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Ministry Openings

The Church Relations Office is grateful for the opportunity to serve churches, organizations and job seekers as they search for a minister/ ministry.

Below is a list of the ministry openings that have been submitted to the Church Relations Office. The openings are provided by the church or organization seeking a candidate and are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Kentucky Christian University. Job candidates should contact the church or organization listed for further information regarding the position(s).

Ministry opportunities are displayed for a maximum of three (3) months from the posting date.

For assistance with the following please contact Jacob Shockey – or 606-474-3277:

  • To request that an opening be removed if filled sooner than three months.
  • Your opening is not filled within three months and you wish it to continue to be available (3-month extension).
  • You need to edit the information provided in an opening.
Church Name Church Location Category Hours
  • Newland Church of Christ Warsaw, Virginia


    1044 County Bridge Road
    Warsaw, Virginia 22572
    Weekly Attendance: 50
    Website: http://

    Contact Information

    Mark France Phone: (804) 296-6745 Fax: (000) 002-2572 Email:

    Position Description

    Newland Church of Christ, Warsaw, VA is seeking a full time minister to serve our congregation by preaching, and teaching as necessary.  We are involved in community outreach, with potential for growth.  Candidates should be willing to visit church members and potential members.  Housing is provided and salary is negotiable.  Newland is over 100 years old and is located on the beautiful and historic Northern Neck of Virginia.  We are within and hour of Richmond and Fredericksburg, and 2 hours from the Norfolk and Washington, DC areas.  Interested candidates should email resumes to

  • Gloucester County Community Church Sewell, New Jersey


    359 Chapel Heights Rd
    Sewell, New Jersey 08080

    Website: http://

    Contact Information

    Sarah Meggers Fax: (000) 000-8080 Email:

    Position Description

    >> Apply HERE! <<

    Denomination: Non-Denominational

    Weekly Attendance: 1200 (600 in-person/600 online)

    Location: Sewell, New Jersey

    The Role: Lead Pastor

    Job Post 1-1

    Meet Gloucester County Community Church:

    The Gloucester County Community Church, affectionately known as GCCC, began in July of 1982 when the Rev. J. Bruce Sofia and a small group of believers felt called to begin an interdenominational, multicultural, Bible-based, evangelistic fellowship.

    After holding services in two different locations for 14 years, in July of 1993, ground was broken in Washington Township, to begin the construction of their current facility. On Thanksgiving Day 1996 the GCCC family held their first worship service in their debt-free facilities. Today the church and property of 18.1 acres are worth many times over the $4,000,000 that was initially invested.

    The vision of GCCC can be spelled out in three letters, S C S: Sharing Christ, Connecting People, and Serving Others. This mission embodies the two Great Commandments—love God and love your neighbor. Today GCCC has grown into a diverse congregation of 70 nationalities, but one family.

    Over its 40-year history, it has spawned more than 40 churches on domestic soil, launched and supported numerous churches internationally, and currently supports seven home-grown missionaries and one global focus—planting international churches with indigenous pastors.

    Immediate plans include renovating the sanctuary to welcome the emerging generation, expanding GCCC’s Radio Station, launching Chain Breakers (addiction recovery) worldwide, and infiltrating high schools and college campuses with relevant Bible-based studies. GCCC welcomes 1200 people to a worship experience every Sunday with 600 in-person and 600 online.


    About the Lead Pastor:

    The Lead Pastor of Gloucester County Community Church will have the primary responsibility for preaching the Word of God, leadership, vision-casting, strategy, shaping staff and church culture, and advancing the mission, in partnership with the Lead Team, Advisory Board, and Trustees.

    Job Post 2

    The Lead Pastor’s Responsibilities Include: 

    • Provides primary teaching/preaching for weekend services.
    • Crafts the preaching schedule for each calendar year and works with the Lead Team, ​​Creative Arts Director/Worship Leader, and Campus Life director to ensure the quality and excellence of all weekend events and services.
    • Oversee the spiritual life of the church including times of fasting and spiritual renewal.
    • Serves as Chairperson of the Advisory Board regarding decisions that affect the congregation at large, including financial matters.
    • Works with the Lead Team and Advisory Board in vision discernment and through long-range and short-term planning.
    • Serves as the primary visionary and vision caster.
    • Coaches and mentors church staff for greater ministry effectiveness.
    • Communicates with the congregation through social media, personal conversations, and other in-house communication tools that demonstrate a servant leadership style.
    • Works with individuals, teams, and committees as appropriate and needed in regard to finances, facilities, and ministries.
    • Supervises the hiring and dismissal of all personnel.
    • Represents GCCC in local and larger settings, i.e. National Day of Prayer.
    • Works with the Lead Team and Advisory Board in cases of Church Discipline; works with the Trustees in the case of Staffing discipline.

    Job Post 3-1

    What You Bring: 

    Education & Experience

    • Minimum four years of college and a theological degree from an accredited university or equivalent.
    • Extensive ministry experience (seven or more years) overseeing a church is strongly preferred.

    Personal Characteristics 

    • Fully devoted to following Jesus in everything they do.
    • Has a caring leadership style, prioritizing people and relationships with staff and church attenders.
    • Is a spiritual leader and skilled communicator with experience teaching/speaking to large and diverse audiences.
    • Is culturally aware of the church’s community and; stays current with trends in church leadership and culture.
    • Is a motivational influencer, and able to rally people to a cause.
    • Is a vision creator who champions and shapes the future of the church.
    • Knows his or her weaknesses and finds others to fill those gaps.

    Job Post 4-1

    What it’s Like to Live in Gloucester County: 

    Gloucester County is a county located in southwestern New Jersey consisting of 24 municipalities. It has a population of about 302,000 and most residents own their homes. Gloucester County is located south of Philadelphia and northwest of Atlantic City. It is part of the Camden, New Jersey Metropolitan Division of the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington Metropolitan Statistical Area and the Delaware Valley Combined Statistical Area. Many families and young professionals live in Gloucester County due to its abundant job market and opportunities for growth, making it the ideal place to build one’s career.

    Gloucester County, amongst the entirety of New Jersey, prides itself on having one of the most prestigious education systems in the country. Over 90% of students come out of high school with a diploma compared to the national average of 88%, and New Jersey is home to many top-ranked college campuses such as Princeton University, Rutgers University, Montclair State University, The College of New Jersey, and New Jersey Institute of Technology.

    In Gloucester, locals enjoy the beautiful architecture at every corner, the ability to live, dine out, and socialize on the Gloucester Docks, the affordable cost of living, and the many parks and nature reserves that are perfect for family activities. The community is fairly diverse and active in keeping its surroundings clean and safe. With nearly 100 regional theaters, 150 museums, and a legendary music scene, the chance to witness world-class entertainment in New Jersey is only a quick drive away. New Jersey is the perfect epicenter for music, arts, theater, and sports as multiple stadiums and pavilions in the state are some of the largest in the country. If one is looking to live in a safe community with easy access to outstanding jobs, education, food, and entertainment, Gloucester County is a great place to consider.

    >> Apply HERE! <<


  • Kentucky Christian University Grayson, Kentucky ,


    100 Academic Parkway
    Grayson, Kentucky 41143


    Contact Information

    Jacob Shockey Phone: (606) 474-3277 Email:

    Position Description

    Job Summary:

    KCU Graduate Ministers will accompany the KCU Campus Minister and
    Student Services staff in providing holistic ministry to the KCU family.
    They will do this by assisting in various areas of spiritual formation such
    as, but not limited to, weekly chapel services, life groups, student
    leadership, pastoral care, and events. They will be under the direct
    supervision of the KCU Campus Minister, becoming immersed in
    practical ministry experience in a diverse campus setting.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Assist KCU Campus Ministry in developing & executing spiritual formation
    • Help lead & oversee the Undergraduate Student Ministry Team (Core
    • Assist in training, leading, and traveling with KCU reach program.
    • Preach once in chapel per semester.
    • Develop & execute one spiritual formation event per semester.
    • Respond to students spiritual needs as they arise.
    • Meet weekly with Campus Minister.
    • Assist with Campus Ministry office work (i.e. Chapel attendance, ministry openings
      page, social media engagement)
    • May specialize in a specific area upon request (i.e. Life Groups, Worship, Outreach,
      Athletics, Diversity Initiatives, etc.)
    • Assist Student Services in Residential Life


    The Graduate Residency Program intends to provide practical ministry
    experience, accompanied with academic studies, for 1-2 years for those
    students who are:

    • Undergraduates in the areas of Biblical Studies, Theology, or Ministry
      (students with an undergraduate degree from Kentucky Christian
      University may receive preference); and,
    • Students who have been accepted into a Graduate program with
      KCU’s Keeran School of Bible & Ministry.

      • Must maintain a 3.0 GPA
      • Must be enrolled in no more than 9 credits per semester.
      • Enrolled in one of the following programs:
        • Master of Arts in Biblical Studies
        • Master of Arts in Christian Leadership
        • Master of Arts in Religion

    How to Apply:

    1. Submit a resume with 3 references to the Campus Minister
    2. Submit an essay (2-4 pages in length) to the Campus Minister
      answering the following questions:
      What does ministry mean to you in your own words?
      What are you goals upon the completion of your studies?
      How may this program help you accomplish those goals?
      In what areas do you think this program will help you improve?
    3. Apply and Gain Acceptance (or conditional acceptance) to a KCU
      Graduate Program in the Keeran School of Bible & Ministry.

    An in-depth overview can be found here: Graduate Ministers Program

    All application materials, inquiries, and questions may be sent to the campus minister, Jacob Shockey (

  • The Association of Church Sports and Recreation Ministries (CSRM)



    Contact Information

    Dan Stoffer Email:

    Position Description

    POSITION: CSRM Director of Church Relations

    REPORTS TO:   CSRM Executive Director

    LOCATION: Remote


    The Director of Church Relations of the association of Church Sports & Recreation Ministers (CSRM) will ensure CSRM achieves its Vision, by maintaining its focus on its Mission, through connecting with the local church for the purpose of equipping sports ministers/pastors with CSRM resources and introducing them into a networking relationship with CSRM, other ministers/pastors/lay leaders, and providing them relationships and resources. 


    • Responsible for Overseeing  the overall, Biblically-based, Christ-Centered, Spiritual Vitality of CSRM’s 2Rs, as it relates to Church Relations and sports minister/pastor development. 
    • Responsible for Accomplishing the CSRM Church Relations and sports minister/pastor development strategy in conjunction with the Executive Director, other staff and volunteers to monitor and evaluate all related endeavors
    • Responsible for Communicating the objectives of his efforts of the Church Relations and sports/minister/pastor development Strategy through the written and spoken word via traditional and evolving technological means
    • Responsible for Raising Support for the Director of Church Relations position and other managerial costs related to the administration of the Church Relations and sports minister/pastor Strategy including salary
    • Responsible for Maintaining all teachings/practices based upon CSRM’s “3-Tier Paradigm:”
      • Level #1 – Christological Theological Truths – “why” we do what we do
      • Level #2 – Biblically-based Philosophical Principles – “when, where, with whom” we do what we do
      • Level #3 – Relevant and Strategic Methodological Models – “what we do”


    • Envision and implement CSRM’s Church Relations strategy by:

        • Envision and implement CSRM’s Church Relations strategy by:

          • Building relationships with the local church and expanding CSRM’s base with local churches around the country
          • Organize regional CSRM Roundtables for SR&F ministers and lay leaders around the country
          • Oversee and communicate CSRM’s Small Church Initiative
          • Equip sports/recreation/fitness leaders with CSRM resources
          • Attend and provide a CSRM presence as a vendor at specific conferences
          • Provide coaching relationships to SR&F ministers 
          • Contribute to personal and CSRM fundraising efforts
          • Attend REACH Gathering annually
          • Develop a church partners database for further contact and networking

        QUALIFICATIONS:  Spiritual 

        • A growing Disciple of Jesus Christ
          • Manifested by regular, personal Spiritual-Growth & Christ-Honoring lifestyle
        • An active member of a local church
          • Manifested in weekly attendance of his home church or a church being served                     
        • Have an active role in a local church Sports Outreach Ministry
          • Manifested by regular involvement as a consultant, volunteer leader or participant
        • Personally involved in Evangelism
          • Manifested by maintaining and actively pursuing an “Andrew List”
        • Personally involved in Discipling
          • Manifested by personally discipling other Christians

        QUALIFICATIONS: Interpersonal

        • Maintains a healthy personal ethos:
          • Marriage and family
          • Interpersonal relationships
        • Maintains a healthy work environment
          • Team player 
          • Leads by example
          • Willingness to serve others 
          • Exhibits a humble spirit and an ability to receive and give constructive criticism
          • Out of the box” thinker
          • Creates a loving, open and honoring atmosphere for all staff 
        • Maintains healthy & growing staff and volunteers (if this applies) by being a positive influence as   
          • Teacher
          • Coach
          • Mentor
          • Cheerleader
          • Spiritual Director 
        • Maintains healthy Supervisor and Peer relationships by:
          • Supporting all peers in prayer and through demonstrated deeds and words
          • Remaining loyal to all CSRM staff
            • Maintains healthy relationships with the broader Sports Outreach Movement & Community through
              • Possessing and/or developing “natural” meet the public skills
              • Personal Sincerity and Integrity 
              • Relating easily to all bodies politic 
            • Spiritual Gifts: Leadership/Administration/Evangelism/Discipleship/Teaching/Pastoring


            • A minimum of 5 years in Sports and Recreation Outreach Ministries
            • A minimum of 5 years as a local church Sports and Recreation Outreach Minister is preferred
            • BA (Required) or M.A. / M. Div. / Doctoral Degree (Preferred) in Sports Outreach Ministry, Sports Management, Ministry, Management, Communications, Educating or other related areas
            • Respected within the Sports Outreach Movement and wider Church community
            • Demonstrated ability to lead a Sports, Fitness, or Recreation Related Ministry with excellence and the evidence of bearing fruit and changing lives
            • Demonstrated ability to lead a ministry within a local church with excellence and the evidence of bearing fruit and changing lives
            • Demonstrated success in evangelism
            • Demonstrated success in discipleship
            • Demonstrated success in casting vision and equipping volunteers to carry out the vision
  • Church of Christ Youth Camp Vansant, Virginia


    6312 Dry Fork Road
    Vansant, Virginia 24656


    Contact Information

    Brandon Bentley Phone: (276) 312-1384 Email:

    Position Description

    1. Oversee the cleaning and preparations of the kitchen for the new camp season.
    Usually, this prep work takes 2 days before camp starts.

    2. Make menus and order all food, paper, and cleaning products for camp.
    The Camp Manager will give a list to the camp cook of things needed outside of the kitchen- but most cleaning and paper products are stored in the pantry- so the cook will need to keep an eye on the totals and check to see if things need to be ordered.

    3. Work with Kitchen helpers to prepare and serve meals during the day.
    Each full day of camp (Breakfast, Lunch & Supper). Following each meal, a group of campers and an adult or two should stay to help wash dishes (not the pots and pans), tidy the kitchen, clean off the buffet table, put away food, wipe down tables,
    sweep the floors and mop up spills and mop the entire floor after supper only.

    4. Extra meals/snacks
    Some camps will ask the cook to have late-night snacks ready. Deans will also tell you if there are special plans for certain meals, like a foreign meal, a special meal or a campfire.

    5. Miscellaneous
    Have extra food and snacks labeled for the adult workers for late at night.

    6. Prepare meals for each day.
    Breakfast – 8 or 8:30, Lunch- Noon, Supper- 5:00 Fruit Break – mid-morning

    7. At the end of the camp season clean the kitchen, wash dishes and put in mouse-proof containers

  • Denbigh Christian Church Newport News, Virginia


    816 Moyer Rd
    Newport News, Virginia 23608
    Weekly Attendance: 125

    Contact Information

    Matt Ferguson Phone: (757) 810-8134 Email:

    Position Description

    Position: Youth Minister (part-time transitioning to full-time)

    Denbigh Christian Church, 816 Moyer Rd, Newport News, Virginia 23608

    Denbigh Christian Church is seeking an energetic and innovative individual to serve and oversee the growing ministry program for middle school through college age youth. The position would be available on a part-time basis starting spring/summer 2022, and would become full-time in September 2022 when the current youth minister transitions to the senior minister position. The part-time position includes housing as well as salary. Education/Experience:  A degree from a Christian college is highly desirable although directly related experience without such a degree will also be considered. Pay is commensurate with qualifications and starting salary is expected to range from $40,000-$55,000. Letters of interest and/or resumes should be sent to Matt Ferguson at You can also call or text Matt at (757) 810-8134 with any questions.

  • Rappahannock Church of Christ Warsaw, Virginia


    4324 Richmond Road
    Warsaw, Virginia 22572
    Weekly Attendance: 500+

    Contact Information

    Nathan Jones Phone: (708) 870-4519 Email:

    Position Description

    Rappahannock Church of Christ, a growing church of 500 attendees, is located on the beautiful Northern Neck peninsula of Virginia. Our congregation is as diverse as the population of the Northern Neck. We come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. You’ll see jeans and t-shirts, suits and ties, and everything in between. You’ll see flat-tops, high-and-tight, long hair, short hair, and no hair! You’ll see that some of us are inked and some of us are too afraid of needles for tats. We’re just happy to serve a God who has a place where even misfits fit in.


    From the very beginning, our church has devoted its energy toward building up the next generation. Ultimately, we are devoted to instilling in our Middle and High School Students a faith that lasts.


    We are looking for a Student Minister who can partner with the families of RCofC to help instill a lasting faith in our teenagers.


    Here’s the type of candidate we’re looking for. Someone who is…


    • Pursuing a growing relationship with Jesus
    • Coachable and has a desire to learn
    • Energetic and can connect well with Middle and High School Students
    • Willing and excited about leading through volunteers, letting them and the students be the heroes
    • Self-motivated and organized
    • A strong communicator
    • Passionate about instilling in our students a faith that lasts after High School


    The Student Minister at RCofC will be responsible for…


    • Overseeing and directing the Student Ministry at RCofC
    • Planning and executing regular programming for Middle and High School students
    • Recruiting, training, and developing Student Ministry volunteers
    • Developing and implementing a process for getting students to serve throughout the church
    • Partnering with parents and families in the faith-development of students
    • Working and collaborating with the staff of RCofC
    • Assisting with pastoral duties as needed (funerals, visitation, preaching, etc)


    If you feel like God might be leading you to apply for this job, our team looks forward to receiving your resume!

  • Lakeside Christian Church Shell Knob, Missouri


    Shell Knob, Missouri 65747
    Weekly Attendance: 200

    Contact Information

    David Prestridge Phone: (417) 365-2273 Fax: (000) 006-5747 Email:

    Position Description

    What Makes Shell Knob, MO the place to be?  

    • A place to work hard in ministry and play hard on the lake and in nature.
    • Great local K-8 school system.
    • A beautiful country in the Ozark mountains filled with caring neighbors.
    • A conservative base, yet so much ministry still needs to be done.
    • A bit isolated from the woes filling the big city.
    • Conveniently located around an hour from Branson, MO (live entertainment capital of the world/ one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in America), Springfield, MO (3rd largest city in MO), and Bentonville, AR (birthplace of Walmart; has many cultural and culinary attractions).

    What is unique about Shell Knob?  

    • Surrounded by Table Rock Lake.
    • Mix of full-time residents and weekenders.
    • The population quadruples on nice weather and holiday weekends.
    • Lakeside Christian Church is the only church in the area to have a full-time Youth Minister position.
    • LCC also has its own pontoon boat to use for ministry. How many churches have their own boat? We have been blessed by our amazing, loving group of people.

    What are the challenges here?  

    • A large population of families below the poverty level. 
    • Large youth population not being ministered to (LCC is the only church focused on youth and children. Two vans go out to pick up kids whose parents are largely un-churched.)
    • Serious drug problems, mostly meth.
    • Major gap between the haves and have nots, yet LCC’s motto is “You belong.”

    Looking for someone to administrate the bi-weekly youth and children’s programs; guide and grow volunteers; provide youth service and connection opportunities; plan, promote, and fundraise for camps, CIY, and other events like Dare2Share; etc.

    We are looking for someone to be the Youth Minister that has obtained a four-year ministry degree or currently only has one year left working on a degree at a Restoration Movement college. LCC can consider either a full-time youth ministry candidate or a full-time candidate this summer, part-time during the school year, and full-time after graduation in summer 2023. Please email your resume and cover letter to If you would like a copy of the job description, please request it when you send your resume and cover letter.

    Come help us reach one more and then one more.

  • Sugar Grove Church Goshen, Indiana


    Goshen, Indiana

    Website: http://

    Contact Information

    Joshua Houston Email:

    Position Description

    >> Apply HERE! <<

    Denomination: Non-Denominational

    Weekly Attendance: 1,000

    Location: Goshen, Indiana

    The Role: Lead Pastor


    Meet Sugar Grove Church:

    Sugar Grove Church is a non-denominational church that is known in our community as biblically sound and with a strong relational emphasis. Originally founded in 1849 as a part of a pioneering evangelistic denomination, the congregation of Sugar Grove faced severe testing of their theology and teaching in 1961 when the denominational leadership tried to steer them towards theological compromise. Sugar Grove persevered and restructured as a non-denominational church, even buying back their building from the denomination that had padlocked the doors.

    Today, Sugar Grove maintains the faith of the generations that preceded us and now thrives as a church of about 1000 committed believers. We are a biblically grounded church with a strong commitment to the preaching and application of the Word of God. We emphasize helping each other grow towards greater faith and knowledge while showing love for one another through both words and deeds.


    About the Lead Pastor:

    The role of the Lead Pastor meets the biblical qualifications for an elder as outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. This position works with the Elder Board to discern God’s vision for the church. The Lead Pastor will lead, and collaborate with, the pastoral team, boards, staff, individuals, and the congregation to accomplish that vision. He is a gifted communicator to effectively exposit the Word of God with relevant application to a multi-generational congregation.


    The Lead Pastor Responsibilities Include: 

    • Equip members and attenders for their work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12). The main method is through public preaching and teaching of the whole counsel of God as the spirit of God gives direction. He is responsible to devote time to prayer, thought, and study to teach the word of God correctly and effectively.
    • Shepherd believers, along with the elders, through personal counsel, visitation, and rebuke when necessary. He should have an attitude of loving concern for the members and attendees.
    • Along with the elders and working with the Executive Pastor provide visionary, strategic, and collaborative leadership to the staff and congregation.
    • In collaboration with the Executive Pastor help lead, equip, and provide accountability for the staff as they carry out their ministry responsibilities.
    • Work collaboratively with the Worship Arts Team to provide creative and strategic direction for the weekend services.
    • Lead and model to the congregation a personal spiritual growth of evangelism, discipleship, and pastoral care.
    • Provide pastoral care to individuals, couples, families, and groups.
    • Attends all meetings of the Board of Elders.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.

    Other Requirements

    • Work special events including Christmas, Easter, and other important church-wide events.
    • Attend staff meetings.
    • Attend prayer meetings whenever possible.
    • Be available on Sunday mornings and other days/evenings to help and work as needed.


    What You Bring: 

    Education & Experience

    • 10+ years of vocational ministry experience is required.
    • Some lead pastor experience would be helpful.
    • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is required in the area of biblical studies, theology, or pastoral ministry.
    • It is required that the educational training is from a school with comparable doctrinal beliefs to our church.

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

    • Strong communication skills.
    • Ability to lead well and be a team player.
    • Desire to collaborate.

    Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

    • Appreciation of an Elder-led church with final authority vested in the congregation.
    • Humble, honest, and authentic.
    • Good character, filled with the fruit of the Spirit.
    • High emotional IQ and self-awareness.
    • Approachable, winsome, and relatable.
    • Outward-focused and a heartbeat for missions.
    • Fun with a sense of humor.

    Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 2.24.20 PM

    What it’s Like to Live in Goshen, Indiana: 

    The Goshen/Elkhart area has a small-town Midwest aura that feels safe and vibrant. We have a number of outdoor amenities for hunting and fishing, as well as biking and walking trails. Big-time football, basketball, and other athletic events are played nearby at the University of Notre Dame. Mishawaka and South Bend are two larger cities that are just 30 minutes away. Those cities, as well as Elkhart and Goshen, host many arts, music, and cultural events. Residents can buy locally grown food at our local farmers’ markets. The area has a number of great restaurants. We are midway between Chicago, Indianapolis, and Detroit, where big-city experiences are all just two to three hours away.

    The Goshen/Elkhart area has a large Hispanic community, as well as a large Mennonite and Amish population. We are one of the top manufacturing spots in the country, with our manufacturers providing tens of thousands of jobs. We have some of the better school systems in our state, great Christian school options, as well as several homeschool co-ops for families.

    Goshen is a thriving community and makes a great place to raise a family and call home.

    >> Apply HERE! <<

  • RiverTree Christian Church Canal Fulton, Ohio


    709 Elm Ridge Road
    Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614
    Weekly Attendance: 100

    Contact Information

    Drew Causey Phone: (330) 494-1860 Email:

    Position Description

    The Student Director will disciple and empower students and their families to practice the way of Jesus together for the good of our city. Practically, this includes discipling key student and adult leaders, empowering people to use their gifts, and helping lead and launch missional vehicles to connect with students in grades 5-12.

  • Church of Christ Youth Camp Vansant, Virginia


    6312 Dry Fork Road
    Vansant, Virginia 24656


    Contact Information

    Brandon Bentley Phone: (276) 312-1384 Email:

    Position Description

    CCYC is in need of a Camp Cook to help give our guests the best possible experience during their time here. Come join the CCYC team and assist us in providing a premiere camping experience for Christian groups of all ages!


    The Camp Cook is in charge of running the kitchen efficiently and providing meals for guest groups. Foodservice is one of the main ways we show God’s love and would like a cook to express the love and service of God through their cooking, personality, and the Word of God.

    Basic duties involved in this position include, but are not limited to, taking inventory, creating, placing, and accepting food orders, prepping and cooking meals, supervising a kitchen crew, and cleaning the kitchen and dining hall. During the off-season, the person in this position may help with other cleaning projects on the grounds.

    The person in this position should expect to work a minimum of 40 hours per week during the weeks of camp. When guests are on-site hours are based on the groups’ needs.


    Must have a solid knowledge of cooking for large groups, have excellent people skills, be able to lead and encourage a crew of young people, and be a meticulous cleaner. Must be self-motivated, efficient, and be able to work well individually and as a team member. Must be able to lift 50 pounds and work in cool, warm, and hot conditions. Must be 21 years of age.


    CCYC compensation package includes a weekly payment of $500, lodging included in our updated cooking quarters.

  • Jefferson City Christian Chruch Jefferson City, Tennessee


    1439 Hicks Rd
    Jefferson City, Tennessee 37760
    Weekly Attendance: 250

    Contact Information

    Luke Emmert Phone: (865) 335-3907 Email:

    Position Description

    Purpose: To serve the church by ensuring meaningful, creative, and excellent large group worship gatherings



    The Worship Leader will be responsible for the coordination and application of all elements of the worship service other than the sermon.


    Primary Responsibilities

    • Collaborate with the creative teaching team in the planning of Sunday Morning Services.
    • Select music and coordinate volunteer participation for Sunday Morning Services.
    • Directly interact with audience. Be the face and the voice of the Worship Team and handle all transitions during worship services
    • Coordinate and lead weekly practices with band members.
    • Recruit and train band members to encourage rotations and time off.
    • Oversee and facilitate the spiritual growth for adult worship team.
    • Oversee and facilitate the Sound and Media teams
  • Jefferson City Christian Church Jefferson City, Tennessee


    1439 Hicks Rd
    Jefferson City, Tennessee 37760
    Weekly Attendance: 250

    Contact Information

    Luke Emmert Phone: (865) 335-3907 Email:

    Position Description

    The Youth Ministry Director is responsible for overseeing all programming and activities for students from 7th – 12th Grade. This includes the administrative duties for JCCC’s weekly activities, as well as additional programming, trips, and youth activities outside the church building. This position requires a heart willing to minister on a personal level to both the families being served as well as the volunteers serving within the ministry. In keeping with the overall mission of JCCC, this position’s main goal is to lead all kinds of people into a committed relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.

  • First Christian Church of Versailles Versailles, Kentucky


    160 Lexington St.
    Versailles, Kentucky 40383
    Weekly Attendance: 160

    Contact Information

    Marcus Lynn Phone: (859) 753-0598 Email:

    Position Description

    Director of Youth Ministries for First Christian Church of Versailles


    • A dedicated Christian exhibiting a personal and growing relationship with God, a teachable spirit, and a healthy family life.
    • Has the desire and ability to lead individuals, particularly youth (6th through 12th grade) to Christ, to help them grow in their faith, and train them to use their gifts and talents in service for Christ.
    • Willing to be a member of FCC and to be fully involved in the life of our community as well as being familiar and in agreement with the Church vision, goals, basic beliefs and form of government of FCC.
    • Interpersonal and relational skills necessary for working with teens and their families.
    • Fun, energetic, community-minded and culturally relevant.
    • Able to use technology and social media appropriately in order to connect with others.
    • Be a living part of the church family in giving time, talent, and resources to drive the local church in its mission, vision, and purpose.

    To help further clarify our general expectations for a Director of Youth Ministries the emphasis will be high school and middle school. Primary responsibilities will include:

    • Provide overall vision and direction of youth ministry at FCC in alignment with FCC’s vision and values and Senior Pastor’s leadership, working with Discipleship Coordinator and Youth Ministry Team.
    • Oversee entire youth ministry ensuring safety of students and adults alike. This entails creating and administering a Protection Program for children and youth in conjunction with Director of Children’s Ministries, including keeping files and records of all background checks for ministry volunteers.
    • Be responsible for coordinating and overseeing a program of outreach, Christian education and discipleship for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers.
      • The program shall be designed and structured to minister to both the youth in the Church and to reach out to the unchurched youth and their families in our community.
      • Right now we do this through our Wednesday Night Ministry and Sunday school and hope to maintain that unless evidence supports a change to that schedule.
      • We expect this individual to teach/lead as well as schedule leaders and teachers as a team.
      • We also expect year-round activities for youth to invite friends that are intended to be fun and relational building approximately monthly.
    • Support parents in effectively fulfilling their Christian parenting roles, in concert with other staff. Keep parents updated on ministry strategies and plans in a way that encourages partnership and involvement.
    • Be responsible for integration of the youth ministries into the total life and ministry of the Church. The intent is that the youth are an integral part of the total Church.
      • Plan and coordinate activities for the middle and high school students to avoid conflicts with all Church activities.
      • Make a concerted effort to involve the youth in these activities.
    • Develop, submit, and stay within youth ministry budget.
    • Be responsible for both encouraging and developing one-on-one relationships with youth and their families which includes attending student events outside of FCC programs.
    • Recruit, train, supervise, and encourage volunteer leadership in Youth Ministry.
    • Identify, evaluate, and procure age-level curriculum resources as needed.
    • Oversee the planning and organization of youth camps/retreats and various other youth activities. To the extent permitted by schedule and other commitments, the Director shall participate in these activities.
    • The Director reports directly to the Senior Pastor and Church Board.
      • The Director meets regularly with other staff to plan and coordinate the youth ministries of the Church.
      • Makes periodic reports as directed by the Senior Pastor to the Board and other leadership groups.
      • Keeps the congregation informed about the hopes, concerns and needs of the youth both through direct reports and via articles and notices in the Sunday bulletins, church email, facebook and church newsletter.
    • Regularly attend the Sunday worship services and other regularly scheduled meetings of the congregation. As directed by the Senior Pastor, assist in the leadership in these services.
    • Participate in training opportunities and continuing education and attend at least one conference each year approved by Senior Pastor.
    • Any other duties assigned by the Senior Pastor or Personnel Team.


    • Shall be paid a salary of $17,472 per year. The Director will work 16 hours per week on average.
    • The Director will have an adequate budget for conference and continuing education expenses.

    The Director of Youth Ministries shall have performance reviews as follows:

    • At three months with the Personnel Team and Senior Pastor
    • At six months with the Senior Pastor
    • At twelve months and annually thereafter with the Personnel Team

    This job description is intended to convey information essential to understanding the scope of the job and the general nature and level of work performed by those contracted to do this job. This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of qualifications, skills, efforts, duties, responsibilities or working conditions associated with this position.

  • Gateway Christian Church Clarksville, Tennessee


    781 Windermere Dr
    Clarksville, Tennessee 37043
    Weekly Attendance: 130

    Contact Information

    Robbie Kubr Phone: (931) 368-0515 Fax: (000) 003-7010 Email:

    Position Description

    Gateway Christian Church is seeking a full-time Children’s Minister to join our team. GCC is a Restoration Movement church located about 35 mi north of Nashville, TN with a regular attendance of about 120. We have recently undergone a building project expanding our facility to include an education wing that is intended to reach out to the families within our ever-growing community. The project is expected to be completed in April 2022.

    Ideal candidates will have a 4-yr degree from a Restoration Movement college/university in Children’s Ministry or a related field. Candidates lacking the requisite education will be expected to have at least 3 years of successful Children’s Ministry experience.

    The Children’s Minister will work with a ministry team consisting of a senior minister, a youth minister, and a part-time worship minister. This person will oversee all programming for children (birth-5th grade). The primary duty will be to organize, prepare, and execute engaging, biblically sound, children’s programming. Other key responsibilities will include equipping parents to disciple their children, connecting every child in the church with a caring, Christian adult, and maximizing the new space to create an environment of discipleship, fun, and joy on Sunday mornings, reaching children at every age level within the church body.

    Additional weekday programming will be completed as required to meet the organizational and spiritual growth goals of the staff and elders. Special activities such as VBS, Superstart, etc., are also important parts of this ministry.

    Clarksville is a young, rapidly growing community of over 150K people, with over 200K people in Montgomery County. As the community grows around us, we are poised to grow with the community, reaching families for Christ, making disciples, and lifelong Kingdom workers.

    Candidates must be able to grow and nurture teams to accomplish education and spiritual growth goals.

    Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, and 3-5 references to the senior minister, Robbie Kubr at

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