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The Church Relations Office is grateful for the opportunity to serve churches, organizations and job seekers as they search for a minister/ ministry.

Below is a list of the ministry openings that have been submitted to the Church Relations Office. The openings are provided by the church or organization seeking a candidate and are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Kentucky Christian University. Job candidates should contact the church or organization listed for further information regarding the position(s).

Ministry opportunities are displayed for a maximum of three (3) months from the posting date.

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Church Name Church Location Category Hours
  • Berea Christsian Church Brazil, Indiana


    1995 W. County Rd 800 N
    Brazil, Indiana 47834
    Weekly Attendance: 265

    Contact Information

    Doug Beder Phone: (812) 239-6077 Email:

    Position Description

    Full time preaching Staff position at Berea Christian Church. Senior Minister reports to the Elders of BCC. Senior Minister must be a covenant member at BCC. Able to administrate and disciple as a department leader and staff leader. Lead and participate in staff/ministry meetings, trainings and special events. Be passionate about biblical instruction, team oriented ministry and leader development. 40-45 hrs. wk. Responsible for preaching and primary communication to the congregation. Function as an elder in our leadership structure, function as a key leader for ministry staff with administrative duties involving the hiring and dismissing of personnel. Communicate with business administrator in financial and other business matters. Teaching responsibilities through Life groups and assimilations.

  • Southwest Church Springboro, Ohio


    150 Remick Blvd.
    Springboro, Ohio 45066
    Weekly Attendance: 400

    Contact Information

    Andrew Beal Phone: (937) 885-0720 Email:

    Position Description

    Southwest currently has 35-45 middle and high school students who are actively involved in the student ministry. We are seeking a Student Minister who can prioritize community and discipleship while crafting engaging environments for students.

    For the first time, the 2018-19 school year means every student in our ministry is a part of Generation Z—a decidedly post-Christian generation. The Student Minister will need to take on the mindset of the men of Issachar, who “understood the times and knew what to do.” (1 Chron. 12:32) He or she should be a cultural exegete who is comfortable with innovation and failure.

    We are looking for someone who values living in community with others and is skilled at building community and togetherness within a ministry. Knowing how to effectively preach/teach to such a unique generation and being able to engage fringe students are also high priorities. Southwest has also always had a team of wise and dedicated volunteers. Continued training and support of these volunteers is a must.

    The Springboro school system has always welcomed student ministers to visit the schools and have lunch with students on a weekly basis. Previous student ministers have even coached track and cross country for Springboro High School, so we have had a great relationship with the local schools.

    Southwest also sits next to the Coffman YMCA, which has the highest membership in Dayton, OH. Our great relationship with the YMCA allows the student ministry to use the gym on Saturday and Sunday nights weekly, and both gyms and the pool once a month. There aren’t many Student Ministers who get opportunities like this!

  • Peeled Oak Christian Church Owingsville, Kentucky


    2592 Peeled Oak Road
    Owingsville, Kentucky 40360
    Weekly Attendance: 25

    Contact Information

    Bradley Combs Phone: (859) 585-4031 Email:

    Position Description

    The church is looking for someone that can help them reach the community and impact them. The church has an opportunity to truly impact the drug epidemic and loss of hope that impacts the surrounding areas.

    Part-time: The job would be part-time: Sunday’s are the only mandatory times, but additional meeting times are always welcome. The big thing about this job as of right now is that there will need to be another source of income to get you through. As the church changes this might become a full-time job, but as of right now either a spouse with a better paying job is needed, a job during the week, or the acceptance to live off of $200 a week.

    Pay: Starting at $200 a week. The pay is good, but the hope is that the effort you bring to the congregation will allow the church to raise your salary. The church does not mind raising the salary if the minister shows they are dedicated to helping change the community.

    Job Responsibilities: If you’ve never been in a small church you might not understand, but the head pastor job is an all-encompassing title. The main job you will have is delivering sermons on Sunday. Currently, I am leading Sunday School as well, but the leaders are happy to work with you in doing these. There are no other staff, just volunteers who helped a lot. If you have something you want to be done you will not have a tough time finding someone to help.

    Expectations: There are two things we are looking at when searching for a pastor. 1.) A big picture thinking person. The church needs new life, and it needs a big picture.  2.) Someone who takes seriously the learning and education side of ministry. These are the two major things the church is looking for in their new pastor.

    Length of Stay:  The congregation does not discriminate against older or newer pastors, just as long as you are honest about your estimated length and help find your replacement.

    Church Info: The Church is a non-denominational Christian Church. It is more of a country church, although boasting a surprisingly large population within a 10-minute radius. It is located in Owingsville, KY. The address is 2592 Peeled Oak Road if you are interested in searching for it on Google. The Church has been in service for over a 100 years, and although the inside is renovated, the church itself needs a big momentum swing to impact the community.

    Contact Info: My email is:; my number is (859) 585-4031. You can get ahold of me at either of these anytime. I look forward to hearing from you and what you might be able to offer at Peeled Oak Christian Church. Get ahold of me and I might explain the meaning of the name to you as well….

  • Middleport Church of Christ Middleport, Ohio


    437 Main Street
    Middleport, Ohio 45760
    Weekly Attendance: 100
    Website: http://

    Contact Information

    David Hopkins Phone: (740) 992-2914 Email:

    Position Description

    Middleport Church of Christ, a loving and supportive congregation, is seeking an intern to focus specifically on youth and children, but also have exposure to general church ministry. MCC has a history of quality programs for youth and children, including Upward basketball and cheerleading. This internship will begin in May and last through December. A full job description is available upon request.

    Middleport is a small town (2,500) in Meigs county (23,257) in southeast Ohio, approximately 1.5 hours from KCU campus. It received its name because it is the “middle port” on the Ohio River between Pittsburg and Cincinnati. Athens, Ohio is 30 minutes northeast and is the home of Ohio University. Ohio Valley Christian Assembly (local church camp) is a 15 minute drive.

    MCC was founded in 1838 and has been in its present location since 1889. Multiple additions have been made to the facility including a family life center that was completed in 1997. MCC has a long history with internships. Our current Minister was a summer intern with us in 1985.

  • 1st Christian Church New Philadelphia,, Ohio


    Box 474
    New Philadelphia,, Ohio 44663
    Weekly Attendance: 368

    Contact Information

    Jim Borton Phone: (330) 339-6715 Email:

    Position Description

    The ideal candidate will have a degree or experience in Children’s Ministry.

    This individual will become the enthusiastic leader of KIDS CITY, which is the name of our children’s ministry.  This position will involve guiding young people, overseeing volunteers and communicating with families connected to the church through our children’s ministry.

    First Christian currently averages just below 400 people on Sunday mornings.   On average over 50 kids and 14 volunteers are involved with KIDS CITY every Sunday.   Our current staff is made up of the preaching minister, discipleship minister, worship minister, youth minister and office administrator


    For a detailed job description please contact the church office by Email   or

    Or call during regular business hours  330-339-6715


  • Cornerstone Christian Church Vero Beach, Florida


    5950 12th St
    Vero Beach, Florida 32966
    Weekly Attendance: 150

    Contact Information

    Kent Hawkins Email:

    Position Description

    Family/Associate Minister:


    Thank you for your interest  in Cornerstone and our need for more staffing for our growing congregation. The Leadership Team (Shepherds and Staff) desires to make the details of your job description as clear as possible. We welcome questions and feedback.


    Primary Focus: Teens, Children and their Families


    Specific Responsibilities:

    • Assist & Build: Middle/High School Youth Group; Presently meets Sunday PM
    • Establish Sunday AM Children’s Church for Elementary children
    • Assist/Plan Youth Group trips, camp & special events
    • Assist and/or help in planning weekly worship services
    • Build relationships and meet the needs of families with teens and children and youth workers
    • Assist in marketing/promoting CCC to the community: Website & Social Media
    • Preach on rotation basis
    • Participate in weekly Home Group
    • Meet regularly with Leadership Team: Staff and Shepherds
    • Work alongside existing Ministers
    • Assist with the overall ministries and needs of the body & physical building


    Sincerely, The Elders at CCC




  • Fowler Christian Church Fowler, Indiana


    106 N. Madison Ave
    Fowler, Indiana 47944
    Weekly Attendance: 275

    Contact Information

    Kevin Logsdon Phone: (765) 884-0219 Email:

    Position Description

    Student Pastor Job Description
    Salary: $31,000 (negotiable based on experience)
    Church Vision: Fueling Faith For Life’s Journey
    Mission: Gather, Grow, Give, Go
    Description for Student Pastor
    The Student Pastor is responsible for giving direction to the overall ministry from birth through grade 12, however, the six through twelve grades will be the primary area of direct involvement. This includes developing and managing volunteer leaders, teaching, planning, and programming geared towards fueling the faith of young lives so that they will live for Jesus. The Student Pastor is under the daily direction of the Lead Pastor and under the general supervision of the Elders.

    Primary Functions
    • Provide vision for the development of this ministry – outreach, discipleship, and leadership training.

    • Share the gospel with lost youth/students and lost parents on an ongoing basis, both individually and cooperatively.

    • Provide Pastoral Ministry with families (youth, parents of youth and youth leaders) and coordinate the training of others to do likewise.

    • Coordinate the weekly youth gathering.

    • Coordinate an overall youth curriculum plan for the church for a balanced, comprehensive discipleship process for students – gather, grow, give, go.
    Example: Assist with youth leadership in providing opportunities for members of the youth ministry to be directly involved in missions and ministry – both locally and outside the community.

    • Coordinate and implement an annual youth ministry budget proposal, and administer that budget as approved by the Elders.

    • Coordinate the enlisting, discipling, training and motivating of adults to serve in youth ministry.

    • Network with other evangelical youth leaders in the community to support youth in starting and strengthening school campus ministries.

    General Ministry Philosophy

    • Foundation: We are called to make disciples. The primary place of discipleship for children and youth is the home. This ministry will seek to partner with parents in fueling the faith of students of all ages.

    • Friendship – while parents are the primary modelers of Christian life and witness, teens are directly influenced by their peers – this ministry will seek to foster opportunities for teens to form deeper friendships in a healthy environment.

    • Ministry to Various Stages: We desire to meet students at their current spiritual condition (Community, Crowd, Congregation, Committed, Core). Question: “What is my next step?”

    • Individual Development: the goal is to help youth become self-feeders – taking responsibility for their own growth – scripture, mentoring, training


    • Be a person of Christian Character – Possess the qualifications listed in I Timothy 3:1-7.

    • Gladly submit to the spiritual leadership of the Elders and Lead Pastor.

    • Complete a background check.

    • Possess a Bachelors degree in Youth Ministry, Religion, Biblical studies, or a related field (extensive ministry experience in some cases can be substituted for this requirement)

    • Possess a personable and teachable spirit demonstrated by a willingness to grow and learn

    • Ability to work alongside the rest of the church staff members – humility and unity

    Weekly Expectations

    • Office/Work Hours – 9:00 am -4:00pm (Monday-Friday).
    – Allowed one hour for lunch
    – Flexibility is allowed if you have meeting or groups in the evenings

    • Expected to work 40+ hours a week (includes Sunday’s, meetings, groups).

    • Hours on Sunday morning – 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
    – 9:00 & 10:30 Worship Services
    • Attend weekly staff meetings on Tuesdays.
    • Weekly Check-in meeting with Lead Pastor – Tuesday after staff meeting.
    – Planning and Preparing
    – Talk about any student ministry questions or issues
    • Keep ministry receipts and provide for administrative secretary.
    • Regular communication of youth events with staff and in various formats.

    Additional Ministry

    • Turn in a Student Ministry budget in October.

    • Clean up / Lock up building after youth events.

    • Plan and Coordinate Graduation Sunday – May.

    • Be a go-to person for any Special Needs ministry coordination.

    • Participate in VBS.

    • Work with the Children’s ministry to bridge the gap between the two ministries.

    • Plan periodic retreats, attend conferences, volunteer with Hanging Rock camp, coordinate youth mission trips.

    • Attend students functions as available – (ballgames, concerts, etc).

  • Brownstown Christian Church Brownstown, Indiana


    703 W Spring St.
    Brownstown, Indiana 47220
    Weekly Attendance: 330

    Contact Information

    Mitchell McIntyre Phone: (812) 358-4172 Email:

    Position Description

    Job Title: Children’s Minister

    Status: Full-time

    Supervisor: Lead Minister


    Primary Responsibilities

    • Lead children and their families to follow Jesus.
    • Develop vision for ministry
    • Invite, train, and empower volunteers to provide leadership within the children’s ministry.
    • Maintain a monthly volunteer schedule that is sent to volunteers at least three weeks in advance.
    • Communicate weekly and meet monthly with Children’s Ministry Leaders in order to build ownership and equip them to lead other volunteers.
    • Follow up and train people that are interested in volunteering with children’s ministry.
    • Lead creative team meetings with the appropriate people in order to implement the curriculum on Sunday mornings.
    • Create systems and events to thank and appreciate children’s ministry volunteers.
    • Recognize first-time guests by making contact with them the following week.
    • Oversee communication between the church, children and families.
    • Provide resources for parents and families as needed.
    • Adapt and prepare curriculum for children ages birth through 6th grade.
    • Oversee the setup and operation of ministry environments on Sunday morning, including check-in, classes and areas, security, check-out, setup, and tear down.
    • Oversee the Children’s Ministry budget, and plan select special events as needed.
    • Participate in staff meetings and other meetings as scheduled.
    • Create a children’s ministry “brand” within Brownstown Christian Church, including a name, theme, décor, graphics, website, etc.
  • Willisburg Christian Church Willisburg, Kentucky


    2681 Lawrenceburg Rd
    Willisburg, Kentucky 40078
    Weekly Attendance: 200

    Contact Information

    Lance Ladd Phone: (859) 375-2376 Email:

    Position Description

    Willisburg Christian church is seeking a Christian man to help facilitate current Children and Student programs, as well as develop and grow a Sunday evening Jr. and Sr. High ministry program.  We are a church located in a rural setting with an average attendance of 200 just north of Springfield Kentucky.  Willisburg Christian is a Restoration movement church that is active in the surrounding community and desires to help students and families develop dynamic Christian faith.   We want our students to be given every opportunity to reach their full potential as followers of Jesus.  We are relationally driven rather than program oriented, and desire someone with a missional ministry outlook.  The leadership and church family of Willisburg will provide help, loving encouragement, and strong support to the Youth Minister who desires to work with our students and families.


    Full-time Youth Minister

    Job Description: 

    Oversight of Children’s ministry

    Maintain current Children’s church program

    Development of, and involvement in, Sunday evening Jr. & Sr. High programming

    Plan and facilitate Wednesday evening programming

    Events throughout the year for Children and Student ministries (i.e. retreats, camps, CIY, etc.)

    Work closely with current active volunteers

    Be involved with local school

    Under the direction of Preaching minister and Eldership


    Salary (upon request)

    Conference / Continuing education



    Send resume’s by email to: or by mail to

    2681 Lawrenceburg Rd

    Willisburg, Ky.


    For full job description or more information please contact Lance Ladd at 859-375-2376 or email

  • Beechwold Christian Church Columbus, Ohio


    280 Morse Road
    Columbus, Ohio 43214
    Weekly Attendance: 275

    Contact Information

    Search Team Phone: (614) 888-1734 Email:

    Position Description

    Beechwold Christian Church Vision: Pursuing God & Pursuing People
    o Reach those who are unchurched – who don’t know God
    o Awaken the spiritually restless/broken/dormant
    o Grow fully devoted followers/disciples of Christ

    Beechwold Christian Church was planted in 1950 by a small group of Christians who wanted to start a Church of Christ on the north end of Columbus. The first sanctuary was built in 1963, and in 1998 we expanded our facility and built our present sanctuary. The church has been led by only seven ministers in the intervening 68 years. Over the years Beechwold has been instrumental in planting three suburban churches.

    Beechwold Christian Church is located in the neighborhood of Clintonville, 3.5 miles north of downtown Columbus and just north of The Ohio State University. The population of the Clintonville/Beechwold area is over 30,000. The Clintonville area has become a desirable area for everyone from young professionals to empty nesters, with a diverse immigrant population nearby.  The close proximity to quality dining, outdoor activities and the increasingly active downtown of Columbus has made this neighborhood one of the “hippest in Ohio.”( We see this urban community as the mission field God is calling us to reach.

    Beechwold Christian Church has various ministries in which we experience life together through church-wide fellowship events, ministries for men, women, seniors, children, and youth, and adult life groups.  We strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community through our benevolence ministry, a weekly ESL class, MOPS, outreach to the YWCA, and partnerships with a local public elementary school and a Nepali church. We support 16 local, national and international missions and send groups on mission trips.

    BCC is blessed to be DEBT FREE!!! Our building sits on 4 acres of property within a residential neighborhood. We have a contemporary style service in our 600-seat worship area. The sanctuary has a large stage featuring a baptistry and a state-of-the-art sound system that was installed in 2017. Our building contains a large gym with an attached full-service kitchen and a secondary meeting/ministry space with kitchen and sound system that is used for smaller events. The church owns a 25-passenger bus that is regularly used for group events, including student camp transportation and senior activities.

    A degree from a seminary or Master’s degree in a related religious field is required.

    The candidate needs a minimum of five plus years leading in a pastoral church ministry and practical ministry experience within an organized church of the independent Christian Church tradition (Restoration Movement).

    In addition, the Senior Minister will possess the key spiritual gifts of shepherding, teaching, leadership, encouragement and evangelism. He must have excellent communication and people skills, as well as organizational and leadership skills, with proven team building ability. He will possess experience in recruiting, creating, developing, and deploying volunteer teams, as well as the ability to identify and encourage the growth and utilization of gifts in others, empowering members of the body so that God’s gifts can be used. The candidate should be one who thrives on providing the necessary support for others to succeed. He should also have a demonstrated lifestyle of PURSUING PEOPLE, with a history of introducing others to Jesus.

    The Senior Minister should be a strong communicator who listens well and is comfortable and effective at all levels of the organization. Additionally, he should be conversant with engaging teaching that intertwines biblical truths with the understanding of living in contemporary culture. He must compassionately but uncompromisingly guide and correct members of the flock whose actions are not in line with God’s will.

    He will also be a responsible self-starter who completes tasks with excellence and within the boundaries of autonomy provided by the elders. Effective time management, based on job priorities and deadlines, is essential.  

    The church body of Beechwold is to be led by a man who is a growing and devoted follower of Jesus Christ. He will possess a demonstrated record of walking with Christ and God-inspired growth through trials, emphasizing that this growth has come through the grace of Christ, not himself. He must PURSUE GOD through a lifestyle of prayer and a thorough study and knowledge of scripture, teaching and living by what the Word says.

    He needs to display a God-reinforced strength of character and a mastery over his own nature, displaying an awareness of his sin and weakness, as well as his gifts. He must be dedicated to his family, loving his wife sacrificially as Christ loved the church. He must receive constructive feedback and seek others’ opinions with humility.

    He must humbly walk with God, acting in submission to God’s will, instead of concentrating on man-ordained “results,” trusting that God will get the results He desires through the obedience of the church. He needs to lead by working alongside the body, serving and sacrificing in the same manner that he asks the congregation to do. He should possess the heart of a servant, appreciating the worth of others and demonstrating respect and compassion for those whom he serves.

    Beechwold Christian Church seeks a Senior Minister who will champion the church’s mission and core values of PURSUING GOD and PURSUING PEOPLE and has a clear vision, is unashamed about pursuing it, and has the energy to drive it to execution. This will require working with the Elders, staff, and members of the church to shape, develop, coordinate, and communicate the vision of the church.

    There are 3 primary areas of focus for the Senior Minister.

    The Senior Minister will understand deeply and communicate well and often BCC’s vision to Pursue People.
    He will equip members to effectively share their faith and challenge them to live out the Gospel.
    He will develop a growing community presence by building relationships with leaders of local churches and ministries, schools, and community service organizations to find opportunities to partner and advance the gospel.
    He will seek out opportunities and implement strategies to engage the next generation of believers.
    He will lead evangelistic events and activities in our surrounding community.
    He will implement a program to connect visitors and new attendees with the church community by helping to plug them into life groups, service opportunities, and other events, so that they become active and integral members of the body.

    He will personally have a passion for leading and developing disciples for Christ and will implement a discipleship program to effectively train mature Christians to disciple new believers; evaluating and regularly reporting to the Elders the effectiveness of this program.
    He will provide leadership, training, and accountability to life group leaders and evaluate and report the effectiveness of life groups on a regular basis.
    He will identify, raise up, and empower strong leaders who can help carry out ministry objectives and will provide ongoing leadership development to those leaders.
    He will lead the staff, while partnering with the Elders, to think strategically in regard to the vision of the church, as well as to provide leadership development, spiritual and position growth opportunities, and evaluation of ministry effectiveness. This will require building a strong team that fosters trust, fairness, and open communication among staff and volunteers, with a common focus on excellence in all areas.

    The Senior Minister will understand deeply and communicate well and often BCC’s vision to Pursue God and Pursue People.  He will be a skilled preacher and teacher of the Word of God and able to reach across generations to powerfully communicate truth, while effectively calling people to action in their personal lives.

  • American Indian Christian Mission Show Low, Arizona


    924 Mission Lane
    Show Low, Arizona 85901


    Contact Information

    Leslie Solliday Phone: (928) 537-5912 Email:

    Position Description

    Ministry Description: AICS Principal & Teacher



    Must have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and committed to serve Him faithfully.

    Must be in full agreement with and actively support the mission and vision of AICM.

    Must be in full agreement with AICM Statement of Faith.

    Must be an active member of a local Church (preferably a Christian Church or theologically similar church).


    Minimum Qualifications


    Bachelor’s degree (in education or counseling)

    Experience in administration, leadership

    At least 28 years of age




    Masters level degree in administration, education or counseling

    Two or three years experience in administration

    Two or three years classroom experience or teaching in a church or ministry (Sunday school, seminars etc.)

    Experience working in a cross cultural environment




    To make necessary provisions for the orderly operation of the American Indian Christian School (AICS). To work with teachers, (teach some if needed), oversee day to day task of school, scheduling, discipline and counsel students and bring glory and honor to God.




    Responsible to the Executive Director.




    Will be evaluated every 6 months during the first year and then at the end of every school year after that.


    Duties and Responsibilities


    • Administer AICS in accordance with the philosophy, policies, and procedures adopted by the Board and Executive Director of AICM.


    • Provide leadership in the accomplishment of the spiritual mission of AICM (encourage, inspire and council teachers and students).


    • Direct the daily operation of the school through the supervision of teaching staff, coordination of activities, and setting the tone for a quality educational program.


    • Establish and implement procedures for the admissions of students making the final decision on admitting students (you can use the current admissions policy or modify it as you deem necessary).


    • Develop yearly calendars and maintain a schedule of all school events.


    • In conjunction with the executive director, HR director and dorm parents update, revise and distribute school policy manuals (handbooks) for staff, parents and students. Also, go over policies with parents and students in the new student orientation meeting at the beginning of each school year.


    • Provide for teacher in-services.


    • Conduct weekly morning meetings & school staff devotional time (can be once a week with all school staff just before chapel time on Monday mornings or whatever day you wish). This short meeting should include school related instructions, queries on needed materials, general updates, student related issues or progress and should end with some scriptures and/or encouraging thoughts.  Can also meet with teachers individually as needed.


    • Carry out special projects as assigned by the executive director such as ACSI accreditation.


    • Oversee planning and coordination of special events such as:
      • Native American Day
      • School pictures
      • Awards ceremonies & assembles (special programs, guest speakers, concerts etc.)
      • Christmas Party – work with CSP director (gifts given to students from child sponsors).
      • Parent conferences
      • Chapel programs – work with Chaplain
      • Eighth grade graduation


    • Conduct annual review session with teaching staff. Implement any changes necessary.


    • Evaluate school programs and personnel and recommend any changes necessary.



    • Review and chose the curriculum. You may want to ask teachers if they have any preferences for curriculum, then review it and make the final approval. Order and maintain inventories of materials, texts and supplies.



    • Provide leadership for teachers regarding discipline polices for students. Discipline and council students that are sent to the principal’s office.


    • Advice parents regarding educational issues or behavioral problems of students. Also, let parents know about the improvements students have made throughout the year.


    • Check teachers planning books and grade books.


    • Coordinate all school schedules.


    • Provide for teachers in need of a substitute (you may need to be the substitute from time to time).


    • Report needs of maintenance, repairs and security.


    • Maintain professional relationships with faculty and staff, especially in the application of Matthew 18 in problem resolution.


    • Supervise all teachers of grades 3rd – 8th regarding:
      • Grade and class assignments
      • Teacher orientation week
      • Observation and evaluation
      • Enforcement of guidelines in the teacher handbook
      • Carrying out of the assigned curriculum


    • Handle conflicts involving teachers, students, parents and other staff (work with HR director for staff).


    • Supervise all audiovisual equipment in conjunction with Librarian and Computer Technician. Make sure equipment is in working order, replace items that can not be repaired and order any need equipment after consulting with the Business Manager (to make sure funds are available).


    • Oversee completion of mid-term academic reports and communicate with parents.


    • Monitor completion of report cards.


    • Supervise check-in of students on the day of arrival prior to the first day of school.


    • Supervise final check-out of teachers at the end of the school year.


    • Conduct strategy & analysis meetings with teachers at the begging and end of each semester.


    • Prepare annual school budget and authorize teacher purchases.


    • Insure all first aid, medicines (prescriptions administered properly) and other medical related requirements are being met – work with the school nurse.


    • Oversee and coordinate state testing.


    • Maintains schools compliance with all authoritative and regulatory standards.


    • Be willing to teach a class or two if needed, a few hours a day. The Board of Directors wants to offer High School in the future; so additional teachers will be needed and it may take time to fill all the positions.


    • Accept responsibility for other assigned duties deemed necessary for the operation of AICS.





    The work day begins at 7:30 am and ends at 4:00pm, Monday – Friday or as determined by the Executive Director.  School Principal will report to work no later than the second week in July to facilitate new student testing and interviews.  Responsibilities will end one week after the close of the school year.

  • Gateway Christian Church Clarksville, Tennessee


    781 Windermere Drive
    Clarksville, Tennessee 37043
    Weekly Attendance: 160

    Contact Information

    Scott Witt Phone: (931) 368-0515 Email:

    Position Description

    To interested Bible College graduates,

    Gateway Christian Church in Clarksville Tennessee is seeking a dynamic student minister to oversee the Middle School and Senior High age youth. The position requires excellent organizational and communication skills.

    This position requires a background check and a clean record. We are looking for a responsible young man with a good personal work ethic who is passionate about youth ministry.

    The candidate should be committed to Restoration Movement principles and doctrines as well as personal spiritual growth and development. Preaching ability, music ability, and computer skills are all a plus for this position. You must have your personal finances in order. This is one of three full time positions at the church.

    Our church is in great financial and spiritual shape and is looking for someone to grow along with us. We started the church in 2000 with fifteen people and are currently averaging over 160. A complete job description is available upon request.

    Send all resumes to Direct phone calls to (931) 368-0515 or (931) 436-7360. Be sure include contact information of past employers and any references you think might be helpful.

    Salary will be commensurate with experience.

    Thanks for your interest!
    Scott Witt
    Preaching Elder Gateway Christian Church

  • East Corbin Christian Church Corbin, Kentucky


    8636 KY HWY 1232
    Corbin, Kentucky 40701
    Weekly Attendance: 25-30
    Website: http://

    Contact Information

    Ron Mullins Phone: (606) 224-6099 Email:

    Position Description

    At this time, we are looking for a weekend minister which could turn into a full time position. We do not have a web page, but we do have a Facebook page.
  • Glenview Christian Church Glasgow, Kentucky


    1403 Glenview Dr.
    Glasgow, Kentucky 42141
    Weekly Attendance: 180

    Contact Information

    Amanda Klingberg Email:

    Position Description

    Glenview Christian Church, Glasgow, Kentucky is seeking a full-time Lead Pastor.  Our body of believers has taken the past eighteen months to work on assessment and self-evaluation with an interim pastor.  In 2018 we will celebrate fifty years as a local body of believers and currently find ourselves at a crossroads with the excitement of re-launching for a fresh start. 

    If phrases such as building connections, community assimilation, ministry leader development, discipleship, and mission outreach are what you believe to be important in the 21st-century church, please send us a letter of interest and a resume.  We are excited to have you work WITH us to serve the community of Glasgow, Barren County, and beyond as we serve Christ and His mission to reach the nations with His good news.

    We are committed to thinking outside of our own box with this position and want to encourage you to convince us that you have the wisdom, knowledge, and experience necessary to help this body of believers take their next best step in obedience.

    We hope to conclude our initial search on May 21, 2018, so please reach out to our Church Executive Administrator, Amanda Klingberg with your application materials at:

    Our search team looks forward to hearing your story.

  • University Christian Church Muncie, Indiana


    2400 N Nebo Rd
    Muncie, Indiana 47304
    Weekly Attendance: 250

    Contact Information

    Steve Huddleston Phone: (765) 284-0896 Fax: (765) 284-3402 Email:

    Position Description

    To provide vision, coordination, and administration of a comprehensive children’s ministry that will help preschool through 5th grade children come to know, love, and follow Jesus through events and instruction that introduce them to Jesus Christ, the Word of God, and the plan of salvation.  UCC offers a competitive salary and benefit package, a strong team of servant-leaders with a clear vision for the church, a unified congregation, an excellent location, an atmosphere of growth and a missional focus, a financially sound congregation, a strong commitment to children and youth, and an excellent building facility.

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Prepared for the World

“Whether I continue working in Learning and Development, Organizational Effectiveness or choose another route altogether, my Humanities degree prepared me for the world, because it prepared me for deeply engaging with people, meeting them where they are and understanding their needs across all levels.”

Lindsey (Leach) Simpkins, Class of 2005


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