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Ministry Internship FAQ

Why internships?

KCU believes internships are invaluable for training solid ministry workers. We also believe local churches and ministries have invaluable expertise to pass on to our students. Practical theology requires a place to practice theology.

Ideally our program pairs students of ministry with churches and ministries for the purpose of working together to grow individuals, congregations, and God’s larger Kingdom.

KCU Ministry students are required to complete an internship. Previously we required 400 hours (that’s 40 hours a week for 10 weeks), with students receiving 3 hours of credit.

Now we require 6 months (almost 1400 hours!), with students in the field from May until December. Students receive 12 hours of credit for their internship.

What kinds of ministry internships are offered by KCU?

Our interns serve in preaching ministry, Christian leadership, youth ministry (Jr. High, Middle School, or Sr. High), children’s ministry, college age ministry, and family ministry.

We offer three kinds of internships:

  • 6-8 month internships for credit. Bible and Ministry majors are required to complete one.
  • 10 week summer internship for credit. Bible and Ministry majors are encouraged to complete one.
  • Internships for no credit. All KCU students are encouraged to complete as many as they can!

Who are your interns?

Our interns are Bible and Ministry majors with an emphasis in Preaching, Camp Management, or Youth & Family Ministry. They have completed at least 60 hours at KCU and are in good standing.

What kind of churches get interns?

All kinds! We send interns into a wide variety of churches: traditional and progressive, large and small, rural and urban. Your church must have, at least:

  • A full-time, paid staff person to oversee the intern. Churches without stable leadership should postpone taking an intern.
  • A plan for their intern. We’ll help you develop some of this, but you should have a basic job description for your intern before they arrive.
  • A financial plan. The intern needs a place to live, food to eat, and enough to live on.

Our church has an established internship program. Can we work with KCU?

Absolutely! We’ll gladly work with you to make sure your program and ours work together to create a positive internship experience for all involved.

Our church has never even considered an intern. Can we work with KCU?

Absolutely! We’ll send you our Internship Manual and work with you to make sure you’re well prepared.

How are internships promoted? How are interns assigned to churches?

It is the responsibility of the student to connect with interested churches. We do not assign interns. We do promote internships on our website and through recommendations to students.

If your church is interested in promoting with us, contact us at We’ll see that your material is posted.

What is a preferred placement KCU internship?

Churches who work with us to develop stronger partnerships through internship can become Preferred Placements. Preferred Placements:

  • Have contacted KCU and worked toward making sure their internships work well with our courses.
  • Meet the criteria for a KCU intern.
  • Have a track record to good internship experiences
  • Are given first to students seeking internships. Students receive information about these opportunities first.

What is the timetable for KCU internships?

Our interns have an Orientation class every February. Interns then seek their placements between February and May (we hope they’re placed well before May!). Internships start sometime in May and end sometime in December (these details are worked out between the intern and their placement).

We’re in! What should we do next?

Here are the next right steps in the process of getting a KCU Ministry Intern:

  1. Pray! Make sure this is what your congregation wants to do.
  2. Develop a basic plan, including financial and time commitments.
  3. Contact us at We’ll send you our Field Manual. Everything you should need will be in there.
  4. Give us your church’s information by no later than February 1!
  5. Pray! Our interns will be seeking their placements in the Spring semester, and we trust that God will guide this process.

Christ-Centered Vision

“The Christ-centered vision of KCU both connected me with people whose influence has shaped me to this day and gave me a foundation in ministry-effectiveness for which I am extremely thankful.”

Kyle Davies, Class of 2013 & 2015

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