Two New Vice Presidents

Two New Vice Presidents

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I’m pleased to announce that the trustees have just approved the hiring of two new vice presidents.

Calvin Lindell has been serving as the Interim VP of Academic Affairs since March.  He did an outstanding job throughout the transition to remote instruction in the spring term and with several other projects.  You are likely aware that he has served as Associate VPAA and a dean here at KCU.  He previously served for 31 years at Morehead State University.  He has also found time to serve as the preacher of Salt Lick Christian Church.  The faculty who attended an open forum expressed strong confidence in his leadership.  The search committee felt he was the right person for the role.  I was pleased to recommend him as my choice for VPAA and the trustees wholeheartedly agreed. Calvin will begin his new appointment with KCU on July 1.  Please join me in congratulating Calvin upon becoming our Vice President of Academic Affairs!



Donald Damron is certainly no stranger to the University.  Not only is he a 1990 graduate of KCU, he has served this area well as a teacher, principal, coach, and Director of District Personnel in the Carter County Public School District.  He is, of course, also the Senior Preaching Minister at the Oak Grove Church of Christ.  Those who attended the forums spoke well of him in their feedback.  The search committee recommended him to me and I was pleased to recommend him to the trustees to be our VPSS.  Again, the trustees wholeheartedly agreed.  Donald will begin part-time on July 1 and join us full-time on August 1.  Please join me in welcoming Donald Damron to the University as our Vice President of Student Services!

Please pray for both individuals as they step into their new roles. And Go Knights!

Terry Allcorn, PhD

Lasting Impact

“I don’t think I can fully put into words the impact that KCU had on my life. I received a great education and had a wonderful athletic experience, but I will always be grateful for the relationships I made. Whether it was the lifelong friendships or the mentoring as both a student and employee, the impact of the people from KCU is something I will proudly carry with me wherever I go.”

Heather Stacy, Class of 2010

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