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  • If filling out the FAFSA for the first time, register for a FSA ID.
    Keep this number, as you will need to use this ID each time you fill out the FAFSA. Both parents and students need to register for a FSA ID.
  • You will need the following information to fill out the FAFSA: Social Security Number and birth date for parents and the students, driver’s license number, tax returns, and W-2s.
  • Be sure to go to to fill out the FAFSA. Beware of imitating sites that may take your information and money.

While Filling Out The FAFSA

  • Remember that the school code for Kentucky Christian University is 001965.
  • Give yourself some time. This application plays a major role in paying for college, so it’s well worth the time spent.
  • Be aware that you may be flagged for verification. Don’t take it personally. Your enrollment counselor will help you through the process.
  • It does take time to get the information processed. KCU will receive your results 3-4 days after you submit the FAFSA.

Using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT)

  • Provides IRS tax data automatically for the FAFSA.
  • Privacy and security enhancements were added so it is safe.
  • Fastest and most accurate way to input your tax return information for the FAFSA.
  • Eliminates additional documentation if your file is flagged for verification.

After The FAFSA…What’s Next?

  • Some people will get flagged for verification. We will need specific information from you when that happens and we will contact you to let you know what that is.
  • If you have to make corrections to your FAFSA, don’t be concerned there was a possible mistake on the FAFSA, you will be informed if you need to make any changes.
  • If you have any questions, contact your enrollment counselor at 1-800-522-3181.

Christ-Centered Vision

“The Christ-centered vision of KCU both connected me with people whose influence has shaped me to thisday and gave me a foundation in ministry-effectiveness for which I am extremely thankful.”

Kyle Davies, Class of 2013 & 2015

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