Student Questions for President Allcorn: Part 6

Student Questions for President Allcorn: Part 6

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Can I hold some money?  Tuition is pretty high here.
While KCU is way less expensive than similar schools and we scholarship when we can, school is expensive.  We actually only generate about 83% of what we need to provide the educational programs and so forth via students.  The rest comes from people who want to help you get a Christ-centered education.  When you graduate, remember to turn around and give someone a hand up.

Prepared for the World

“KCU was more than a University, it was also a home for me. Professors didn’t just worry about my grades, but
they knew about my life, provided counsel, encouraged me, and pushed me to grow. I felt that my education for
ministry was amazing and really helped prepare me for ministry. A lot of my spiritual mentors have come out of
KCU and also some lifelong friendships with fellow students. KCU might not be the biggest school, but it has one
of the biggest hearts.”

Cady Wurtz, Class of 2017 Graduate School

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