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Pastoral Development


Pastoral Development is a formative process that encourages the highest possible standards in students planning to enter vocational ministry. This process seeks to be developmental and holistic by recognizing personal growth in students over time, rather than merely applying a fixed standard uniformly. The items assessed in the process toward acceptance are: academic excellence, personal initiative (Social Responsiveness), leadership, spiritual formation (Christ-like Character), and the ability to integrate academic learning into the local ministry context (Creative Engagement).

Prior to achieving Pastoral Development, a student is considered to be in ministry observation/exploration. However, Pastoral Development is mandatory for formal admission to a program of ministry preparation and for graduation with any of the emphases in the Bible and Ministry major from the Keeran School of Bible and Ministry. In addition, Pastoral Development will be strongly considered in awarding Keeran School of Bible and Ministry scholarships as well as in making recommendations to local churches, pastors, church leaders, and graduate schools.

Questions? View the Pastoral Development Handbook


1. Complete the Pastoral Development Application.

2. Submit a letter of recommendation from the supervisor of your most recent field experience or the current minister of the Church in which you worship. Please note that a church you do not regularly attend during the school year is not a current place of worship. (This is available for them to fill out on our website, see Ministerial Recommendation below.)

3. Submit two peer character references. (This is also available for them to fill out on our website, see Peer Recommendation below.)

4. Submit all required artifacts to your portfolio on Sakai for review by the faculty prior to your interview.



Opportunity to Use My Abilities for God

“At KCU I was able to learn under the guidance of the best ministry professors and administrators. KCU gave me
my first opportunity to use my abilities for God. KCU gave me an opportunity to excel athletically, artistically, and
academically. But most of all, when I look back on my time at KCU, I will remember the people. I will remember the
smiles, I will remember the laughs my friends and I shared. KCU is a family and one I am very proud to be in.”

Cody Sabol, Class of 2017

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