    We would prefer someone with Bible College education and committed to the Restoration plea to restore the message and church of the New Testament. Preaching, Teaching, counseling and leading a congregation to be more like Jesus. Loving God with all your heart and loving the people Christ died for. Willing to mentor youth pastor.

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Prepared for the World

“KCU was more than a University, it was also a home for me. Professors didn’t just worry about my grades, but
they knew about my life, provided counsel, encouraged me, and pushed me to grow. I felt that my education for
ministry was amazing and really helped prepare me for ministry. A lot of my spiritual mentors have come out of
KCU and also some lifelong friendships with fellow students. KCU might not be the biggest school, but it has one
of the biggest hearts.”

Cady Wurtz, Class of 2017 Graduate School

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