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The Church Relations Office is grateful for the opportunity to serve churches, organizations and job seekers as they search for a minister/ ministry.

Below is a list of the ministry openings that have been submitted to the Church Relations Office. The openings are provided by the church or organization seeking a candidate and are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Kentucky Christian University. Job candidates should contact the church or organization listed for further information regarding the position(s).

Ministry opportunities are displayed for a maximum of three (3) months from the posting date.

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  • To request that an opening be removed if filled sooner than three months.
  • Your opening is not filled within three months and you wish it to continue to be available (3 month extension).
  • You need to edit the information provided in an opening.
Church Name Church Location Category Hours
  • Berean Christian Church Murphysboro, Illinois


    1530 Illinois Ave
    Murphysboro, Illinois 62966
    Weekly Attendance: 80

    Contact Information

    Russell Ward Phone: (618) 684-6601 Email:

    Position Description

    We are looking for a full-time minister that can perform the normally expected duties (hospital visits, weekly sermons, teaching, etc.) as well as prepare and the execute a plan for spiritual and numerical growth. Please submit your resume and links to preaching sample to

  • Woodland Heights Christian Church Crawfordsville, Indiana


    468 N Woodland Heights Dr
    Crawfordsville, Indiana 47933
    Weekly Attendance: 450

    Contact Information

    Duane Cooper Phone: (765) 362-5285 Email:

    Position Description

    Woodland Heights Christian Church is seeking a new worship minister. The successful candidate should be a champion of lifestyle worship and a team leader of the worship arts at Woodland Heights. This person will lead teams that facilitate our weekly gatherings by developing volunteer teams who use their gifts and abilities to provide worship environments and experiences where people can connect with God and with each other. The person filling this important role will have a combination of musical giftedness and spiritual maturity. The Worship Minister also fulfills other leadership responsibilities critical to Woodland Heights’s mission.

    • This position requires experience as in a worship leadership capacity.
    • Possession of a bachelor’s degree in music, worship or other field is required. However, ministry experience, in some cases, may be substituted.
    • The successful individual will be a strong leader with a solid work ethic.
    • Possess a passion for leading people in a lifestyle of Worship.
    • Have the ability to administrate as a department head.
    • A working knowledge of creative programming.
    • Being Technically Savvy, or teachable is a plus.

    For more information about this position and to apply, please visit our webpage for all the details.

  • Blountville Christian Church Blountville, Tennessee ,


    PO Box 528
    Blountville, Tennessee 37617
    Weekly Attendance: 225-250

    Contact Information

    Blountville Christian Church Phone: (423) 646-4057 Email:

    Position Description

    Blountville Christian Church is a congregation of 225-250 located in the far northeastern corner of TN, i.e.; Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City area

    We are looking for someone who has a heart for teens – their present, as well as their future – and their families.  We are looking for someone to be active in building and maintaining healthy relationships with our students, as well as reaching out to the students in our community through the schools/community activities.

    We offer a contemporary service and a traditional service

    The ideal candidate would be a youth guy who is also able to work with/lead a band and praise team and lead contemporary worship.  Worship leading/music ability is a plus, not a requirement.

    We just recently moved into a family life center which will provide opportunities we’ve not had before

    We are a mission-minded church that endorses and helps finance a mission trip for our teens

    We would be flexible for those interested in further education – Milligan (Emmanuel) is 30-40 minutes away and Johnson University about 90 minutes

    We are looking for a staff member who sees this as a ministry and a calling, not just a job

    This individual also needs to have a solid understanding of scripture with a Restoration Movement background

    Experience would be a plus however we have a spiritually strong leadership team (elders and staff) that is willing and capable of mentoring a young man to get the best out of his gifts and abilities.  Our leadership has enabled us to enjoy a history of stability, i.e.; the senior minister has been here almost 19 years, the youth minister just short of 20 years, and the children’s minister 11 years

    Please do not be discouraged from applying if you do not meet this ideal picture.  Yes, we are seeking the ideal candidate, and yet we believe many of the skills and gifts can be learned and developed, but character and drive cannot.

    For a detailed job description or additional information contact Dwight Shaffer via email or phone 423.646.4057


    We will also consider separating the position into two part-time.

    Worship Minister


    The Worship Minister will oversee and coordinate all the musical and media details for the worship service at BCC.

    As Worship Minister, leading the church family in worship will include:

    • exhibiting a passion for seeing people connect with Jesus in worship.
    • displaying a passion for music and creativity and the role they play in engaging worship.
    • possessing the ability to lead a worship team.
    • being a team player, with a positive attitude, committed to the unity of the staff and leadership team.
    • being skilled in vocal and instrumental direction.
    • being skilled vocally – playing an instrument would be a plus.
    • being committed to being early for all practices and services.
    • a willingness to build and lead a team of musicians and vocalists.
    • attending and leading worship team practice one weeknight (currently that is Tuesday and Wednesday is not an option) and practice before the service Sunday morning (currently 8:30 am)

    As the Worship Minister, in addition to having a personal, authentic relationship with Jesus and His people, you will also:

    • be able to fully commit to the beliefs, mission, vision, and values of Blountville Christian Church (please see our website
    • be committed to spiritual integrity.
    • display humility.
    • maintain a teachable spirit.
    • be willing to be involved in the heart and life of BCC (Not just show up to lead worship, but be a part of our church family.)

    The Worship Minister Candidate will audition in-person in our facility with our band (sing a short worship set).  Songs will be given to candidate when an invitation to audition is given.

    Additional information about Blountville Christian Church can be found at and at   Videos of our current worship services can be found at or on YouTube under the username blountvillecc


    Student Minister


    The Student Minister will be responsible for the oversight of all things related to the Middle School and High School Students at BCC.

    As Student Minister, working with the students of our church and in our community will include:

    • a passion for students and desire to see them become disciples of Jesus.
    • exhibiting a passion for seeing students connect with Jesus in worship.
    • be on the property early enough to prepare for students’ arrival.
    • creativity in communicating the Gospel with students in various stages of spiritual growth.
    • a solid understanding of scripture and the values of the Restoration Movement.
    • possessing the ability to plan, organize and lead the student ministry team at BCC.
    • an ability to recruit and train volunteers and challenge them in their spiritual growth.
    • providing monthly fellowship activities for students.
    • committing to the ministry of Appalachian Christian Camp by attending at least one week of camp with students.
    • planning a mission trip for students at least every other year.
    • being a team player, with a positive attitude, committed to the unity of the staff and leadership team.

    As the Student Minister, in addition to having a personal, authentic relationship with Jesus and His people, you will also:

    • provide a Christian example in life, faith, speech, love and purity (1 Timothy 4:12).
    • be committed to spiritual integrity.
    • display humility.
    • maintain a teachable spirit.
    • be willing to be involved in the heart and life of BCC (Not just show up to do your job, but be a part of our church family.)
    • be able to fully commit to the beliefs, mission, vision, and values of Blountville Christian Church (please see our website
    • Submit to the authority of the Senior Minister and Elders.

    Additional information about Blountville Christian Church can be found at and at   Videos of our current worship services can be found at or on YouTube under the username blountvillecc



  • Stinson Church of Christ Grayson, Kentucky


    2430 East Highway 60
    Grayson, Kentucky 41143
    Weekly Attendance: 70
    Website: http://

    Contact Information

    Keith Sergent Phone: (941) 276-1138 Email:

    Position Description

    The Stinson Church of Christ is seeking a part-time Worship Minister to help us pioneer and lead a new and modern worship experience on Sunday morning.  This new person could be a College Student or someone interested in creating and leading something new and exciting.  Our current Preaching Ministers and Elders are taking bold steps to help connect more people in the Grayson area to the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  Our goal is to create a meaningful worship experience for those who are disinterested in tradition, but curios about Jesus.  The Worship Minister for this new and modern worship experience should possess the following gifts and talents:

    • Vocal and instrumental proficiency
    • Leadership and Team building skills
    • Christlike character and attitude
    • Ability to plan and implement a modern worship experience

    Thus, the Stinson Church of Christ desires a part-time Worship Minister who will build, expand, and inspire a Worship Team to create spirit-filled worship experiences that will  draw hurting and broken people to God’s throne of Grace.


  • Centerville Christian Church Centerville, Indiana


    111 North Morton Ave.
    Centerville, Indiana 47330
    Weekly Attendance: 400

    Contact Information

    Wes Sewell Phone: (765) 855-5176 Email:

    Position Description

    Centerville Christian Church is seeking a Full-time Worship Arts Minister to assist in building a culture of selfless worship both individually and corporately. This position will provide oversight and leadership to all aspects of the worship experience at CCC.  


    The Worship Arts Minister will oversee all elements of service programming including music, audio, video, lighting, creative elements, and planning under the supervision of the Senior Minister and ultimately the elders.  

    The Worship/arts minister will:

     Lead and rehearse with teams to plan and coordinate these elements with excellence all for the glory of God through the lifting up of Jesus and through recognition of the cross and the resurrection.

    Participate as a worship leader and musician as required.

    Solicit creative feedback from worship team that includes input into musical choices and provides shared stewardship of the ministry.

    Align ministry volunteers with CCC’s mission, vision, and strategy.

    Understand that central to the role of the Worship Arts Minister is the recruiting, equipping, and discipling of volunteers for service in the Body of Christ under the umbrella of the worship ministry.

    Attend weekly staff meetings and other meetings as directed.

    Create goals, guidelines, and accountability that encourage recruiting and volunteer development.  Set and meet proper deadlines.

    Give necessary and proper training and development of volunteers sharing in this ministry.

    Manage the Worship Arts budget (including sub-areas of oversight), ensuring that all guidelines for expenses and purchases are properly followed.

    Work with the Senior Minister to plan and develop series that accomplish the vision as well as spiritual, educational, and organizational goals of the church.

    Familiarity with Mac OS, Planning Center Online, Propresenter, and/or Elexio church management software is a plus.  He will also oversee all praise & worship ministry initiatives for other events such as Christmas and Easter programming.  He may be asked to preach on occasion.


    Applicants should have a solid and developed understanding of music and theory that is evident in not only the planning phase but in the leading of musicians in practice.  Preferred applicants should have 3+ years experience as a full time minister in a similar position (300+ in attendance) working with a multi-staff team.  Though not required, a bachelors degree or higher is preferred.


    CCC’s current musical setting consists of the following:  We currently have two identical worship services that focus more on worship than style – so some form of blended would be the best description.  There is a high level of diverse talent with current musicians/abilities including drummers, guitarists, keys, sax, flute, mandolin, etc.  CCC is a kind of hybrid church in that she is in a rural setting but with more attendees than typical rural churches – she draws from the whole county and even from Ohio.  She is around 180 years old and has a strong and positive community presence through service and compassion – especially in the local schools.  She has undergone recent transition in terms of worship and Spiritual growth that has not yet translated into numbers.  Her leadership is unified and hungry to see damaged lives changed by the Lordship of Jesus and the indwelling of His Spirit.  The church is debt-free, has new property to build on and has substantial savings to be used for future facilities. She is positioned well to impact the kingdom powerfully. 


    Vital to this role is a clear, vibrant, ongoing relationship with Jesus that is evidenced by fruit and leading of the Holy Spirit.  Your ongoing personal growth and maturity should be your best motivator to those you lead as they witness Jesus in the details of your life.  CCC needs someone who will connect to others quickly and invest in their lives as they grow in their love for them. Applicants should have a strong and healthy relationship with their spouse (if married) and children (if any). Ongoing, active participation in a life group is essential.  You should be motivated to seek avenues for personal evangelism outside the church setting. You must set appropriate boundaries to protect your integrity and family.  You should be a student of scripture, recognizing that the Holy Spirit’s primary and best “attested-to” directives are via the New Testament Scriptures and the Old Testament Scriptures so viewed through the lens of Christ Jesus.  You must also be committed to our core values and hold to our statement of beliefs (available on church website):


    TLC core values of CCC staff are as follows:

    T eam Building:

    Must demonstrate leadership, effective people skills and a consistent desire and ability to train and liberate others to minister.

    Must be a real team player who thrives on interaction, works well with others, and is committed to placing the needs of the team (church staff and volunteer staff) ahead of himself.

    Must be committed to cultivating team ministry and equipping volunteers.

    L earning:

    Must be continually pursuing personal growth in Christ and exercise of personal gifts and abilities.

    Must be committed to life-long learning as he seeks to be an expert in his field.  This will include but is not limited to regularly reading materials related to his role as well as conferences at least once every two years.

    C haracter:

    Must diligently seek a vital and growing personal relationship with the Lord.  He will develop character by being committed to being a student of scripture, a man of prayer, and pursuer of righteousness as a person of integrity.  

    He must set an example by managing his own household well, loving his wife as Christ loved the church, and bringing his children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.


    To apply for this position, please send resume with photo via email to  Include info on any social media profiles you maintain.  For more info or answers to questions, call 765-855-5176.

  • Lakepoint Community Church Eatonton, Georgia


    940 Harmony Rd
    Eatonton, Georgia 31024
    Weekly Attendance: 600

    Contact Information

    Jonathon Dawson Phone: (859) 274-2127 Email:

    Position Description

    We are currently looking at hiring a full-time youth minister at our Lake Oconee Campus. We would love to have someone join our team that oversees our youth program. Lakepoint is one church that meets in two places, Lake Oconee and Madison, Georgia. Our Lake Oconee address is 940 Harmony Rd Eatonton, Ga. 31024. For more information about us, check out our website at We currently have a youth group of 50-75. If interested, please contact Jonathon Dawson, by emailing

  • McComb Church of Christ Mccomb, Ohio


    400 Ackerly Street
    Mccomb, Ohio 45858
    Weekly Attendance: 120-150

    Contact Information

    Jeff Fuller Phone: (419) 293-3633 Email:

    Position Description

    Associate / Youth Minister Position: Our Youth Minister, of 7 years, has moved to be closer with family. The former minister has built an incredibly vibrant program and is leaving the department in very good condition with ministry teams in place. We also have a interim minister who will see us through the transition period. As a candidate progresses through the process, we will provide access to the former Youth Minister and the interim minister to help our candidate better understand the Church and this valued position.

    As God draws a person to this position, we are willing to build around an individuals strengths and weaknesses. Pay will be based upon experience, education, and ability. We are also willing to work with a Bible college student who desires to serve in a part time capacity as they finish school.

    Accountability: This administrative position is responsible for ages birth through college. You will report directly to the Senior Pastor, and will attend monthly Elder’s meetings with a report on progress, challenges, and plans.

    Position Requirements: Must possess a deep love, commitment and passion for Jesus Christ, His Church, the Bible, and the fulfillment of the great commission. We are looking for a person who possesses or is working toward a Bible or ministry degree. You must be able to pass a background and credit check. To help us get to know you better, we would also like for you to take a personality test of our choosing.

    This person must be able to: lead teams, organize themselves and their department, replicate leaders, be incredibly flexible and adaptive, be relational, teach relevant messages, love and work well with others who are different than yourself, thrive under pressure, communicate clearly, learn from mistakes, manage budgets and deadlines.

    We are not looking for a person who heroically has all the graces to personally accomplish everything that is given to their care. Rather, we are looking for a person who is able to recognize, coach, and utilize the many talents of others around them; all for the purpose of equipping God’s saints for service.

    If this position has peeked your interest and you want to inquire more, please send your cover letter and resume to:

  • Ventura Missionary Church Ventura, California


    no address
    Ventura, California 00000


    Contact Information

    Meggan Jacobus Email:

    Position Description

    Ventura Missionary Church is a Missionary church located in Ventura, CA about an hour north of Los Angeles. VMC is led by Lead Pastor Doug Colby, who assumed the role a year ago but has been on staff since 2011. The church currently has three services offered at 8:00a, 9:30a, and 11:00. The first service offers a more traditional style of worship that is currently staffed with a full time worship leader. The other two services are identical that offer a modern style of contemporary worship. Attendance currently runs around 1,000 each Sunday for their main worship services.

    The church is seeking the right candidate to take over as the new Worship Pastor to oversee their worship ministry for the modern services. The right candidate will have a deep personal life in Christ and the character and capacity that align with the church’s overall mission and vision. Below are the requirements and responsibilities Froot Group and the church have identified for this role:


    • The primary responsibility of this position is to develop the spiritual depth of our church congregation.
    • Create a thriving culture of prayer and worship in our church.
    • Engage our congregation in enthusiastic worship and prayer in our weekend services.
    • Oversee all aspects of programming for the modern worship services.
    • Invest in, develop, and care for leaders and musicians in our congregation.
    • Work with our Student Ministry worship teams and leaders to develop their relationship with Jesus, their theology, and their worship leadership.
    • Oversee worship monthly in our Student Ministry large groups.
    • Lead quarterly Night of Prayer events to help our congregation grow deeper in prayer and worship.
    • Serve on our Lead Team and provide directional leadership for our entire church.
    • Work with our staff and lay leaders to pastor and shepherd our congregation.
    • Engage and serve our local community in a way that results in opportunities to share Jesus.
    • Build unity with churches in our community by sharing, serving, and building relationships.


    • Be aligned with the vision, mission, and doctrine of VMC.
    • Strong knowledge of Scripture.
    • Excellent musicianship and ability to direct other worship team members.
    • Exceptional leadership and communication skills.
    • Enthusiastic and engaging personality.
    • Ability to lead and organize adults and students into functional ministry teams.
    • Strong work ethic.
    • Problem-solving and conflict resolution techniques.
    • Operate in a team environment, often working cross-functionally with other teams.
    • Biblical qualifications for ministry leadership.
    • Exceptional vocal and musicianship skills.
    • Strong understanding on church technologies and softwares used such as Planning Center, ProPresenter, and Ableton.
    • Education
      • Preferred candidates should have a bachelor’s degree, but not required
    • Experience
      • Preferred candidates should have at least 5 years previous full time worship ministry experience


    Reports to: Lead Pastor


    For more information, visit the full church profile at:


    To apply, email your resume to Meggan at

  • Gardenside Christian Church Lexington, Kentucky


    940 Holly Springs Drive
    Lexington, Kentucky 40504
    Weekly Attendance: 200

    Contact Information

    Dennis Truesdell, Chairman of Elders Phone: (859) 278-3484 Email:

    Position Description

    The vision of Gardenside Christian Church (GCC) is to be a family committed to loving Jesus and others so our neighbors, community, and world can experience good news. We are seeking a Family Minister to oversee the family ministry strategy of GCC under the direction and leadership of the Lead Minister and Elders. The Family Minister partners with parents to disciple their kids and student-aged children while equipping healthy families. The FM will be responsible for:

    1) Connecting With People,

    2) Making Disciples including the oversight of Life Groups

    3) Preaching and

    4) Providing Leadership and Oversight.

    This is a full-time salaried staff position with approx. 40 hrs/week including services, which is flexible depending on ministry demands.  Qualifications include the completion of at least a Bachelor’s Degree with a focus on family ministry or another Bible College / University – related degree. Interested parties should send a resume for consideration to

  • Mt. Pulaski Christian Church Mt. Pulaski, Illinois


    115 N Washington St
    Mt. Pulaski, Illinois 62548
    Weekly Attendance: 325

    Contact Information

    Casey McCormick Phone: (217) 792-5417 Email:

    Position Description

    Mt. Pulaski Christian Church is looking for a minister who will have the  primary responsibility of leading an effective youth program for Jr. and Sr. High age students.  We would like a candidate who loves Jesus, students, and will partner with and equip others to make disciples.

    Other responsibilities may include assisting in preaching, pastoral care, weddings, funerals, etc.

    We desire a candidate with a 4-year degree from a Bible college.

    Salary range:  $35,000-$50,000

    Church website:

    Please send resume to:


    Attn:  Casey McCormick

    Mt. Pulaski Christian Church

    115 N. Washington

    Mt. Pulaski, IL 62548

  • First Christian Church of Olive Hill Olive Hill, Kentucky


    110 Caleb Powers Ln
    Olive Hill, Kentucky 41164
    Weekly Attendance: 100-120

    Contact Information

    Shane Kiser Phone: (606) 356-4763 Email:

    Position Description

    The position description can be found at the following link:

    For any additional information or questions email Shane Kiser @

  • Cornerstone Christian Church Vero Beach, Florida


    5950 12th St
    Vero Beach, Florida 32966
    Weekly Attendance: 170
    Website: http://

    Contact Information

    Kent Hawkins Phone: (772) 567-0085 Email:

    Position Description

    Thank you for your interest in Cornerstone and our need for more staffing for our growing congregation. The Leadership Team (Shepherds and Staff) desires to make the details of your job description as clear as possible. We welcome questions and feedback.
    Primary Focus: Teens, Children, and their Families
    Specific Responsibilities:
     Assist & Build: Middle/High School Youth Group; Presently meets Sunday PM
     Establish Sunday AM Children’s Church for Elementary children
     Assist/Plan Youth Group trips, camp & special events
     Assist and/or help in planning weekly worship services
     Build relationships and meet the needs of families with children and youth workers
     Assist in marketing/promoting CCC to the community: Website & Social Media
     Preach on rotation basis
     Participate in weekly Home Group
     Meet regularly with Leadership Team: Staff and Shepherds
     Work alongside existing Ministers
     Assist with the overall ministries and needs of the body & physical building

  • Church of Christ at Alexandria Alexandria, Ohio


    5380 Moots Run Rd.
    Alexandria, Ohio 43001
    Weekly Attendance: 100
    Website: http://churchofchristatalexandria

    Contact Information

    Kevin Hull Phone: (740) 817-0129 Email:

    Position Description

    Full job description available upon request

  • Marlboro Christian Church Alliance, Ohio


    9383 Edison St.
    Alliance, Ohio 44601
    Weekly Attendance: 350

    Contact Information

    Ed Carter Phone: (330) 935-2161 Email:

    Position Description

    The Youth and Family minister is a vital part of our staff. They will be the champion of every age group, aligning leaders, engaging and patterning with parents to become the spiritual champions of their children.  They will be responsible to create places where children and students can find genuine community to grow spiritually.

  • Rice Station Christian Church Irvine, Kentucky


    1675 Old Richmond Road
    Irvine, Kentucky 40336
    Weekly Attendance: 160

    Contact Information


    Position Description


    Rice Station Christian Church

    Youth Minister

    Position Description


    Rice Station Christian Church is an independent Restoration Movement Church located in Irvine, Kentucky.  Irvine is located 40 miles southeast of Lexington, KY in Estill County.  Estill County has a total population of approximately 14,400 residents which leads to plenty of opportunity for church growth.  Estill County is a rural area located in the foothills of the mountains of Eastern Kentucky.  The Red River Gorge Geological Area is also only 40 miles away from Irvine.

    We are praying for a full-time youth minister that will communicate Biblical truth to our youth and community in accordance with the Restoration Movement.  We are seeking an individual with a passion to help our youth grow as a group as well as individually, a calling to lead the lost to Christ and to guide Christians closer to Jesus.  Youth Ministry responsibilities would include, but not be limited to, teaching the high school Sunday school class, leading Junior Church during Worship time, leading youth group on Wednesday and Sunday evenings, planning and leading youth events, and an outreach ministry.

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Opportunity to Use My Abilities for God

“At KCU I was able to learn under the guidance of the best ministry professors and administrators. KCU gave me
my first opportunity to use my abilities for God. KCU gave me an opportunity to excel athletically, artistically, and
academically. But most of all, when I look back on my time at KCU, I will remember the people. I will remember the
smiles, I will remember the laughs my friends and I shared. KCU is a family and one I am very proud to be in.”

Cody Sabol, Class of 2017

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