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KCUGive-LivesIn order to achieve the mission of Kentucky Christian University- to educate students for Christian leadership and service in the Church and in professions throughout the world – KCU relies on committed partners who invest their time, talent, and/or treasure to advance our ability to deliver superb academic programs. These programs challenge the heart, soul, and mind of the students while nurturing cognitive development, spiritual growth, and character formation.

Please consider how you might partner with KCU in preparing students for a lifetime of Christian service, leadership, and discipleship. For questions regarding any of the giving opportunities listed, please contact the Office of Development and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Grow the KCU Endowment

Currently, KCU’s endowment contains general funds and funds established for scholarships. KCU endeavors to expand the endowment to include funds for professorships, building construction, special programs, University departments, and outreach ministries. Inquire today as to how you can help grow the KCU Endowment.

Provide Student Scholarships

KCU’s Annual Fund provides much-needed scholarships for students. Since approximately 70 percent of our students depend on this financial aid in order to make a KCU education possible, contributions to the Annual Fund are essential for attracting and retaining the best students. KCU’s Annual Fund underwrites nearly $2M a year in scholarships.

The Annual Fund depends on alumni and friends providing consistent donations, and each, regardless of size, is greatly needed and appreciated.

Partners who make annual gifts of $600 ($50 per month) into the Annual Fund are eligible for membership in the President’s Circle.

Endowed Named Scholarships

Endowed Named Scholarships are permanently restricted scholarships which are specially named and disbursed according to a donor’s wishes. They may be established for gifts of $10,000 or more and provide scholarships through interest generated annually on the principal balance. Scholarship contributions in amounts less than $10,000 go into the General Scholarship Endowment, assets from which are managed and distributed by the finance office of KCU.

Download Endowed Named Scholarship form

Gift Annuity

An annuity is an agreement between an individual and a charity, such as KCU. The donor transfers assets to a charity and receives fixed payments, a lifetime annuity, for the rest of his or her lifetime and/or lifetime of another person, if desired.

A Gift Annuity offers you a way to support causes in which you believe while benefiting from:

  • Lifetime payments
  • Management of assets
  • Tax savings
  • Favorable treatment of capital gains

The amount of fixed payments into an annuity is based on your life expectancy. The older you are, the higher the payment. Annuity payments can start right away or after you retire. Assets used to create an annuity can be cash, real estate or securities.

Gift of Life Insurance

Gifts of Life Insurance are easy to make. They may generate a charitable tax deduction and they may not disturb other assets or cause a loss of income. Charitable deductions for Gifts of Life Insurance vary according to the status of the policy.

For a policy that is not paid up – the charitable deduction is generally slightly higher than the policy’s cash surrender value. If a policy is paid up – the deduction is limited to the present cost of a comparable policy if you went out now and bought a new one.

If you make annual premium payments on a donated policy the premiums are deductible. If you assign a policy’s dividends to a charity you can deduct the dividend payments as charitable contributions.

Gift of Real Estate

Here are two ways you can donate real estate:

Outright Gift – This is the simplest form of transferring real estate. If the property has been held for over 12 months, a gift to KCU entitles you to an income tax deduction for the full market value.

Life Estate – You can contribute a personal residence or farm to KCU and continue to occupy the property until death. You qualify for a current income tax deduction for the property’s discounted value and continue to enjoy the use of the property.

Matching Gift Program

The Matching Gift Program is an opportunity for you to double your giving impact without increasing your giving amount.

Over 8,000 companies provide matching gift dollars to charities their employees are supporting. Millions of dollars each year are directed to colleges, universities and other charities based on the contributions of individuals working for companies with matching gift programs.

To see if your employer will match your donation to KCU, contact your employer’s Human Resources Department. KCU has a partial list of companies participating in the Matching Gift Program. If they do participate, all your employer will likely ask you to do is fill out a form and mail it to KCU with your donation. KCU and your employer will do the rest.

Leave a Legacy Gift – Living Trusts

Kentucky Christian University wants to partner with you and your congregation in advancing the Lord’s Kingdom through estate planning stewardship.

Many do not realize that through the process of probate, up to 10% of their estate can be taken from heirs and their estate may be tied up in legal proceedings for more than one year!

KCU’s approach to estate planning stewardship is centered on an estate planning tool known as a Living Trust. A Living Trust is completely private and confidential. Assets placed in a Living Trust are not subject to the expenses of probate. You may serve as the trustee of your Living Trust and it is revocable at any time prior to your death.


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Christ-Centered Vision

“The Christ-centered vision of KCU both connected me with people whose influence has shaped me to this day and gave me a foundation in ministry-effectiveness for which I am extremely thankful.”

Kyle Davies, Class of 2013 & 2015

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