Student Questions for President Allcorn: Part 1

Student Questions for President Allcorn: Part 1

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Over the next several weeks, we’re going to cover some questions that our student body created and wanted to ask their new President. Some are serious, while others are a little bit more humorous. We hope you enjoy!
1. Do you like dogs?
Yes. We have an English Bulldog my wife rescued from a dog pound in Florida named Maggi. Prior to Maggi we have had mostly boxers. They were pound rescues too except for one that was a gift from a family member.

Lifelong Friends

“At KCU, you have the opportunity to make lifelong friends with other faculty, staff and students.  I know for
me, these friendships will continue into eternity as these will be some of my treasures stored in heaven.”

Dr. Mitch Marshall, KCU Professor

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