Career Resource Center


What is the mission of the CRC?

The Career Resource Center at Kentucky Christian University is an employment assistance center committed to serving Kentucky Christian University students. The Center’s objectives are to improve each student’s marketability in their chosen field of employment by:

  1. Guiding and assisting students in determining their best career choice
  2. Guiding and assisting students in their development of a personal and professional career network
  3. Instructing and assisting students in their development of well-constructed resumes, cover letters, and job portfolios.

It is advisable that students become involved in their career planning during their freshman year. The basis of Kentucky Christian University’s Career Service Center is a strong campus-wide vocational theory that understands the need for and nature of career development over the students’ career/life span.

What resources are available through the CRC?

The CRC offers a variety of career-related information and resources.

  • Personal guidance and assistance in helping students determine their best career choice
  • Personal guidance and assistance in helping students develop a personal and professional career network
  • Resume and cover letter writing workshops
  • Personal assistance in developing resume and cover letters
  • Interviewing tips
  • Personal guidance and assistance in development of student job portfolios

Will the CRC staff find me a job?

Job placement is not the mission of the CRC. However, the CRC staff is committed to providing you with as many available resources and information as possible to facilitate your career decision.

How much does it cost?

Career consultations are free for Kentucky Christian University students.

Where is the CRC located?

The CRC is located on the second floor of Lusby Center – across from the academic computer lab.

When is the CRC open?

CRC business hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9-11 and TTH from 2-4. Appointments for consultations are available—please call 474-3231 to make a personal appointment.

Who is the director of CRC?

The CRC director is Diane Caudill, MBED Business Education.

Well Equipped

“I look back at my four years at Kentucky Christian University often and fondly. The classes were relevant, the professors were genuine, and the campus was focused on the schools mission: Christ, Character, Career. I was well equipped to minister to and lead worship in the hundreds of congregations we visit each year as the band “64 to Grayson”. If I went back and was faced with the choice to go to KCU again, I would do it in a heartbeat.”

Zack Shelton, Class of 2013

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