Enrollment Verification

In addition to other services, the Registrar’s Office also offers assistance in verifying student enrollment status and degree confirmation. If you are a current student, please stop by the Registrar’s Office during office hours for help with any of the following:

  • You have a form for a good student discount
  • You have a deferment form from a lender
  • You need a letter of good standing for concurrent enrollment
  • You need a certificate of enrollment faxed to a parent or insurance agent
  • You need to verify that you are full-time for another outside organization

If you are an outside agency verifying enrollment or conferred degrees, please fax a signed release form to (606) 474-3189. We will not be able to assist you without a signed release.

Thriving in the Classroom

“Learning how to teach from a Christian perspective has taught me to face the challenges of the classroom with a positive attitude, rather than the negativity the world so often throws at us. KCU’s education department prepared me to not just survive my first year of teaching, but to thrive.”

Lela Ratliff, KCU Class of 2013

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