Student Questions for President Allcorn: Part 4

Student Questions for President Allcorn: Part 4

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Do you have a Tik Tok?
I probably need to get more into social media.  I recently saw a cartoon that had people in the same coffee shop all complaining to each other on social media that no one ever talked to them in the shop.  I would encourage you to compare what you watch on social media to what you eat.  The effects of a bad diet are not immediately noticeable.  Yet, they have a cumulative effect over time.  What you read and watch has such an effect on your mind and heart.

Lifelong Friends

“At KCU, you have the opportunity to make lifelong friends with other faculty, staff and students.  I know for
me, these friendships will continue into eternity as these will be some of my treasures stored in heaven.”

Dr. Mitch Marshall, KCU Professor

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