Preaching Roundtable and Minister Appreciation Luncheon

Preaching Roundtable

“Stop the world, I want to get off!” From Broadway musicals and country songs to Facebook memes and Tik Tok videos, the world, in general, seems to resonate with one central feeling – the world is not as it should be. This has never been more clear than in the recent time of COVID-19, where social distancing is a must and everything has been online.

How has and how will the Church respond? People are asking questions: “What sense does any of this make?” and “Where can I turn for hope and guidance?” The Church has a word for this time. The problem is getting people to listen. How do we preach this word? Five years ago, Arron Chambers spoke about how to engage non-Christians with the gospel in a culture that was apathetic to religion. Now we find ourselves in a time when people are searching for something – anything – to help them make sense of what is happening in our world today. Will we have a word of hope and guidance to offer them?

Join us this October as Arron revisits the idea of preaching to non-churched people, sharing his deep passion for sharing the Gospel with non-Christians, and encouraging us to continue in the calling God has given to each of us. We invite you to our annual one-day workshop on preaching, a day that will be filled with encouragement and challenge, as we share in the fellowship of ministry!

Registration Begins at 8:30AM in the CNI Room
Event Begins at 9:00AM

Minister Appreciation Luncheon

Our Annual Minister’s Appreciation Luncheon will also be held that day at noon. This is a free luncheon open to ministers and their staff. This year our Preaching Roundtable speaker will be sharing some encouraging words for you and your staff.

Lasting Impact

“I don’t think I can fully put into words the impact that KCU had on my life. I received a great education and had a wonderful athletic experience, but I will always be grateful for the relationships I made. Whether it was the lifelong friendships or the mentoring as both a student and employee, the impact of the people from KCU is something I will proudly carry with me wherever I go.”

Heather Stacy, Class of 2010

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