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Ministry Openings

The Church Relations Office is grateful for the opportunity to serve churches, organizations and job seekers as they search for a minister/ ministry.

Below is a list of the ministry openings that have been submitted to the Church Relations Office. The openings are provided by the church or organization seeking a candidate and are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Kentucky Christian University. Job candidates should contact the church or organization listed for further information regarding the position(s).

Ministry opportunities are displayed for a maximum of three (3) months from the posting date.

For assistance with the following please contact Jacob Shockey – or 606-474-3277:

  • To request that an opening be removed if filled sooner than three months.
  • Your opening is not filled within three months and you wish it to continue to be available (3-month extension).
  • You need to edit the information provided in an opening.
Church Name Church Location Category Hours
  • Smyser Christian Church Gays, Illinois


    1521 Whitley Point Road
    Gays, Illinois 61928
    Weekly Attendance: 150

    Contact Information

    Smyser Christian Church Chris Wheeler, Chairman . Phone: (217) 519-3060 Email:

    Position Description


    Founded in 1837, Smyser Christian Church is an independent Restoration Movement body of believers. Centrally situated between the communities of Mattoon, Sullivan, Gays, and Windsor, SCC’s country location provides an opportunity for phenomenal evangelism and growth. With an average attendance of 150, SCC provides worship opportunities through both traditional and contemporary services. In addition, programs tailored to the unique worship needs of children are offered from birth through grade 5 by a dedicated group of volunteers. Opportunities for Christian education and fellowship are provided through Sunday school classes, weekly small groups for both adults and youth, and a wide variety of events across all age groups. Believing that our communities are a mission field, we actively engage in outreach through a variety of venues.


    After prayerful consideration, we believe that the following traits will enable the successful candidate to minister effectively to our congregation and to evangelize our communities.

    • Possess a real and genuine love for and interest in the congregation and develop longterm relationships with individuals and families

    • Exhibit the passion, energy, and heart for growing God’s kingdom both in numbers and in the spiritual growth of current believers

    • Effectively, dynamically, and articulately communicate the Gospel both in the written and spoken word

    • Demonstrate a contagious love of God

    • Believe the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God and fully understand and support scripture-based doctrine

    • Passionately embody God’s Word and live out the Gospel in one’s daily life

    • Demonstrate integrity and honesty that is above reproach

    • Lead and work effectively with ministry teams, elders, staff, and congregation

    • Willingly and lovingly devote time to the pastoral care of the congregation

    • View ministry as a calling and not just a “job”


    Send a current resume and a link to a recent sermon to

  • Jonesboro Christian Church Jonesboro, Arkansas


    1700 Loberg Ln
    Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401
    Weekly Attendance: 45 to 65

    Contact Information

    Jeremy Frakes Phone: (870) 935-3845 Email:

    Position Description

    Jonesboro Christian Church Minister Search

    Jonesboro Christian Church is seeking a full time preaching minister to lead the congregation to continue God’s work in Jonesboro, Arkansas and the surrounding area. We are looking for an enthusiastic man that can relate to all age groups and love to bring others to Christ through preaching, teaching, and visitation.


    The minister is expected to prepare and preach sermons each Sunday and teach a Sunday School Class. Duties will also include performing weddings, funerals, and offer pastoral care to the sick, shut-ins and others in need. He must hold fast to Biblical Truths and be motivated to serve.  Be available to the congregation by regular office hours, e-mails, and/or phone.


    Jonesboro, Arkansas is a community with a population of around 70,000 people with excellent health facilities, educational schools for elementary and high schools along with higher education at Arkansas State University.


    If you are interested in this position, please submit a cover letter, resume, and an example of a recent sermon either in audio or preferably in video format, along with your experience and education to:


    Jonesboro Christian Church

    Pulpit Committee

    1700 Loberg Ln

    Jonesboro, AR 72401


    Voice Messages can be left at: (870) 935-3845


    E-mails submissions would be sent to Jeremy Frakes at:


  • First Baptist Church of Olive Hill Olive Hill, Kentucky


    365 East Tom T. Hall Blvd
    Olive Hill, Kentucky 41164
    Weekly Attendance: 150

    Contact Information

    Landon T. Copley Phone: (606) 286-4191 Email:

    Position Description

    First Baptist Church of Olive Hill is seeking a bi-vocational youth pastor/youth ministry leader. Please send cover letter and resume to and call FBC Olive Hill at 606-286-4191 if you have any questions. Below is the job description.


    First Baptist Church of Olive Hill 

    Job Description 


    Youth Pastor/Youth Ministry Leader 

    Bi-vocational/Part-time (Salary: $10,000 – $12,000) 

    15-20 hours a week


    Principal Function: 

    The youth pastor/youth ministry leader is responsible to the Senior Pastor for the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ through developing, implementing, and evaluating a comprehensive program of Youth Ministry (6th through 12th grades) at First Baptist Church of Olive Hill.



    The youth pastor/youth ministry leader must:

    • Be a professing believer in Jesus Christ.
    • Have a daily and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
    • Be called to youth ministry.
    • Be passionate about youth, reaching youth for Christ, and discipling youth.
    • Be willing to meet youth where they are, and relate to them with grace, love, compassion, and concern.
    • Have knowledge of youth culture and trends.
    • Be a team player, willing to work with the Senior Pastor, leaders, and volunteers within the church.
    • Have excellent communication, organizational skills, and be creative.
    • Have the ability to cast a vision for your ministry in compliance with church vision set by the Senior Pastor.
    • Pass a background check.


    Job Responsibilities 

    The youth pastor/youth ministry leader will:

    • Be responsible for the youth ministry, which encompasses 6th through 12th grade for First Baptist Church of Olive Hill.
    • Lead and serve as the main teacher for students on Sunday mornings (Sunday school), Sunday nights (FBC Small Groups), and Wednesday nights.
    • Work alongside the Senior Pastor to plan and implement youth ministry events, programs, and camps. Work alongside other ministry leaders for church-wide events, as needed.
    • Mentor, lead, counsel students.
    • Recruit, train, empower, and groom adult volunteers for the youth ministry. Be flexible, overseeing the developing a ministry for volunteer involvement. Plan, schedule, and recruit adult volunteers for special events, including camps, retreats, lock-ins, fellowship outings, etc.
    • Organize and recommend a budget for youth ministry to the Senior Pastor and Finance Committee.
    • Use social media to promote events, youth ministry, and to interact/contact the kids and parents. Interact with the youth outside of the church whenever possible.
    • Keep parents informed about youth ministry. Partner with parents and guardians regarding youth ministry and youth needs.
    • Keep youth ministry attendance and assist in background checks for volunteers.
  • Rainsville Christian Church Rainsville, Alabama


    3319 Main St. East
    Rainsville, Alabama 35986
    Weekly Attendance: 40

    Contact Information

    Dave Carmen Phone: (256) 638-7280 Email:

    Position Description

    Our minister has retired and we are seeking a full time preaching minister. Ideal candidate would be youth focused but capable of inspiring growth in all ages of the congregation. Normal pastoral duties are required. Needs to be of good moral and spiritual character. Would consider senior year bible college student. Possible help with tuition to the right candidate.

  • Northwest Christian Church Newberg, Oregon


    2351 Villa Rd.
    Newberg, Oregon 97132
    Weekly Attendance: 1500 +

    Contact Information

    Debbie Groat Phone: (503) 538-3104 Email:

    Position Description

    The purpose of the ADVANCE residency program is to give aspiring church leaders an opportunity to further their education and ministry experience. By partnering with Hope International University (HIU) and Newberg Christian Church (NCC), our residents will get hands on ministry training while earning their Master of Arts Degree.

    The ADVANCE residency program consists of 36 graduate units which can be completed while working at NCC.  The cost for the program is $17,415 which can be paid in two semester payments to Hope International University (HIU).  Financial aid and student loans are also available to qualifying students.  Acceptance into the program will be based on the application for the ADVANCE residency program and successful enrollment at HIU.

    Half of the course work (18 units) will be completed online through HIU and half of the course work (18 units) will be completed on the campuses of NCC.


    Through this residency model, HIU and local churches can partner in providing mentoring, evaluation, and supervision for our students through a broad and highly practical learning experience.  This residency is ideal for both graduating college seniors or second career adults looking to enter vocational ministry.


    • HIU online course instruction for 18 units
    • Staff support for online classwork
    • An accredited Master of Arts in Christian Leadership degree upon completion of the program


    • Academic liaison & residency supervisor
    • An internship mentor for each resident
    • Practical ministry classes for residents
    • Housing with a host family for the duration of the residency
  • Southport Heights Indianapolis, Indiana


    7154 McFarland Rd
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46227
    Weekly Attendance: 200

    Contact Information

    Steve Ferguosn Phone: (317) 783-7714 Email:

    Position Description

    Family Ministries Pastor

    Job Description

    The Vision of Southport Heights Christian Church: “Southport Heights Christian Church honors God by loving Jesus, loving others, and inviting all into the adventure of serving Him.”  Abbreviated:  Love God, Love People, Make Disciples.

    Objective: To oversee the Kidventure Island(B-6th grade) and Wired Ministry (7th-12th grade) of SHCC. To equip parents to lead their children spiritually.

    Direct Supervisor:  Sr. Pastor

    Work Schedule:  Regular office hours.  Available for ministry outside of regular office hours.

    Personal Requirements

    A mature relationship with Jesus as Savior and Lord

    Regular practice of spiritual disciplines

    A person of prayer

    Exhibits the fruit of the Spirit and knows how to walk in the power of the Spirit

    Strong relationship skills

    A healthy balance of family, work and rest in their life

    A person of integrity who has a good reputation 

    Agrees with the statement of faith of the Church 


    Talents for equipping leaders and working with teams

    Ability to connect relationally with parents and children

    Talents for teaching and communication

    Willing to work closely with other Ministry Staff and leaders

    Ability to develop and implement strategy

    Willingness and ability to pioneer new projects and inspire others to new initiatives

    Experience in raising a family would be an asset

    Bible College or Seminary degree preferred.

    3-5 years of experience in Youth or Childrenʼs ministry preferred


    Build a discipling culture among Children, Youth, Parents, and Leaders

    Recruit and Equip a team of volunteers in Youth and Kidventure Island Ministries that leads to

    sustainability in these ministry areas (not dependent on paid staff).

    Create a safe environment for Children and Youth that encourages growth in spiritual maturity.

    Encourage and equip parents in their role as primary disciplers of their children. Support them in teaching and mentoring their children in a life of following Christ.

    Develop a Student Leadership Team who will be equipped to lead and make disciples of their peers.

    Integrate Youth and Children into the larger church community. Help foster an “extended

    family” atmosphere where all ages are valued and contribute.

    Work with leaders to develop a coordinated curriculum for all ages that progressively teaches

    and models Love God, Love People, Make Disciples.

    Will be involved in the community and schools

    Recruiting and Supervision:

    Relationships: This is a highly relational ministry and thus priority must be placed on building

    Healthy relationships amongst children, youth, parents, and staff.

    Know the Youth and Children in our church by name as well as their parentsʼ names.

    Participate in community/school events involving Youth or Children.

    Children or Youth and their parents who are new are followed up in a timely manner and made to feel welcome.

    Develop a pattern of relationship building with community organizations outside the church.

    Be accessible to parents as a sounding board and to provide prayer and counsel when needed.

    Events are planned on a regular basis that are engaging not only to church families but also those in the community.

    Enjoy seeing others succeed and grow in their leadership abilities. Must first be an equipper, and secondly a doer.

    Provide volunteer training and receive feedback.

    Regular meetings of adult volunteers and the Student Leadership Team are being held for training, encouragement, and prayer.

    Put together ministry plans, goals and budgets and evaluate progress toward those goals on a regular basis.

    Periodic visitation (hospitals/home care/etc)

    Periodic pastoral care.

    • Additional assignments as directed by church leadership.


  • Howard Christian Church Howard, Pennsylvania


    P.O. Box 465
    Howard, Pennsylvania 16841
    Weekly Attendance: 120

    Contact Information

    Donald Crane Phone: (814) 625-2764 Email:

    Position Description

    Director of Youth Ministry Job Description
    Howard Christian Church, 367 Walnut St. P.O. Box 465, Howard PA 16841

    (814) 625-2764 –

    POSITION: Director of Youth Ministry (part-time – 15-20 hours a week)
                Operational Supervisor: Minister
    General Supervisor: Elders

    Position Purpose:
    To direct and lead youth programming for Middle School and High School age youth. The Director of Youth Ministry shall seek to foster Christian community through building relationships with young people that strengthen their commitment to the church and growth in faith in Jesus Christ.

    Director of Youth Ministry shall:

    1. Provide leadership for and function as the primary staff person relating to the Youth Ministry.


    1. Teach the High School Sunday School Class3. Oversee the recruitment and training of adult volunteers to work with Middle and High School age groups.

      4. Plan and implement age appropriate activities for Middle and High School age youth that promote community through fellowship, fun and faith development. Such activities might include; church camp, small group Bible study, retreats and service projects. musicals and dramatic presentations.

      5. Work with the Youth and Education team in preparation of an annual budget.

      6. Promote Christian service through age appropriate service projects.

    General Responsibilities:

    1. Be a part of the worshiping community of Howard Christian Church on a regular basis, taking part in worship development and youth involvement within the worship services.2. Attend meetings and coordinate youth event with the minister and Youth and Education Team.
    2. Meet regularly with minister at a time mutually agreed upon.4. Coordinate youth activities with other ministries of the congregation in cooperation with staff.

      5. Be in contact with office staff and provide a timely and accurate schedule of Youth activities. Keep the congregation informed of youth events by coordinating the publicity for youth activities through the appropriate vehicles provided by the church. (e.g. Connections Newsletter, special mailings, posters, bulletin announcements, web page, social media etc.)

      6. Encourage young people to participate in all facets of the life of the community of faith at Howard Christian Church, including worship, music, educational opportunities, youth activities, Camp activities, and service projects, etc.

      Working Conditions: The position of Director of Youth Ministry requires great flexibility in hours available for work, including evenings and weekends. The position is a part time, salaried position and while the salary is based upon a projected 15-20 hours per week, the actual number of hours required during any given week are those needed to fulfill the responsibilities of the position. Furthermore, it is recognized that the schedule may vary at different times of the year. It is therefore understood that the Director of Youth Ministry shall:


    1. Maintain some regularly scheduled office hours in order to be accessible to youth, parents, staff and the leadership of the congregation. Must have a cell phone to connect with staff and families of the church.2. Keep the church office informed as to how the Youth Director can be contacted.

      3. Notify the staff prior to all unforeseen and untimely absences from regularly scheduled events, and provide a suitable substitute in the case of anticipated absence (meeting excepted).

      4. In the case of extended time away from the office arrange to receive messages.

      5. Be familiar with and operate within the guidelines set forth in the employee handbook

    Office, phone, computer, voice mail, email, internet services, duplicating and secretarial support is provided by the congregation for work related to this position.

    Qualifications: Since the Youth Director plays a major role in the faith development of the younger members of the church, both as a leader, and as an example, Howard Christian Church seeks a professional leader who has a solid understanding of the foundations of the Christian faith, Restoration tradition and who has a strong desire to nurture young people in the Christian faith. We seek a person who generates new ideas and programs and a person who values a team concept of ministry. Therefore, the following qualifications are desirable.

    1. A dedicated and passionate follower of Jesus.2. The ability to work with youth and adults.

      3. Good organizational and communication skills.


    Please Send Resume and list of three references with contact information to:

    Youth Search Team:

  • Camp Pitt-Pittsylvania Christian Service Camp Chatham, Virginia


    1232 Oxford Road
    Chatham, Virginia 24531


    Contact Information


    Position Description

    Camp Pitt (Pittsylvania Christian Service Camp) is a nonprofit Christian camping ministry of the independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ located approximately one hour south of Lynchburg, Virginia.  Since 1947 Camp Pitt has provided people of all ages with opportunities to grow in Christian discipleship.

    After a long, healthy, and productive relationship with our out-going manager, we are now seeking the next leader who will move Camp Pitt forward in pursuit of its mission.  If you are a collaborative, hardworking, creative, and high-character follower of Jesus and want to make a difference for Christ through Christian camping, visit our website,  Click the Manager Search tab to view a complete position description and submit an initial application.  Only applications submitted through the website will be accepted for this position.

  • Capital West Christian Church Jefferson City, Missouri


    1315 Fairgrounds Rd
    Jefferson City, Missouri 65109
    Weekly Attendance: 520

    Contact Information

    Jeremy Redman Phone: (573) 634-8335 Email:

    Position Description

    Job Description for Student Minister


    Spiritual Criteria:

    • Loves Jesus and a daily pursuit of Christ is evident in their life.
    • Commitment to personal spiritual growth.
    • Commitment to taking a Sabbath.
    • Commitment to developing intentional community and living a life on mission.

    Capabilities and Characteristics:

    • College degree or equivalent experience
    • Passionate about Jesus!!!
    • High relational and emotional intelligence
    • Authentic and transparent are non-negotiable; willingness to share your own failures and brokenness
    • Shepherd and love students
    • Strong coordination, delegation, and motivational skills
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills (written, verbal, and digital)
    • Strong organizational and follow up skills
    • Teachable spirit and willingness to grow – ability to “survey the land” and learn ministry in this context
    • Heart for the lost and community
    • Team player – gets along well with others
    • Partnering with parents and caring for families
    • Collaboration between ministry departments
    • Have a basic working knowledge in technology to download curriculum, run worship software programs (pro-presenter) lighting and sound, check in tablets, and printers.




    Primary Responsibilities:

    • Recruit, develop and train adult leaders.
    • Responsible for making disciples who then make disciples.
    • Act as the primary communicator for Middle School and High School Ministry environments.
    • Provide Leadership of Middle School and High School trips and special events.
    • Recruit, Equip, and Empower Student Leaders [high school students in leadership].
    • Lead, cast vision, and direct our student ministries including budgeting, operations, first impressions, strategic planning, etc.
    • Propose and administer annual budgets.
    • Facilitate open lines of communication between sponsors.
    • Create, develop, and implement strategic and effective student ministry programs including fellowship, worship, biblical teaching, discipleship, and evangelism, as well as ministry and mission opportunities.
    • Maintain contact with students and parents, keeping them informed of ongoing activities, ministry strategies, and plans in a way that encourages partnership and involvement.
    • Oversee the selection/creation of the curriculum for the large group gatherings (Refuel/Collide) for Student Ministries.
    • Lead, plan, and oversee all Student Ministries weekend and week long trips. (High School Retreat, Deeper Life, CIY Believe, CIY Move, NYR, Mexico Mission Trip, Middle School Retreat, etc..)
    • Attend at least 2 weeks of camp at Camp Mocomi (9-12 grade week and 7-8 grade week).  Along with attending help with whatever the deans may need done with teaching classes, lead small groups, games, youth group time, etc.  Along with attend camp board meetings every other month during the school year.

    This job description is not meant to be an all-inclusive statement of every duty and responsibility that will be required of an employee in this position. Therefore, additional duties may be assigned.

  • County Line Christian Church Axton, Virginia


    12711 Chatham Road
    Axton, Virginia 24054
    Weekly Attendance: 225-250

    Contact Information

    Doug Richardson Phone: (276) 650-7004 Email:

    Position Description


    Job Description for Youth Minister


    County Line Christian Church

    12711 Chatham Road

    Axton, VA 24054


    Purpose and Objective

    To plan, execute, and communicate activities and programs aimed at enriching the spiritual lives of youth grades 6-12.

    Required education

    Minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Degree in Bible, youth ministry, or related field is preferred but not required.

    Qualification and Skill Requirements

    • Possesses excellent biblical knowledge and is sound in doctrine.
    • Ability to effectively convey biblical knowledge in a way that relates to teens.
    • Skill at organizing and maintaining Bible lessons, youth group records, timelines/agendas, announcements, budgets, etc.
    • Ability to lead groups of people (including teens) to accomplish a goal.
    • Ability to build effective relationships with all youth (including mentoring of youth) and with parents and other adults.
    • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
    • Skill at public speaking.
    • Skill at visioning and planning for youths and the youth group.
    • Knowledge of and skill at using a personal computer (PC, laptop, notebook, tablet, etc.).
    • Knowledge of and skill at using social media.
    • Knowledge of and skill at using audio/visual equipment and software.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Work under the direction of the Elders in the employ of the church to advance the goals and growth of the church. Unity being a prime factor in the spiritual health of the church, the youth minister must, along with the pulpit minister and any other ministers, consistently promote and preserve the unity of the body at County Line Christian Church.
    • Plan engaging, constructive, and fun activities for the teens – using teen input as well. (for example – service projects, Christian Youth Functions, Bible Camp, Spiritual Growth Workshop, devotionals, mission trips, etc.)
    • Actively participate in the planning and implementation of Vacation Bible School with the Children’s Director.
    • Chair a committee, made up of parents, teens, and other volunteers that will plan, organize and publish a schedule for the year’s events. The committee is to meet a minimum of four times each year.
    • Preach when needed such as Youth Sunday or other days as requested by the elders.
    • Encourage and organize youth group mission trips/work.
    • Prioritize youth security and safety.
    • Plan and manage all aspects of youth trips including room assignments and chaperone assignments. Effectively and diplomatically manage parent and youth push-back to carry out the plan.
    • Prepare well-thought-out Bible lessons and devotionals and effectively communicate them in an energetic and organized way that relates to the teens.
    • Developing a strategic plan for youth group
    • Manage and maintain social media and electronic communication outlets



    Preferred that the minister is married; however, this is not a requirement or screening criterion.


    Periodic travel on weekdays and weekends required for youth group related activities and conferences.


    Commensurate with education and experience.

  • Pleasant Ridge Christian Church Ewing, Kentucky


    9821 Elizaville Road
    Ewing, Kentucky 41039
    Weekly Attendance: 75

    Contact Information

    Ronnie Fern Phone: (606) 748-1080 Email:

    Position Description

    Pleasant Ridge Christian Church is seeking a pastor for shepherd and spiritual leadership of the flock. We have an active church with average attendance of 75. Have Wednesday night youth group meetings and Bible study on Thursday nights. Both our youth director and Bible study leader are having great success with these programs. Please send resume to

  • Lansing Correctional Facility Lansing, Kansas


    301 E. Kansas
    Lansing, Kansas 66043
    Weekly Attendance: 200

    Contact Information

    Lori East Phone: (913) 727-3235 Fax: (913) 250-2762 Email:

    Position Description

    • Plans, organizes and supervises religious and volunteer activities
    • Chaplaincy and Volunteers are working together as a Support Service Division
    • The incumbent meets on a regular basis with representatives from each of the officially recognized religious groups
    • Schedules and provides worship services, visits inmates and staff in hospital
    • Conducts necessary inspections and must learn and follow all security measures for working with inmates

  • Columbia Church of Christ Edon, Ohio


    14832 County Road 1-50
    Edon, Ohio 43518
    Weekly Attendance: 70

    Contact Information

    Jeremy Jones Phone: (419) 459-4846 Email:

    Position Description

    Columbia Church of Christ

    14832 County Road 1-50 Edon, Ohio * Phone: 419-459-4846 * * Jeremy Jones – Minister




    An applicant must:

    • be an immersed believer in Jesus Christ
    • have an Associate’s Degree which includes Youth Ministry, preferably from a Christian Church/Church of Christ affiliated college
    • have a least 2 years of experience working with youth
    • be ordained (or have plans to be ordained) by a Christian Church/Church of Christ Eldership
    • have the abilities and training necessary to fulfill the purpose and expectations of position


    • Salary in proportion to experience
    • ½ Social Security paid by congregation
    • Computer and office space
    • Vacation in proportion to experience
    • 5 personal/sick days annually
    • All major holidays or substitution days for “working holidays”
    • Housing


    • To provide the opportunities and education necessary for those in our congregation under the age of 18to develop into spiritually mature, fully committed Christ-followers through the study of God’s Word, fellowship with the Body of Christ and service to others.


    • Be responsible to, and work under the direction of, the Senior Minister and Elders
    • Oversee and direct (working in conjunction with the appropriate Ministry Teams):
      • Sunday morning youth education
        • Nursery/Preschool
        • Youth Sunday School
        • Worship
      • Midweek youth group
      • Special youth events (VBS, trips, service projects, etc.)
      • Organize, train, equip and encourage members of Columbia Church of Christ to engage in ministry to the youth
      • Develop and lead opportunities to build relationships with the families of youth
      • Make hospital visits for youth and families
      • Participate in 1 or 2 weeks of Summer Camp at Lake James Christian Camp


  • Bedford Acres Christian Church Paris, Kentucky


    5414 Lexington Road
    Paris, Kentucky 40361
    Weekly Attendance: 350-400

    Contact Information

    Jim Hutchison Phone: (859) 707-1794 Email:

    Position Description

    Position Summary


    Bedford Acres Christian Church of Paris, KY is prayerfully seeking an experienced full time Worship Minister.  With a multi-generational congregation of 350-400, Bedford Acres is a church that has a heart for families.  We currently offer a 9:00 am Sunday school, a 10:30 am worship service, and a mid-week Bible study.   The following are a few of the ways you would be asked to serve at BACC:


    Model and lead a heartfelt invitational style worship


    Develop and create a genuine opportunity for congregants to encounter God through worship


    Grow, develop, and support worship team volunteers through recruiting and training within and outside the congregation


    Identify, train, and support media volunteer teams: sound, lights, video, Propresenter, and stage design


    Provide oversight and accountability to the worship budget


    Work with the senior minister and staff to develop a worship program that supports the planned services and events


    Assure that there is an adequate worship team available for each planned service or event.


    Attend scheduled weekly staff meetings


    Insure a measure of cleanliness and organization in the office, on stage, and in the sound booth




    Personal Qualifications


    Must be an immersed believer in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior


    Must be committed to personal spiritual growth


    Must consider this position a ministry, not a job


    Must model standards and expectations of elders and staff members within Bedford Acres Christian Church including attending worship, attending Bible study, and faithfully serving out of your call and giftedness


    Must be experienced in leading worship in a blended worship style setting




    Competitive pay


    Paid Time Off (PTO)


    Annual HSA account


    Flexible schedule


    Bi-weekly pay




    To apply please go to

  • Central Church of Christ Portsmouth, Ohio


    1211 Grandview Avenue
    Portsmouth, Ohio 45662
    Weekly Attendance: 120

    Contact Information

    Dennis Stevens Phone: (740) 353-7139

    Position Description

    Our Senior Minister will be retiring in July of 2020 after a 35-year ministry.  We are in the process of building a new worship facility which should be completed about March or April of 2020.

         Church is looking for a graduate of one of our loyal Bible colleges.

         Contact information:

              Dennis Stevens, Chairman of Elders

              Central Church of Christ

              1211 Grandview Avenue

              Portsmouth, Ohio  45662

              Church phone # – 740/353-5846

              Dennis Stevens # – 740/357-9199 or 740/353-7139

         Candidates may also contact Denny Dawes, Senior Minister for more information – 740/357-7835.

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Opportunity to Use My Abilities for God

“At KCU I was able to learn under the guidance of the best ministry professors and administrators. KCU gave me
my first opportunity to use my abilities for God. KCU gave me an opportunity to excel athletically, artistically, and
academically. But most of all, when I look back on my time at KCU, I will remember the people. I will remember the
smiles, I will remember the laughs my friends and I shared. KCU is a family and one I am very proud to be in.”

Cody Sabol, Class of 2017

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