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The Church Relations Office is grateful for the opportunity to serve churches, organizations and job seekers as they search for a minister/ ministry.

Below is a list of the ministry openings that have been submitted to the Church Relations Office. The openings are provided by the church or organization seeking a candidate and are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Kentucky Christian University. Job candidates should contact the church or organization listed for further information regarding the position(s).

Ministry opportunities are displayed for a maximum of three (3) months from the posting date.

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Church Name Church Location Category Hours
  • Christian Church of Hebron Hebron, Indiana


    P.O. Box 39
    Hebron, Indiana 46341
    Weekly Attendance: 150

    Contact Information

    Elders Phone: (219) 996-2271 Fax: (219) 996-6805 Email:

    Position Description

    The Christian Church of Hebron, Indiana (2010 population = 3724) is a small church currently seeking a qualified recent graduate with a student ministry or related Bachelor’s Degree from a Restoration Movement College or University.

    Job tasks include, but are not limited to:

    1. Fostering the spiritual growth of teens and preteens

    2. Planning, facilitating, and leading student ministry events, programs, and Bible studies

    3. Providing students with group or individual pastoral consultation

    4. Integrating students into fellowship through assigned, mentored, and supervised responsibilities

    Contact the church for further information.


  • Allensburg Church of Christ Lynchburg, Ohio


    7105 Abernathy Road
    Lynchburg, Ohio 45142
    Weekly Attendance: 175

    Contact Information

    Bob Stevens Phone: (937) 364-2962 Email:

    Position Description

    Part time or full time depending on availability.

    Currently 25-30 elementary children in children’s church on Sunday mornings, 5-10 junior/senior high youth on Sunday mornings. During school year a middle school Bible study is held with 30-35 kids present. A student led high school Bible study during the school year runs from 5-18.

    Ministry opportunity to work with elementary grades through high school. Responsible for teaching various age groups at various times, planning activities for the different age groups, and recruiting and working with volunteers.

  • Christ's Hope Ministries and Church Fort Wayne, Indiana


    2818 Carroll Road
    Fort Wayne, Indiana 46818
    Weekly Attendance: 155

    Contact Information

    Phill Foust Phone: (260) 637-1827 Email:

    Position Description

    Christ’s Hope Ministries and Church is looking for a full time youth minister to oversee birth through 12th grade.  Our full time youth minister must be able to equip other youth leaders to develop a plurality of leadership within the youth ministry with all of the young families making Christ’s Hope their new church home.We behave with Christ-like servanthood, we are true to the Bible and we do our best. If you fit that description and you have passion to work with youth in a growing church in the suburbs of Fort Wayne, IN, send your resume’ to

  • CrossView Christian Church Waynesville, Ohio


    4237 E. Social Row Road
    Waynesville, Ohio 45068
    Weekly Attendance: 800-900

    Contact Information

    Kevan Duke Phone: (937) 885-7402 Email:

    Position Description


    This residency is one year in length and may or may not lead to a full-time staff opportunity. This resident will work alongside the Minister of Discipleship in several areas relating to adult ministry, but will specifically focus on discipleship training, content creation, and small groups. The resident will work with the MOD to experiment with and implement changes that will enhance the overall ministry of CrossView, especially as they relate to the following objectives:

    1. Increasing church-wide biblical literacy and belief in the authority of scripture.
    2. Creating content and providing leadership for discipleship training environments.
    3. Strategies for leading the body of Christ into the practice of intentional discipleship.
    4. Modeling, teaching, and embedding discipleship language into the CrossView DNA.

    The Minister of Discipleship is responsible for investing in the resident for spiritual growth, ministry skills, and leadership development.


    Bring a fresh perspective. Model disciple-making. Participate in learning environments. Grow with the team.

    COMPENSATION:  $1600/month

    WORK REQUIREMENTS:  40hrs/week

  • Colonial Heights Christian Church Kingsport, Tennessee


    105 Meadow Lane
    Kingsport, Tennessee 37663
    Weekly Attendance: 400+

    Contact Information

    Phil Roberts Email:

    Position Description

    Youth Minister Job Description

    Colonial Heights Christian Church 


    Position Purpose

    To shepherd a growing Middle and High School Youth Group within the context of the CHCC family—in which lives are revolutionized by the grace and truth of Jesus.

    Position Qualifications

    The candidate must possess:

    • a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent from an accredited college (any exception to this would be considered by the elders on a case-by-case basis);
    • a commitment to Restoration movement principles and the Christian church’s doctrine and practices
    • recent experience and/or education in ministry;
    • giftedness and enthusiasm in working with youth and their families and youth leaders;
    • desire/ability to shepherd young people into salvation, spiritual maturity and a lifetime of ministry
    • the ability to communicate well and maturely via social media, e-mail, phone and in person;
    • integrity, and an ongoing commitment to personal spiritual growth
    • a positive spirit and team mentality;
    • an obvious love for the Lord, His Word, and people.

    Reporting Relations

    Reports directly to the Adult Discipleship and Family Minister, and indirectly to the senior minister, with input and mentoring from the elders.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Goals/Programs: Work with youth/church leaders to a) establish outcome goals for individuals and for the whole youth group, and then b) design weekly programming to achieve those outcomes, and c) execute the plan with excellence

    1. Special Events: Coordinate and execute special events, retreats, camps and mission trips that call young people into salvation, spiritual maturity and/or a lifetime of Christian service/missions
    2. Leadership Development: Identify, recruit, train and utilize a) members of the church to be youth leaders and b) members of the youth group to be student leaders
    3. Outreach & Ministry: Develop outreach strategies and events that connect unchurched youth and their families to the youth group/church, and which utilize gifts/talents for ministry (e.g. youth band)
    4. Relationships: Build strong and appropriate personal relationships with youth and youth leaders in both the church and community, providing or outsourcing Christian counseling as needed
    5. Administration: Demonstrate organization, preparation and accountability in the areas of planning, budget, curriculum, communication/advertising, monthly reports and newsletter articles
    6. Staff roles: Fulfill as-needed duties of a ministerial staff member, in and out of the youth group, such as: preaching and teaching opportunities, weddings or funerals, hospital visitation, evangelistic visitation, Vacation Bible School, community events, Bible Bowl

    Criteria for Performance Evaluation

    Performance will be measured by: the manner in which agreed-upon goals are achieved; the fulfillment of the duties and responsibilities listed in this job description; the quality of relationships with staff, church leaders, church members, guests and the community as a whole.

    Subjective issues will be evaluated by answering the following question: Are the youth of CHCC and this community growing in numbers, decisions for Christ, spiritual maturity, and in commitment to ministry?

  • Delta Christian Church Delta, Colorado


    795 1600 rd
    Delta, Colorado 81416
    Weekly Attendance: 250

    Contact Information

    Will Pruett Phone: (907) 874-4322 Email:

    Position Description

    Delta Christian Church, a 100 year-old, multi-generational, growing (ave. 250/wk), nondenominational and Independent Christian church,  is seeking a Worship Pastor familiar with the Orange Philosophy. Worship Pastor must be willing to lead two services (contemporary) on Sunday mornings and to help develop a worship team for children and youth among other Pastoral duties. Delta is a community of 8,500 in Western Colorado. The vision of DCC emphasizes ministry to children and youth. Salary based on education and experience $33K to $40K. Send letter of introduction with contact information, Resume, and a video sample of you leading worship to

  • First Christian Church Tyrone, Georgia


    294 Jenkins Road
    Tyrone, Georgia 30290
    Weekly Attendance: 200-225

    Contact Information

    Rich DeWees, Senior Minister Phone: (770) 969-7346 Email:

    Position Description

    First Christian Church, Tyrone, GA We are in need of a full-time Youth Minister.  We are looking for a candidate who is in love with Jesus, has the skills and calling to be an effective minister and who has an   obvious passion for Christ, His Church and young people.  This position will be         responsible for developing and implementing a Christ-centered program for all of our young people from the nursery through High School.  You will need to be able to     prepare and teach creative, practical and doctrinally sound lessons to any age group.  You will need to be able to schedule, plan and execute an appropriate calendar of    activities, events and trips for each age group.  This will obviously require the           recruitment and training of teachers, volunteers, sponsors and  any other support    personnel.  Leadership and organizational skills will be critical to long term success.  This position will report to the Senior Minister, under the authority of the Elders.  We have a great Church and a wonderful staff.  We are looking for a team player to blend their heart and gifts with ours to further God’s kingdom.

    Job Description:

    ·         Oversee the effective operation of a dynamic Children’s Ministry.

    ·         Oversee the effective operation of a dynamic Youth Ministry.

    ·         Recruit and Train Volunteers

    ·         Plan, Schedule and Participate in activities, events and trips.

    ·         Teach regularly as needed.

    ·         Endeavor to grow these ministries through marketing and promotion.

    Job Requirements:

    ·         Undergraduate degree from accredited institution

    ·         Committed Christian, with a Christian Church background

    ·         A passion for young people and their families

    ·         High energy level for the demands of growing quality youth programs

    ·         A commitment to excellence and quality

    ·         Willingness to take background check and no prior criminal record

    ·         Social media / internet savvy

    ·         Ability to sing and/or lead worship a plus

    To apply or to receive more information, please contact:  Rich DeWees, Senior Minister at or Steve Lenderman at  or call the church at (770) 969-7346.


  • Union City Christian Church Richmond, Kentucky


    2473 Union City Road
    Richmond, Kentucky 40475
    Weekly Attendance: 190

    Contact Information

    R. Chip Denief Phone: (859) 623-8597 Email:

    Position Description

    Union City Christian Church is a well established, undenominational congregation which embraces the plea to restore faith and practice to the New Testament model. We exist to make it our ambition to be pleasing to Christ (2 Corinthians 5:1-9), to effectively share the hope of Christ so as to make disciples for Him (Matthew 28:18-20), and equip the saints to be complete in Christ (Ephesians 4:12-13, Colossians 1:28).

    Union City Christian Church is located 5 miles outside Richmond KY in ‘Union City’. Demographic studies reveal a rapid and consistent rate of population in our area, making outreach to our community a tremendous tool for evangelism.

    Union City Christian Church is richly blessed by The Lord with a dynamic group of volunteers of all ages, and a very diverse age group of members who are committed  ambassadors for Christ. This environment, coupled with the growth of our community, has provided for growth in attendance/participation as well as multiple areas of spiritual growth and we are prayerfully seeking an associate minister to partner with our eldership, senior minister and congregation in helping reach more people for Christ.

    Inquiries may contact our senior minister via email, mailed resume or phone.
    R. Chip Denief, 2473 Union City Road, Richmond, KY. 40475

    A suitable candidate for the position will exhibit the following:

    Doctrine Beliefs:
    He shall believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and only source of faith and practice.
    He shall believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, our Redeemer and Lord over His kingdom, the Church. Salvation is found in no other name.
    He shall believe salvation is a free gift of God’s grace when a believer professes faith in Christ as Savior and is immersed into Christ for the express purpose of forgiveness of sin and the indwelling gift of the Holy Spirit as God’s seal for our coming redemption.
    He shall believe in the ‘priesthood of the saints’ expressed by every Christian serving Christ in His Kingdom as ‘salt and light’ in the world and ‘ambassadors’ of the Good News of Christ.
    He shall believe in accountability to the overseers (elders/pastors) of the local congregation as spiritual leaders of the congregation.

    Ministry accountability:
    He shall bear the fruit of the Spirit in respect to serving Christ by serving others.
    He shall partner with the Elders and Senior Minister in ministering to and caring for the spiritual needs of the congregation.
    He shall demonstrate transparency and accountability to the Eldership, in cooperation with the Senior minister, to ensure diligence in effective ministry.
    He shall participate in weekly meetings with the ministry staff under direction of the Senior Minister to strengthen efficiency and vision.
    He shall submit an overview of ministry goals/accomplishments in a monthly meeting with the Elders and ministry staff.
    He shall participate in monthly Eldership & ministry staff meetings with the deacons.
    He shall participate in a yearly ministry review with the Elders.
    He shall partner with the senior minister, who shall serve as a mentoring partner with ministry staff.

    Ministry focus:
    He shall assist the Elders and Senior Minister with pastoral care.
    He shall  preach and/or teach as needed and in keeping with personal gifts/skills, under the oversight of the Elders. Regular preaching and teaching opportunities will be provided in cooperation with the senior minister.
    He shall develop ministry tools/programs, to enable/equip parents and families to provide spiritual instruction in the home.
    He shall develop a supplemental structure of learning ‘at church’ such as Sunday school, PM mid-week programs, Bible study, small groups, etc.
    He shall coordinate and participate in youth worship & learning environments during all worship services.
    He shall provide leadership, training, guidance and resources to youth volunteers to ensure successful programs for youth.
    He shall actively engage and participate in activities, programs and outreach in keeping with the vision of the Union City congregation.
    He shall coordinate all family and youth activities, including Vacation Bible School and Fall Festival.
    He shall maintain a disciplined, structured and consistent ‘in office’ schedule to allow availability to people as needed.

    Skills Required:
    He shall demonstrate an enthusiastic love for Christ and love for people.
    He shall demonstrate dedication to doctrinal purity, moral purity and personal spiritual development.
    He shall demonstrate an ability to effectively share the Gospel; proficiency in evangelism.
    He shall demonstrate a strong work ethic, organizational skills and motivation to honor Christ through service, including public and written communication and ‘people’ skills with all ages.
    He shall demonstrate humility and receptivity to oversight and constructive criticism.
    He shall be proficient in technology/computer skills, and in learning software specific to success in his given area of ministry.
    Bible college training (preferred, though not required) from an institution within Restoration fellowship.

    He shall have a reliable, safe, mode of personal transportation.
    He shall have a reliable cell-phone to ensure availability while away from the office during ‘on’ days.
    He shall be provided with a professional work environment, private office and resources necessary to serve effectively in the area of ministry entrusted to his care.

  • Bible Fellowship Church Sebring, Florida


    3750 Hammock Rd
    Sebring, Florida 33872
    Weekly Attendance: 400

    Contact Information

    Todd Patterson Phone: (863) 385-1024 Email:

    Position Description


    Job Description: Worship Minister




    To provide spiritual leadership for the Church’s worship ministries through the gift of music and prayer, through the use of song, multimedia, visual and non-visual performances, and to help the congregation and community understand and experience the love of Christ and develop a strong foundation in faith.




    The Worship Minister shall be accountable to the Board of Elders and under the direct supervision of the Pastoral Staff designee.




    • Plan, design and prepare all worship service music with the Senior Pastor.
    • Supervise and/or lead all worship experiences
    • Exhibit pastoral presence on the platform as well as in daily life, with an ability to engage the heart of people through music and words.
    • Disciple and help develop musically gifted persons, and include a wide variety of qualified musicians in the worship ministry of the church
    • Select music and direct special groups and solos.
    • Provide training for choirs and musical groups.
    • Recruit new members for the music ministry.
    • Supervise all worship and ministry staff and volunteers.
    • Prepare and administer the annual budget for the music ministry.
    • Prepare a monthly report to be presented to the Board of Elders.
    • Attend all pastoral staff meetings.
    • Attend and participate in the monthly Elder’s meetings.
    • Schedule and plan community outreach events involving local and professional talent.
    • Other job related and special requests as assigned by the Pastoral Staff.
  • True Life Community Church Troy, Ohio


    56 Foss Way
    Troy, Ohio 45373
    Weekly Attendance: 340

    Contact Information

    Chris Daum Phone: (937) 332-0041 Email:

    Position Description

    Worship Arts Director

    Posted: 2015-03-17

    This is a full-time position of directing our worship arts ministry which includes directing our cutting edge worship teams in modern worship strongly based in “Hillsong, Jesus Culture, etc” music. We are a strongly media, stage design and technically advanced church start of four years. This position would also include any and all creative communications used to further the message of Christ such as web and church communications. Prior experience in this worship culture is required. You must be well organized and a self-starter and have a deep love for Jesus. With exciting growth, we are now in two services. The heart of all our staff is to serve Jesus with a willingness to be used wherever is needed. If you are looking for a traditional church, we are not it, but if you are looking for a church where the Word of God is made alive, check us out.  Salary package is based on experience.
  • Plymouth Avenue Christian Church Deland, Florida


    1101 E. Plymouth Ave
    Deland, Florida 32720
    Weekly Attendance: 150

    Contact Information

    Chet Rodriguez Phone: (386) 734-9141 Email:

    Position Description

    Plymouth Avenue Christian Church is seeking to fill a full-time Senior Minister position.

    The Senior Minister will be the primary leader, teacher, and visionary and will have a broad responsibility for the spiritual welfare, growth and life of the church in all areas including discipleship, evangelism, and equipping the congregation for service.  The senior minister is to embody the essence of a shepherd and servant leader, and will have extensive experience working in a team environment.

    The essential duties and responsibilities of the senior minister will be carried out in the context of the staff team and ministry leaders. Our intent is that the senior minister will give leadership and oversight and delegate responsibility as appropriate.  These essential duties and responsibilities include, but not limited to, the following: Ministry of the Word, Prayer, Leadership, Evangelism & Discipleship, Shepherding & Teaching, and Pastoral Care. The senior minister will work in conjunction with the elders, ministry staff, and ministry leaders in the implementation of the mission and vision of the church.

    The senior minister should possess a graduate level education from an accredited theological seminary or possess sufficient training acquired through personal mentorship and experience.

    The senior minister should also meet the qualifications for church leaders as described in 1 Timothy.

    Plymouth Avenue Christian Church is a non-denominational fellowship of Christians, aligned with the history of the restoration movement, and bound together by our absolute belief in the precious Word of God and our sincere desire for the unity of all the followers of Jesus Christ.   We have served the beautiful central Florida community of DeLand since 1962.  We are blessed by our location adjacent to DeLand High School and within two miles of Stetson University.  We currently serve the community with two Sunday services, a traditional service and a contemporary service, with an average weekly attendance of about 150.  We are committed to Be His People (Matthew 5:14-16), Reach His People (Acts 1:8), and Grow His People (Ephesians 4:15-16).

    To view the complete job announcement, please visit:

    To apply

    Please send a resume, cover letter, a list of three references, and a web link to a sample sermon either by email to or by mail to:
    PACC Senior Minister Search Team
    1101 East Plymouth Avenue
    DeLand, FL 32724

  • American Indian Christian Mission Show Low, Arizona


    924 Mission Lane
    Show Low, Arizona 85901


    Contact Information

    Angela Solliday Phone: (928) 537-5912 Fax: (928) 537-5620 Email:

    Position Description

    Ministry Description: Classroom Teacher



    Must have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and committed to serve Him faithfully

    Must be in full agreement with and actively support the mission and vision of AICM

    Must be in full agreement with AICM Statement of Faith

    Must be an active member of a local Christian Church type congregation


    Minimum Qualifications


    Bachelor’s degree (preferably in education)

    At least 21 years of age




    Any teaching related certificates

    Have or be willing to obtain certification through the Association of Christian Schools International

    Two or three year’s classroom experience (can be full time, student teaching or substituting)

    Experience working in a cross cultural environment




    To provide a quality education for the students of the American Indian Christian School, and bring glory and honor to God




    Responsible to the Principal.




    Will be evaluated every 6 months during the first year and then at the end of every school year after that.


    Duties and Responsibilities


    • Teach subjects and classes as assigned using curriculum as provided and maintaining clear, concise lesson plans.
    • Attend teacher’s meetings, staff meetings and other programs as assigned
    • Provide tutorial sessions as needed students.
    • Maintain accurate student records such as attendance and grades.
    • Report grades every 3 weeks for a progress report for dorm parents and principal
    • Complete report cards and turn them in to the principal.
    • Maintain proper classroom discipline, taking care of minor problems personally and refer major problems to the principal.
    • Hold conferences with parents of students (twice a year – at the end of the first and third grading periods).
    • Administer achievement tests.
    • Be responsible for year-end classroom cleaning and inventory reporting.
    • Follow and enforce all policies in the staff, teacher and student handbooks.
    • Turn in maintenance requests for any needed classroom or building repairs.
    • Periodically coordinate with dorm parents in regards to any Biblical teaching to make sure that what is taught in the school is reinforced during dorm devotions (this also helps prevent either party from teaching something that contradicts the other).
    • Accept any additional responsibility assigned that is necessary for the successful operation of AICM.




    Work day begins at 7:30 am and ends at 3:30pm or as determined by the principal.  Teachers will report to school for orientation activities the week prior to school beginning and teaching responsibilities will end at 4:00pm on the Friday of the week that school ends.

  • American Indian Christian Mission Show Low, Arizona


    924 Mission Lane
    Show Low, Arizona 85901


    Contact Information

    Leslie Solliday Phone: (928) 537-5912 Fax: (928) 537-5620 Email:

    Position Description

    Apache Christian Connection – Bus Ministry Position



    Must have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and committed to serve Him faithfully.

    Must be in full agreement with and actively support the mission and vision of AICM.

    Must be in full agreement with the AICM Statement of Faith.

    Must be an active member of a local Christian Church or Church of Christ body.


    Minimum Qualifications


    High School diploma

    At least 21 years of age

    Married (this position requires a couple to work together on our bus with Apache kids – paid as a couple)




    Have bus or truck driving experience (however, we are willing to do training)

    Some ministry / mission’s experience

    Degree from a Bible college or other ministry training

    Experience working with children (ages: 5 to 16)




    To bring the gospel to children and families on the Fort Apache Reservation (bringing the hope of Christ to a place of much hopelessness) and to inform Apache youth about the other ministries that AICM offers and/or our partnering church offers (The White Mountain Apache Christian Church).




    Responsible to and functions under the direction of the Executive Director




    Will be evaluated on an annual basis


    Duties and Responsibilities


    • Drive the ACC buses to many locations on the Fort Apache Reservation as scheduled. Pick up kids in the chosen neighborhoods and return them home after the program (lesson & play time).
    • Program: provide Biblical teaching for children on the Reservation using Bible stories, songs, etc. Also, provide games, toys, sports equipment and crafts for kids to use for the play time that follows the Bible lesson.  Age rage: 5 to 16 years old.  Number of kids: varies, usually 15 to 35.
    • Prepare lessons that you and your spouse will teach on the Reservation (teach during the school year).
    • Prepare for and go to special events like the Christmas parade or distributions on the reservation.
    • Make sure that the buses are clean before any trips, that they have the proper fluid levels, and fuel need and report any mechanical problems to the Office Manager. Make sure that the license and registration is up to date on all ACC buses.
    • Make sure that the buses are well supplied for trips (toys, snacks & craft materials). Also make sure there are brochures and flyer on board that talk about the other ministries of AICM like: our boarding school, summer camps and HS retreats.  Make sure that these are distributed at the end of the play time at the sites you go to on the Reservation.  Also give out the brochure that gives information about other ministries that we work with on the Reservation (like the White Mountain Apache Christian Church & the “Kennel” – a Christian youth center).
    • Take Ministry Teams onto the Reservation and help them as need. They will be teaching lessons that they have prepared and play games with the kids after the lessons (most teams come in summer).
    • Communicate with the Ministry Team Coordinator regarding scheduling. Keep a calendar with names of the church teams that are scheduled, date of arrival, number of team members expected and what they want to do: go to different locations or one location to do a VBS program.
    • Accept any additional responsibilities or modifications to current responsibilities that is necessary for the successful operation of AICM and/or the ACC ministry.


    Schedule: Days varies – Time: usually leave AICM around 2:30pm to meet kids after they get out of school.

  • Langley Christian Church Hampton, Virginia


    175 Fox Hill Rd
    Hampton, Virginia 23669
    Weekly Attendance: 60-80
    Website: http:/

    Contact Information

    Chris Diersing Phone: (757) 851-7334 Fax: (000) 000-0000 Email:

    Position Description

    Langley Christian Church in Hampton, VA is seeking the Spirit-filled man God has prepared to shepherd our congregation as we continue to CONNECT people with Christ and each other, EQUIP them to make disciples to share the Gospel, and SERVE each other, the community and the world! Our vision calls for a strong leader to preach, teach, disciple, train and serve alongside our ministry leaders and members to reach the local community and beyond. Hampton is located in coastal southeastern Virginia at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay between Williamsburg and Virginia Beach. The area includes the bay and several rivers with plenty of water sports and activities, rich historical attractions, entertainment venues, local and resort beaches, technology and research companies, and a strong military presence with several bases in the region. (submit resumes to:, along with salary requirements by June 15, 2015)

  • Batesville Christian Church Batesville, Indiana


    1294 Columbus Avenue
    Batesville, Indiana 47006
    Weekly Attendance: 300

    Contact Information

    Steve Yeaton Phone: (812) 934-5147 Email:

    Position Description

    Minister of Youth and Family Life
    Batesville Christian Church (Batesville, Indiana)

    A core value of BCC is that discipleship of the next generation happens best in the home (Deut. 6:6-7//Ephesians 6:4). To that end, a primary purpose of the Minister of Youth and Family Life will be to equip, empower, and encourage parents to disciple their children, as well as raising up and equipping other adults in the congregation to serve as spiritual mentors of the next generation. Any candidate interested in this position should have a well thought out philosophy of family life ministry and what that looks like on a practical level.
    Alongside implementing the Family Life model, the Minister of Youth and Family Life will be responsible for overseeing the development of ministry to/with middle and high school youth. He will also serve as the point person for the Children’s Ministry. The Minister of Youth and Family Life will also participate in pastoral care/some preaching/etc. as needed as part of the ministry staff.
    BCC is a growing church, currently averaging 300 in worship that currently employs a full-time senior minister, full-time minister of worship and discipleship, and a part-time administrative assistant. The church is in the completion stage of an educational wing expansion project. Batesville, Indiana, a town of approximately 6,500, is located in southeastern Indiana, approximately 45 minutes west of Cincinnati off of I-74. Batesville is a small, but thriving small town within easy reach of Cincinnati and Indianapolis.
    Compensation package is competitive with or without a 3 bedroom parsonage.
    To be considered for this position, please submit the following information:
    1) One page document with your personal philosophy of Family Life Ministry.
    2) Picture of yourself (and family if applicable – names are helpful too).
    3) Resume.
    Please submit all of the above mentioned all attached to one email to or mail the above items to Batesville Christian Church, c/o Steve Yeaton, 1294 Columbus Avenue, Batesville, IN 47006. For more information on the church, please check out our website: .

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