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The Church Relations Office is grateful for the opportunity to serve churches, organizations and job seekers as they search for a minister/ ministry.

Below is a list of the ministry openings that have been submitted to the Church Relations Office. The openings are provided by the church or organization seeking a candidate and are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Kentucky Christian University. Job candidates should contact the church or organization listed for further information regarding the position(s).

Ministry opportunities are displayed for a maximum of three (3) months from the posting date.

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Church Name Church Location Category Hours
  • Georgetown Church of Christ Georgetown, Ohio


    149 Hamer Road
    Georgetown, Ohio 45121
    Weekly Attendance: 400-450

    Contact Information

    Patrick Klump Phone: (937) 378-3309 Fax: (937) 378-8329 Email:

    Position Description

    Georgetown Church of Christ (GCC) Children’s Director (Full-Time)

    GCC values to join with families to help guide children in connecting with the God and grow to know, love, and live for Jesus Christ. With that in mind, the main focus of the Children’s Director (Birth-6thgrade) will be to equip, empower, and encourage families toward this goal through creative worship and teaching opportunities.

    Qualifications for Children’s Director:

    • A Christian who is committed to following Biblical, Christian principles in their personal life as well as within their ministry.
    • Spiritual maturity with an extensive knowledge of the Bible and a positive work attitude
    • Christian attitude, servant heart, and trustworthy character
    • Strong team spirit, respect, honest communication, and support for the other members of the ministerial staff
    • Proper level of confidentiality in all matters of the church, employees and/or church members.
    • An attitude of professionalism, patience, flexibility, self-motivation, compassion and grace when working with the staff and congregation.
    • A passion for preschool and grade school children to grow in Christ.
    • A desire for learning more about the preschool and grade school culture and engaging with families who are walking in this area of life as a way to serve God and advance his Kingdom
    • Abide by doctrinal tenets of Georgetown Church of Christ (as stated in Bible and GCC’s Constitution)

    Job Expectations/Duties: (including but not limited to)

    • Responsibility for the oversight and leadership of the Children’s ministries that include but are not limited to: Children’s Church, Upward Basketball, Trunk ‘n’ Treat, Vacation Bible School, etc.
    • Oversee existing Birth-Grade 6 discipleship/teaching opportunities (Orange Curriculum).
    • Lead in the training, mentoring, encouraging, and supervising of volunteers by consistently praying and communicating with them to insure quality instruction.
    • Provide tools for parents to equip them in their role as primary spiritual caregivers of their children by cultivating healthy parent and child relationships.
    • Prepare, manage, and work within the guidelines of a Children’s ministry budget and create an annual report.
    • Fill absentee volunteer positions (Birth-6th) through recruitment, background checks, assigning roles, training, creating nametags, etc.
    • Ensure thorough and efficient communication with the congregation/parents regarding updates, special events, and curriculum details, via bulletins/emails/flyers/social media.
    • Create and maintain a file for events with event information, a detailed timeline, so that the event can be easily planned again, changed, or duplicated for the next year.
    • Create and maintain a Children’s Ministries Manual with policies/procedures; update as needed.

    Hours:Full Time (40 hours per week; including Sunday Services at 9:30 am & 11am and monthly board meetings)



    • Potential hires will need to submit to a criminal background check.
    • Communicate the progress, needs, difficulties, and concerns of the Children’s Ministry to the Senior Minister. The Children’s Minister will be directly supervised and evaluated by the Senior Minister in accordance with the bylaws of the Georgetown Church of Christ. The position will be evaluated every 6 months.


    Start Date:

    • Please reply by Monday, November 26th,2018.
    • Start date still to be determined



    Contact with resume and any questions:

    Patrick Klump




    Georgetown Church of Christ

    149 Hamer Road

    Georgetown, Ohio 45121


  • Central Christian Church Bristol, Tennessee


    424 Melrose Street
    Bristol, Tennessee 37620
    Weekly Attendance: 250

    Contact Information

    David Hacker Phone: (423) 575-5548 Email:

    Position Description

    Central Christian Church is searching for a full time Youth and Connect Minister to be responsible for student ministries in both middle school and high school. Another primary focus will be to reach out and connect new visitors into the life of the church.

    CCC is a well-established and growing church that averages about 250 in regular attendance each week. Our full-time staff consists of a Senior Minister and a Minister of Worship and Outreach who were both hired in late 2011. Along with these positions, our dedicated staff consists of an Office Manager, Office Secretary, Children’s Minister, Children’s Ministry Assistant, Facilities Manager, Music Assistant, Custodian, and Nursery Worker. The staff has a great rapport and we are looking forward to adding a new member to the team.

    Our church is located just one block from the local high school and middle school. Our youth facility consists of an office, two youth dens/classrooms, and a multipurpose room complete with stage, sound system, and projector. We are looking for an individual who is outgoing and willing to work hard in connecting with local students. In the past, our youth group has done many outreach events and has taken several youth trips to retreats such as TCTC and CIY.

    Interested candidates should send resume, 3-4 references, and sermon video (if available), to

  • First Christian Church Paintsville Paintsville, Kentucky


    514 Main Street
    Paintsville, Kentucky 41240
    Weekly Attendance: 150

    Contact Information

    Ben Stephens Phone: (606) 789-4480 Email:

    Position Description

    *Come and be a part of a growing congregation that has doubled in size over the last 2-3 years.  Currently there are between 30-40 children from birth-6th grade with around 10-15 teenagers and around 5-10 early college students.  Our facilities are in the process of being renovated to accommodate the new growth and to create appropriate and contemporary spaces for our different age groups.  We are looking for someone who feels called to youth ministry and has a desire to be a part of our greater vision as a church.


    •Youth Pastor must agree with the beliefs and practices of the New Testament church.

    •seminary and/or a college degree is ideal but not required.

    •Preferred to have at least 1-2 years working directly with youth and teens


    •to oversee and minister to the children of our church (K-12) and early college
    >this includes and is not limited to children’s ministries (K-6), middle school, high school and early college.

    •to be capable and ready to preach on occasional Sunday mornings

    •ability to play music and lead worship is desirable but not a requirement

    •The youth pastor will be charged with creating activities and programs for our young people that will help them grow in their faith.

    •The youth pastor should also focus on the families of our youth.
    >create relationships with parents/guardians and encourage them to be involved with their kids and the church.

    •The youth pastor will need to oversee and work in conjunction with our children’s church director in order to create continuity between programs.


    •Dependent on education and experience.

    •As growth increases, so does the opportunity to move from part time to full time.


  • Morrison Hill Christian Church Kingston, Tennessee


    106 Morrison Hill Circle
    Kingston, Tennessee 37763
    Weekly Attendance: 250

    Contact Information

    Rick Nipper Phone: (865) 742-9890 Email:

    Position Description

    Children’s Director Position

    Oversee all aspects of ministerial programming from Birth – 5th grade.

    Teaching, Organizing, and/or Creating all weekly Programs.

    Coordinating with Youth Minister to make Children’s / Youth Programs harmonize in pursuit of common goals.

    Oversee Nursery Staff including making recommendations to the board regarding, hiring/firing, policy changes, etc.

    Recruit, Train and Organize volunteers.  Run back ground checks and coordinate with Elders for interviews of prospective teachers.

    Ensure all areas of children’s ministries are fully staffed for weekly programs.

    Plan, Organize, Lead and Staff special events including, but not limited to, VBS, Christmas Events, Service Events, Monthly Events, etc.

    Communicate and Publicize news and special events to the church and parents via the church website, bulletin, posters, flyers, letters, emails, etc.

    Follow up with children and parents going through special circumstances including, but not limited to, absences of 2 or more weeks, making calls to hospitalized or sick children, etc.

    Establish and Organize harmonious Bible based curriculum to be used throughout the children’s ministry program.

    Track and evaluate attendance Birth – 5th Grade.

    Communicate with Elders regarding monthly goals, curriculum changes, volunteer needs, etc.

    Work with Youth Minister to maintain pre-teen ministry, including but not limited to, planning, organizing and staffing every other months event. Planning, Organizing, and Staffing SuperStart Trip.

    Attend and participate in at least 1, but not more that 2, weeks at Smoky Mountain Christian Camp.




  • Downey First Christian Church Downey, California


    10909 New St.
    Downey, California 90241


    Contact Information

    Art Gallardo Email:

    Position Description


    Downey First Christian Church (DFCC) is seeking a committed Christian leader to serve in the role of Lead Pastor.  This individual will guide the ministry staff to lead and grow a congregation that currently averages 194 in English language worship and 71 in Spanish language worship in 2018 (these attendance numbers includes all age groups that meet for Sunday worship services on our campus).



    Located in a southeast suburb of Los Angeles, Downey First Christian Church (DFCC) was founded in 1869 when people were streaming into the virtually unpopulated valley between the San Gabriel River and the Rio Hondo River.  With foundations that began with the rapidly growing settlement of the west coast, DFCC has embraced dynamic change through the building of a major city and multiple community transformations.  Loving God is the foundation of the Christian faith and we pursue Him through worship, biblical teaching, fellowship, and prayer.  Our church is not a building or a place; it is a diverse group of people pursuing God together, and in the process, practicing the love of Christ by living in authentic community.  We also believe that every member is called to serve, to make a difference in the lives of others.

    The Lead Pastor is expected to direct the church in accomplishing its mission. Downey First Christian Church is committed to transforming ourselves, homes, community and the world by pursuing God, building community and unleashing compassion.

    DFCC is a Restoration Movement church, and as such, the Lead Pastor is expected to uphold Our Position and embrace Our Strategy.


    Our Position (principles of the Restoration Movement)

    1. A Christian church: Our message is that “Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God.”  We require no other creed. He alone is Savior.
    2. A church of Christ: The church belongs to Him.  We have no authority to change the teachings, rewrite the rules, alter membership requirements, or usurp His place.  The church is not a democracy.
    3. A church seeking unity:Members of this church seek to be one in Christ with all others He calls His own.
    4. A church seeking to restore: As much as possible, we imitate the New Testament precedents.  This is why our baptism is by immersion, our Communion is every Lord’s Day, our leaders are called elders, our preaching is about Christ, and our prayers are in Christ’s name.  Even our church name is rooted in the earliest days, when disciples were called Christians and their congregations were often addressed as “churches of Christ.”
    5. An apostolic church:The church, Ephesians 2:20 states, is “built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.”  Whatever we know about Christ and the church we learned from Jesus’ closets companions; the apostles.
    6. A thinking church:In the same Ephesian letter, Paul prays that God will give a “Spirit of wisdom and revelation.  So then you may know him better…” Christian faith demands the best our minds can give, so we are a studying church, seeking to apply biblical truth intelligently.
    7. A feeling church: Ours is not a dryly intellectual approach to God.  We rejoice, praise, pray and love.  We serve from the heart.  We are unashamed of the gospel and not embarrassed to let our excitement be seen.
    8. A sharing church:We share our faith and love with as many as we can reach.  We know that everything we have belongs to God and that our possessions are to be used for His purposes.
    9. A free church:We have no bishops or superintendents or national headquarters to determine local church policies.  We elect our own leaders, call and support our own ministers, and decide where our mission money will go.  We are not isolationists; our congregations freely associate with one another to accomplish tasks too big for one church alone.
    10. A growing church:We want to grow, because we are under Christ’s commission to disciple the world.  We haven’t completed the task yet, so Christian churches and churches of Christ are renewing our commitment to go unto the ends of the earth, preaching and baptizing and teaching, until the whole world knows the one Lord of all.

    Our Strategy (how we intentionally accomplish ministry at DFCC):

    • Pursue God: through Sunday Morning worship experiences.
    • Build Community:through small group, Bible study and Sunday school participation.
    • Unleash Compassion:through local and global opportunities to serve others.

    Specific Responsibilities:

    • Preach most Sunday mornings, being the main voice to proclaim the gospel message and challenge the congregation with a vision to more fully accomplish our mission.
    • Provide Biblical teaching in other congregational settings as appropriate.
    • Lead and guide the church staff to maximize the effectiveness of each staff member.
    • Partner with staff, elders, and ministry team leaders to wisely use the resources of the congregation and generate new resources to maximize the effectiveness of the church.
    • Oversees ministries so that the church cares for the needs of each part of the body.

    Required Education and Experience:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Biblical studies or Theology with a minimum of 7 years of pastoral experience or a Master’s degree with 5 years minimum of pastoral experience.
    • Experience leading (or assisting to lead) a growing church in an urban setting.
    • Ability to build staff, elders, and other church leaders into an effective team.
    • Ability to articulate vision and strategy for the church in a compelling way.
    • Ability to recruit, equip, and sustain others in the vital ministries of the church.
    • Ability to connect well to people across the congregation and from our community.
    • Ability to communicate with the entire congregation in both English & Spanish is desired.

    Personal Characteristics:

    • Dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ and the success of the gospel.
    • Committed to the authority of God, as revealed in the Bible.
    • Mature Believer who meets the qualifications of an Elder (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9)
    • Models Christ-like commitment and Christian living.
    • Actively growing spiritually and professionally.


  • Wilkenson Church of Christ Wilkinson, Indiana


     7293 N. State Rd. 109
    Wilkinson, Indiana 46186
    Weekly Attendance: 500

    Contact Information

    Ryan McCarty Phone: (765) 781-2585 Email:

    Position Description


    Jr./ Sr. High Minister Job Description

    Title: Next Generation Minister/Pastor

    Location: Wilkinson, Indiana

    Church Size: 500 ave. attendance with approx. 700 members/ reg. attendees

    Youth Group Size: 80

    Reports to: Lead Pastor & Elders (Specific Elder over Next Gen. Minister)

    Status of Position: Full Time, Salaried (Currently not filled)

    Purpose: WCC is all about changing lives. We do this through relationships, first

    with Jesus Christ and second with the Body of Christ. We follow the

    mission of Christ that He lays out in Matthew 28. (The Great

    Commission) Our Next Generation Ministry should mirror this.


    1. i) Design Sunday School for Jr. & Sr. high school (Teach and lead one

    or the other or rotate)

    1. ii) Attend both First and Second Service

    iii) Willing to fill in where needed. (Welcome Video, announcements)

    1. iv) Organize and lead “Youth Sunday” 2-3 times per year
    2. v) Sunday Nights:

    (1) Design and implement student ministries for Jr. & Sr. high

    (a) Student-Level Message

    (b) Student Lead Worship

    (c) Life Groups for Students

    (d) Cafe

    (e) Groups Games

    (f) Free time

    (g) Schedule Child Care for Sponsors’ kids under KG age

    (2) Recruit & Train Adult Youth Coaches/ Sponsors

    (3) Recruit & Train Student Leaders

    1. vi) Organize & Execute 3-4 Large Events per year

    (1) ICYC

    (2) Ski Retreat

    (3) CIY MOVE

    (4) CIY Believe

    (5) Camp

    vii) Organize & Execute 3-4 Small Events per year

    (1) Bonfire

    (2) Super Bowl Party

    (3) Lock-In

    (4) Bowling, In door rock climbing, paintball, etc…

    viii) Relationship Building

    (1) Regular School Lunch Visits

    (2) Attend Extra-curricular activities of students (Sporting events,

    concerts, Co. Fair etc…)

    (3) Coaching and School involvement is strongly encouraged

    (4) Be apart of FCA in our local schools (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

    1. ix) General Ministry

    (1) Funerals- when appropriate

    (2) Hospital Calls- when appropriate

    (3) Community Involvement

    (4) Weddings- when appropriate

    (5) Assisting with Church events and helping other staff when needed

    1. x) Meetings

    (1) Elder

    (2) Staff

    (3) Youth Coach & Training

    Experience: Prefer 2 to 4 years or more of experience in youth ministry with a ministry

    of 50 plus students.

    Must have vision and a demonstrated ability to plan, organize, coordinate,

    and to manage time & schedule wisely.

    Must have good written and verbal communication skills, conflict

    management skills, and computer skills.

    Must have a proven ability to work effectively with youth, young adults,

    parents, diverse individuals, and teams of volunteers.

    Must be a team player.

    Must be relational and have a heart for Christ and a personal desire to

    grow to be more like Him.


  • Legacy Christian Church Lakeland, Florida


    901 W. Beacon Road
    Lakeland, Florida 33803
    Weekly Attendance: 350

    Contact Information

    Steve Newland Phone: (765) 720-9797 Email:

    Position Description

    We are looking for a worship minister who will passionately lead our congregation in worship each week and is capable of the wide range of artistic and administrative tasks that make it possible. In addition to leading worship team volunteers, this position involves leading a young adult ministry (18-29). Regarding worship style, we have two. Our classic service utilizes guitar, keyboard, piano and box drum and targets those who are 60+. Our modern service utilizes full band and is more geared toward younger adults.
    Our immediate neighborhood and surrounding area is a very diverse population. We are looking for a candidate who is culturally agile and ministers well in a diverse context and who could help our church take the next steps in that regard. A bilingual(Spanish) would be add a great skill to our staff, but it is not a requirement. 
    Priority will be given to candidates with a Christian Church doctrinal background/education.
  • Southern Heights Christian Church Lebanon, Missouri


    2080 South Jefferson Avenue
    Lebanon, Missouri 65536
    Weekly Attendance: 325

    Contact Information

    William Arnold Phone: (330) 317-4062 Email:

    Position Description

    E5 Church Staffing is pleased to announce an opening for a FT Children’s Minister for Southern Heights Christian Church, in Lebanon, Missouri.

    Lebanon is a growing community in a county of approximately 36,000 in Central Missouri that boasts a strong job market and cost of living significantly below the national average. The beautiful Niangua and Gasconade Rivers run through Lebanon in addition to the iconic route 66. Locals are known to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Ozarks by leisurely floating down the river, and the fishing opportunities are tremendous as recognized by Outdoor life Magazine which has named Lebanon a Top 200 Town for Sportsman on three different occasions. Lebanon is truly a friendly place with friendly people and is a great place to raise a family while embracing a slower pace of life.

    Southern Heights Christian Church is an established church of approximately 325 that has experienced tremendous growth since the hiring of new Sr. Minister Jeff Hinson in 2016. As a result, SHCC is seeking to hire a full-time Children’s Minister to serve the 100+ children that are a part of SHCC on a weekly basis. Jeff has a strong background in Children’s ministry and since his arrival the church leadership has embraced an emphasis on young families. It is fairly common to hear staff, eldership and even volunteers relate that SHCC’s priorities are children, youth and adults… in that order. SHCC embraces a “fail forward” culture that encourages trying new things and embracing an attitude of learning from failures regardless of result.

    The Children’s Ministers primary responsibility will be to oversee all aspects of programming for the weekend and midweek services for birth through 5th grade. This includes the coordination of all volunteer systems and processes. In addition, it is expected that the Children’s Minister fosters a love for reaching young families in the community that aren’t currently engaged in SHCC. The person assuming this role will need to understand the development of systems and processes for volunteer coordination, community outreach and discipleship of young families. To perform the duties of this role adequately, it is necessary for candidates to show a history of creativity, strong work ethic, and a willingness to embrace a team ministry concept.

    A college degree is preferred but not required for this position. Non-traditional candidates are welcome to apply. SHCC is offering a very generous salary package that reflects their value of young families and this role within the church.

    To apply for this position please submit a cover letter and resume to We will not be able to respond to every application. If you have not been contacted within two weeks of your submission, you have not been chosen to move forward in the search process.

  • New Castle Christian Church New Castle, Virginia


    PO Box 427
    New Castle, Virginia 24127
    Weekly Attendance: 200

    Contact Information

    Larry Guthrie Phone: (540) 864-5212 Email:

    Position Description

    Are you looking for a great ministry opportunity? Something that will challenge and inspire you? Then this is where you want to be. New Castle Christian Church is a Christ-centered church nestled in the Jefferson National Forrest, located 20miles north of Roanoke/Salem and 25 miles northeast of Blacksburg. Craig County is a rural mountainous area flowing with picturesque creeks and streams. It is noted for its hunting, fishing, hiking and bike trails. Scenic in nature and awe-inspiring with the beauty that can only come from an awesome God. A wonderful place for you and your family to grow spiritually. There are many needs and areas available for Christian growth and development here within our community and our church family. Please feel free to look us up at and

    Information on salary/benefits is available upon request. A parsonage is included which sits beside the church.

  • South Fork Church of Christ Rochester, Illinois


    P.O. Box 707
    Rochester, Illinois 62563
    Weekly Attendance: 75

    Contact Information

    Ron Ayers Phone: (217) 414-5484 Email:

    Position Description

    South Fork is seeking a full time preaching minister who has strong communication skills (both in the pulpit and inter-personally), who will embrace communicate and intentionally pursue South Fork’s mission, vision and values, thus motivating others to grow in Christ.  He must be well versed in the Scriptures and able to lead and shepherd our multi-generational congregation in partnership with the elders.

    See also:

  • Vanceburg Christian Church Vanceburg, Kentucky


    38 Front Street
    Vanceburg, Kentucky 41179
    Weekly Attendance: 165
    Website: http://

    Contact Information

    Daniel McClurg Phone: (606) 796-2431 Email:

    Position Description

    Vanceburg Christian Church is searching for a part-time Children’s Minister. This individual would lead our children’s ministry program during our 11:00am service and our Wednesday evening program. The Children’s Minister would work beside the Youth Minister in planning and executing community events for children. If you would like to know more information along with a job description please email Daniel McClurg.

  • Outlook Christian Church McCordsville, Indiana


    6531 N 600 W
    McCordsville, Indiana 46055
    Weekly Attendance: 900

    Contact Information

    Mitch Young Phone: (317) 335-6815 Email:

    Position Description

    Outlook Christian Church (, an Independent Christian Church of 900 in average worship attendance, is located just northeast of Indianapolis, IN, in a growing community.

    Outlook Christian Church is in the developmental stages of their new Next Gen. Ministry and is looking for a candidate who wishes to play a key role in its successful implementation. The Next Gen. Ministry team wins when Outlook Christian Church empowers, equips, and encourages families to take their next steps of connecting, growing, serving, and going for Jesus Christ.  The role of the Next Gen. Children’s Ministry Director will, underneath the direction of the Next Gen. Minister, oversee the strategic implementation of ministerial functions for children and students from cradle to graduation, with a heavy emphasis on children from birth through their elementary ages.

    The Next Gen. Children’s Ministry Director at Outlook Christian Church will…

    • be a strategic leader, a tactical executer, an eager trainer and recruiter of volunteers, a versatile communicator, and a quality counselor who prioritizes people, is professional and fun, well organized, and works well within a team.
    • possess substantive training (at least a Bachelor’s degree or its demonstrable equivalent in training or experience) in the field of ministry and be able to demonstrate a heart and calling to this field.
    • have proven experience serving in local church ministry.
    • be responsible developing teams of leaders and volunteers primarily serving children from birth through fifth grade.
    • partner with families to supplement the ministry already being done within the home.
    • communicate effectively with children and families regardless of their stage of development
    • plan and oversee ministerial logistics for regularly scheduled programs and special events along with the Next Gen. Ministry Team.
    • collaborate with the Next Gen. Minister to cast the ministry vision to children and families within Outlook Christian Church and the local community

    If you have a healthy, growing relationship with Christ and are ready to join a dedicated, creative, energized team who desire to communicate the love of Christ to children, students, and families, please email your resume and any supportive material to Janna Mitchell, Next Gen. Ministry Assistant, at or mail to Outlook Christian Church, Attn: Next Gen. Min. Director Search Team, 6531 N 600 West, McCordsville, IN 46055.

  • Northside Christian Church Yorktown, Virginia


    1300 George Washington Hwy
    Yorktown, Virginia 23693
    Weekly Attendance: 1000
    Website: http://

    Contact Information

    Reed William Smith Phone: (252) 267-3475 Email:

    Position Description

    Why: Jesus strategically poured into disciples so that they could spread the Good News about the Kingdom of God. These same disciples carried on this tradition as we carry it on today through equipping the saints for Kingdom work.


    What: At Northside, we are committed to pursuing God, loving people, and transforming the world. One way we can faithfully steward this commitment is through the equipping of ministry interns.


    Who: Interns are expected to be Christ-followers who submit to the authority of Scripture and acknowledge field mentors under the guidance of the Northside eldership as both advocates and disciplinarians.


    How: Internships exist for two reasons: A) that individuals called into the ministry may receive hands-on experience which prepares them for vocational leadership and B) that the ministers serving said interns may sharpen their own craft and conviction by training those up-and-coming.


    Where: To serve in God’s flock is to be a “jack of all trades.” No one ministry role at Northside is uniquely specialized but asks individuals to use their calling to fill a diverse list of needs. Ministry interns should expect to be given broad exposure to church-work.


    When: To best equip ministry interns, Northside expects that all individuals applying for the ministry internship position to commit to no less than a three month period.

    The internship is paid.

    Housing is offered.

  • Newberry Church of Christ Williamsport, Pennsylvania


    2101 Linn St.
    Williamsport, Pennsylvania 17701
    Weekly Attendance: 175-200

    Contact Information

    John E. Shirey III Phone: (570) 326-0731 Email:

    Position Description

    The Newberry Church of Christ is seeking a full-time youth minister who will oversee all aspects of student ministries ages 0-20. The youth minister must demonstrate a love for God, a love for children, teenagers, young adults, and have a pastoral heart to see them grow in their relationship with Christ. The candidate must be committed to Restoration Movement doctrine and sincerely feel that they have been called into youth ministry. The individual will need to recruit, disciple, and sustain a team of volunteers willing to serve within the youth ministry and engage parents as
    vital partners in the ministry. We are seeking an individual who can build Christ centered relationships with the youth at NCC and the community, finding creative ways to enhance their involvement in the youth program. The youth minister must be a strong teacher with a love for God’s word and be able to work with the elders, staff, volunteers, parents, and the youth, as we all strive to develop dynamic Christian faith in our youth. We desire an individual who will organize occasional retreats and mission trips which will challenge the youth in their spiritual growth and their service to Christ, the church, and the lost. This position will report to and be
    directly accountable to the elders. We prefer an individual with 3-5 years of experience in youth ministry, but will consider candidates with less experience that have demonstrated the spiritual maturity and skills necessary for the position. We are prepared to offer a competitive salary package and compensation package based on experience and abilities. Send all resumes to Please include contact information of past employers and references. A complete job description is available upon request.
  • Brownstown Christian Church Brownstown, Indiana


    703 W Spring St.
    Brownstown, Indiana 47220
    Weekly Attendance: 300

    Contact Information

    Mitchell McIntyre Phone: (812) 358-4172 Email:

    Position Description

    Primary Responsibilities

    1. Disciple
      1. Disciple middle school, high school, and college-age individuals, along with their parents.
      2. Invest in the lives of students, building relationships with them throughout the week in the most effective way possible.
      3. Creatively partner with parents to disciple their students.
      4. Prepare and deliver chapel lesson for the Early Learning Ministry’s weekly preschool chapel, on a rotation with other staff members.
      5. Be responsible for students during emergency situations. This includes administering first aid, taking students to the hospital, coordinating with parents and hospital personnel, removing students from dangerous situations, and generally ensuring the safety of the students.
    2. Equip
      1. Identify, invite, train, and empower student and adult leaders to be a part of the Student Ministry.
      2. Lead the youth group program, including sound, lights and video through volunteers in such a way it could run in your absence.
      3. Meet with key volunteers on a regular basis to evaluate the student ministry.
      4. Address discipline issues following a Christ-like model to ensure the safety and well-being of students and individuals in the youth program. Partner with parents, following a Christ-like model, to address discipline issues with their children.
    3. Lead
      1. Communicate effectively about the student ministry to parents, students, and church.
      2. Organize and lead conferences and retreats.
      3. Administer an annual online review for parents and students.
      4. Participate in staff meetings
      5. Plan and lead family Sunday with help of Children’s Ministry Director. This includes writing sermons, implementing media, planning and leading worship, coordinating servers and speakers, and planning. This Includes a graduation ceremony each year.
      6. Be prepared and willing to preach in BCC main & special worship services, as requested by the lead minister.
    4. Community Involvement & Outreach
      1. Pursue and maintain a relationship with local schools, seeking opportunities to be a consistent presence for students and faculty.
      2. Communicate with students regarding mission trip opportunities, and support the missions ministry at BCC through student involvement.
      3. Plan and host local outreach events for youth and their families.



    The Student Minister will be ultimately accountable to the Board of Elders. They will proceed under the direction and supervision of the Lead Minister.

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Well Equipped

“I look back at my four years at Kentucky Christian University often and fondly. The classes were relevant, the professors were genuine, and the campus was focused on the schools mission: Christ, Character, Career. I was well equipped to minister to and lead worship in the hundreds of congregations we visit each year as the band “64 to Grayson”. If I went back and was faced with the choice to go to KCU again, I would do it in a heartbeat.”

Zack Shelton, Class of 2013

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