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The Church Relations Office is grateful for the opportunity to serve churches, organizations and job seekers as they search for a minister/ ministry.

Below is a list of the ministry openings that have been submitted to the Church Relations Office. The openings are provided by the church or organization seeking a candidate and are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Kentucky Christian University. Job candidates should contact the church or organization listed for further information regarding the position(s).

Ministry opportunities are displayed for a maximum of three (3) months from the posting date.

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For assistance with the following please contact Jeff Greene ( or 606-474-3298):

  • To request that an opening be removed if filled sooner than three months.
  • Your opening is not filled within three months and you wish it to continue to be available (3 month extension).
  • You need to edit the information provided in an opening.
Church Name Church Location Category Hours
  • New Life Christian Church Winchester, Virginia


    2930 Middle Road
    Winchester, Virginia 22602
    Weekly Attendance: 200

    Contact Information

    Kraig Bishop Phone: (540) 723-0030 Email:

    Position Description

    New Life Christian Church is looking for a passionate individual to join our team and serve as our Children’s Pastor/Director.  Our current team is made up of: full-time Lead Pastor, full-time Teen Pastor, part-time Secretary, and part-time Children’s Director who is transitioning out of the position.  With the right person and God’s guidance, we believe this position can grow to full-time within a few years.  Please submit a resume and references if interested.

  • Taylorville Christian Church Taylorville, Illinois


    1124 North Webster Street
    Taylorville, Illinois 62568
    Weekly Attendance: 350

    Contact Information

    James C. Jones Phone: (217) 824-6621 Email:

    Position Description

    Taylorville Christian Church ( is seeking a Minister of Connections to join its staff and lead its Small Groups and Involvement ministries.  The leadership of TCC believes that small groups will be a key to helping people connect with God and with others.  The Connections Minister will develop a strategic plan to take the current small groups program and expand it significantly.  The Connections Minister will also help develop a clear path from a guest’s first visit to becoming an active participant in the life of the church.


    A highly qualified candidate will hold a seminary degree and will have experience leading a small groups or involvement ministry.  He/she will be equipped to recruit, teach, and lead volunteer leaders and will be passionate about helping TCC continue to fulfill its mission to love God and love others both in Taylorville and beyond.


    TCC is a 50-year-old congregation of 350 which continues to have a growing, productive ministry.  Taylorville is a town of 10,000 and is located in central Illinois within easy driving distance of Springfield and Decatur.
    All submissions should be sent to or mailed to ATTN: James C. Jones, Taylorville Christian Church, 1124 North Webster Street, Taylorville, IL 62568

  • Campbellsville Christian Church Campbellsville, Kentucky


    302 Lebanon Avenue
    Campbellsville, Kentucky 42718
    Weekly Attendance: 360

    Contact Information

    Rodney Booe Phone: (270) 465-5571 Fax: (270) 465-5577 Email:

    Position Description

    The Campbellsville Christian Church (Campbellsville, Kentucky) is seeking a full-time Student Minister to show Christ’s love to students grades 6-12 and their families.  A quality candidate will be a Godly individual who is teachable, team-minded, passionate about reaching and discipling teens for Christ, and, most importantly, faithfully leading their own walk with Christ well.  Preference will be given to candidates who have graduated with a degree from a Bible college and have previous experience in church ministry.  Campbellsville Christian is a church with an average worship attendance of 360 located in a college-town community of ~11,000 people.   Compensation package commensurate with experience/ability. All interested applicants are asked to email their resume to:


    Rodney Booe – Lead Minister
    Campbellsville Christian Church


    302 Lebanon Avenue
    Campbellsville, KY 42718

  • Lakeport Christian Church Moore Haven, Florida


    10947b East State Road 78
    Moore Haven, Florida 33471
    Weekly Attendance: 75

    Contact Information

    Stephen Click Email:

    Position Description

    Seeking an ordained minister from the independent Christian Church/Church of Christ.  We are a small church in SW Florida that has a deep history and averages around 40-50 during the summer months, up to 150 during January-March.  A rural community located on the shores of Lake Okeechobee that is rich in outdoor activities. Preferred candidate would have a four year degree from a Bible college.  3 BR/2 bath parsonage included.  Please send resume to:  Elders, Lakeport Christian Church, 10947 E State Road 78, Moore Haven, FL 33471-5068 or via email:

  • College Church of Christ Fresno, California


    1284 E. Bullard Ave.
    Fresno, California 93710
    Weekly Attendance: 300

    Contact Information

    AJ Sanchez Phone: (559) 558-7660 Email:

    Position Description

    The youth minister’s responsibility is to be the primary leader of our stu- dent ministries, taking an active and visionary role (a) in guiding the junior high and high school students of the College Church and its extended community down the path of spiritual development in Christ Jesus, and (b) in helping them live out the mission of God in meaningful ways in their homes, schools, neighborhoods and workplaces. The youth minister will be part of a collaborative staff and ministry team that is guiding an entire church out of the attractional model of the past into the missional model of increasing engagement with our context for the sake of expanding the Kingdom of God.

  • Fifth Avenue Christian Church Havre, Montana


    2015 Fifth Avenue
    Havre, Montana 59501
    Weekly Attendance: 450

    Contact Information

    Frank Donato Phone: (406) 399-0151 Fax: (406) 265-6306 Email:

    Position Description


    Fifth Avenue Christian is looking for a full-time Associate Minister of Worship.  FACC is  located in Havre (northern Montana) and is currently running around 450 people.  We are a church that simply wants to love God and love people.  We seek a man to lead our weekend worship services and music teams as well as oversee our weekly home groups.
    Job Description Worship Minister:
    (1.  Music preparation for weekly services.
    (2.  Scheduling and recruiting band and vocal members.
    (3.  Weekly band/vocal rehearsals.
    (4.  Work with student and college ministries in area of worship.
    (5.  Help people  develop a lifestyle of worship while experiencing God.
    Other Responsibilities:
    (a.  Share in pastoral care ministry, through weddings, funerals, and benevolence needs.
    (b.  Occasional preaching as needed.
    Check out our website at:
    If interested, please send your resume to …
    Job Requirements:
    Salary package is competitive and available upon interview.  A detailed job description is available upon request.
    Application Requirements:
    resume with references to …
  • Plum Creek Christian Church Rushville, Indiana


    4011 East 550 North
    Rushville, Indiana 46173
    Weekly Attendance: 200

    Contact Information

    Bob Hoel Phone: (765) 645-5058 Fax: (000) 000-0000 Email:

    Position Description


    This position will be referred to as Senior Minister. The Senior Minister will, with the Elders, lead the overall program of the Church, as well as oversee the daily operations of the Church staff.


    The Senior Minister communicates and reports directly to the Elders of the Congregation.




    The Senior Minister will provide primary leadership to the Congregation by inspiring the Church’s activities in a way that will glorify God: by promoting Christian growth within the Body, and outreach to the community. This leadership will be focused on meeting the goals and objectives of the Congregation as established by the Elders, being especially sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.


    Duties and Responsibilities:


    1. Feeding the Flock: This is the Senior Minister’s primary responsibility. It assumes that he himself will remain spiritually nourished and that a significant amount of his time will be devoted to prayer, Bible study, learning opportunities, as well as other activities that will promote his spiritual growth.


    1. Preaching: Preaching will be the Senior Minister’s primary tool of leadership. Sermons should teach, encourage, motivate, and correct when necessary. He will monitor, be responsible for, and have primary input to all that happens in the pulpit (including scheduling of guest speakers).


    1. Worship Services: The Senior Minister will play a primary role in working with the Worship Elder and Music Ministry Leader to develop worship services that will honor God and bless His people.


    1. Pastoral Care: The Senior Minister will seek to maintain contact with people who have special needs, whether physical, spiritual, or emotional. He will provide encouragement and comfort in such times of need by visiting in people’s homes, hospitals, nursing homes, funeral chapels, or wherever the need should be. He will also communicate those needs to the Elders, so they and the Congregation can participate in the pastoral care of the Church.


    1. Teaching: The Senior Minister will teach where he has opportunity, seeking to instruct in areas where his knowledge and gifts can best be used.  The Senior Minister will work with the Education Elder to develop education programs such as Christian education, Bible studies, and small groups to encourage continuing Christian formation in the Congregation.
    2. Counseling: The Senior Minister is encouraged to apply the Word of God in personal contexts as he has opportunities to counsel people. Where situations are particularly complicated or potentially time-consuming, he is encouraged to refer to appropriate professionals.



    1. Evangelism: Evangelism is an important work of the Senior Minister since he serves in the role of evangelist (2 Tim. 4:5)


    1. The Senior Minister will work closely with the Outreach areas of ministry, helping develop opportunities for connecting people to the Church.


    1. The Senior Minister will model personal evangelism in his own life by sharing the gospel with individuals with which he has opportunity to witness.


    1. The Senior Minister will promote personal evangelism within the Congregation through his preaching, and by leading evangelism training classes as needed.



    1. Administration: Since the Senior Minister is involved in the daily overseeing of matters of the Church, he is responsible for much of the day to day administration of the Church and its staff.
    1. The Senior Minister is responsible with the Elders for creating the vision of Plum Creek Christian Church and casting it before the Congregation.


    1. The Senior Minister provides regular input to the Elders regarding future planning needs and opportunities which he believes are necessary to enhance the growth of Plum Creek Christian Church.


    1. The Senior Minister meets each week with the staff to discuss matters of planning, and problem-solving.


    1. The Senior Minister generally maintains weekday office hours between 9-5 PM, except for meetings, calls, or other pastoral duties that may call him away from the office.


    1. The Senior Minister meets regularly with the Elders and Ministry Leaders to determine ministry assignments and monitor progress of ministry programs.



    1. Church-At-Large: Since the local body of Christ is part of the Church “universal,” the Senior Minister is encouraged to participate in ministries and programs that recognize the larger Body of Christ.


    1. Minister’s Associations: The Senior Minister will seek to be identified with appropriate minister’s groups that will provide encouragement and resources for ministry and that will demonstrate the essence of Christian unity.


    1. Other Church related boards/ministries: The Senior Minister may serve in these activities with approval from the Elders, understanding that they should not take precedence over responsibilities at Plum Creek Christian Church.
  • Chandler Christian Church Chandler, Arizona


    1825 S Alma School Rd
    Chandler, Arizona 85286
    Weekly Attendance: 2500

    Contact Information

    Anna Martin Phone: (480) 963-3997 Fax: (480) 963-4229 Email:

    Position Description

    In full coordination with the mentoring pastor, the intern will receive one full day off each week plus part of Saturday. The intern will be at the church for all main weekend services, including Children’s services: 5-6 pm Saturdays and 8 am – 1 pm on Sundays. The weekly office expectation is a minimum of 30 hours as scheduled in conjunction with the mentoring pastor. 45 hours is a standard work week. Additional days off will be granted, especially after a busy season of ministry. The intern will be available to help coordinate and conduct programs/events as directed (flexibility is imperative).

  • Montague Church of Christ Montague, Prince Edward Island, Canada


    513 Main Street
    Montague, Prince Edward Island, Canada c0a2b0
    Weekly Attendance: 100

    Contact Information

    Robbie Jenkins Phone: (902) 687-2690 Email:

    Position Description

    Montague Church of Christ, an Independent Christian Church, is seeking a Preaching Minister.  We are in Montague, Prince Edward Island, Canada. A town with a population of 5000, servicing 20,000, about a five hour drive north of Maine. Farming, fishing and tourism are the main industries. Attendance is approximately 100 at our Sunday morning service. Our facility will seat 300.
    Candidate must hold a bachelors degree from a college affiliated with the Christian Church/Church of Christ and have at least five years experience in preaching ministry.
    Candidate must be passionate about relevant preaching, discipleship, community outreach, prayer, and personal spiritual growth. He must have strong leadership skills, works well with others, is organized and will lead the church in  spiritual and numerical growth. Salary $50,000.
    Additional staff include a part-time youth minister, and secretary. If you feel God is leading you to our church, please send a video/audio sermon, your resume, and recent picture to:
    Robbie Jenkins
    PO. box 74 Souris, PE. Canada c0a2b0
    Phone: 902-687-2690
  • Northside Christian Church Columbus, Georgia


    9801 Whitesville Rd.
    Columbus, Georgia 31808
    Weekly Attendance: 120

    Contact Information

    Greg Webb Phone: (859) 230-3325 Email:

    Position Description

    NCC is a healthy, growing church looking for a man to lead it’s Youth and Children’s ministry, with special attention to be given to discipleship. He must be theologically conservative and be in agreement with historic restoration doctrine. Competitive salary commensurate with experience.

  • Blanchard Church of Christ Blanchard, Pennsylvania


    161 Beech Street
    Blanchard, Pennsylvania 16826
    Weekly Attendance: 350-400

    Contact Information

    Russel Moldovan Phone: (570) 962-2423 Fax: (570) 962-2040 Email:

    Position Description

    The Pastor of Middle & Senior High will lead students to knowing God and making Him known. Accomplished primarily through recruiting, screening, equipping & empowering a youth team who will join the Youth Pastor in: leading students to Jesus Christ, discipling students in a strategic manner, creating opportunities for students to learn Christian leadership and by building a positive growth environment for them in the Church. All duties should be performed based on the Spirit of Service requirements. All other tasks as assigned.

  • Pathway Christian Church Port Richey, Florida


    11820 Nature Trail
    Port Richey, Florida 34668
    Weekly Attendance: 70

    Contact Information

    Mike Bryant Phone: (727) 862-2488 Email:

    Position Description

    Worship Leader

    Pathway Christian Church is looking for a worship leader that is ready to bring their God given talents to take our worship ministry to the next level.

    The Worship Leader should have a growing and dynamic faith in Christ, lead a Christian lifestyle and have a passion for music and ministry.

    Worship leader will be under the leadership of the Preaching Pastor and Elders of the church.

    Qualities we desire in an ideal candidate are:
    Leadership ability—able to work with musicians, vocalists and church leadership.
    Theologically grounded—able to support firm bible doctrine as understood by Christian Churches.
    Musically trained—able to read and understand music from a variety of genres and generations, with particular emphasis on contemporary music, contemporary arrangements of traditional hymns and own original music.

    Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
    Weekly staff meeting to plan Sunday services with Preaching Pastor.
    Supervise all volunteer vocalists, musicians and other staff.
    Lead worship services for our 10:30am service also including special Holiday events.
    Lead weekly rehearsals and grow our volunteer worship team.
    Manage equipment, instruments and music including copyrights and library of music in easy worship.
    Draft and manage the budget for music and media ministries.
    Schedule special music (soloists, ensembles etc.).

    Be an active participant in a LifeGroup at Pathway Christian Church.
    Other responsibilities as agreed upon under the direction of the Preaching Pastor and Elders.


    Compensation: This is a part time position with a salary commensurate with experience, education and the salaries for similar positions in other churches in our area.


    Previous experience leading worship and the ability to play guitar and/or keyboard is preferred.

    Please provide a resume with 3 references to a picture of you and recent (6-12 months) recording (DVD/video link) of your talents.


    Contact: Mike Bryant, Preaching Pastor

    More information about Pathway Christian Church can be found at

  • Glendale Christian Church Glendale, Kentucky


    P. O. Box 35
    Glendale, Kentucky 42740
    Weekly Attendance: 300

    Contact Information

    Jeff Gaines Phone: (270) 369-7874 Email:

    Position Description

    Glendale Christian Church is searching for a talented, creative, and passionate leader who loves authentic worship and wants to see others connected to Jesus through a meaningful weekend experience.  Our diverse church averages 300 people each Sunday and we have a strong desire to lead more and more people to love and follow Jesus!  We are looking for that key person to oversee all worship and creative arts, taking our services to the next level!

    This is a paid (full time or part time) position and is available immediately.  Compensation is commensurate with experience.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Deeply love Jesus in words and actions
    2. Ability to sing and play a musical instrument
    3. Confidently provide and lead contemporary worship music
    4. Computer skills including the ability to use worship media
    5. Degree in music preferred

    Please send resume and cover letter to Glendale Christian Church, PO Box 35, Glendale, KY 42740 or email

  • Central Christian Church Rockford, Illinois


    6595 Guilford Road,
    Rockford, Illinois 61107
    Weekly Attendance: 350

    Contact Information

    Tom Bailey Phone: (815) 985-4789 Email:

    Position Description

    Central Christian Church C is currently looking for a part-time Worship Leader for our blended worship service. We seek to have a service of worship that emphasizes a variety of elements and styles that focuses on giving glory to God and inspiring our church family to full participation in the mission of God.  We strongly desire to serve our community by showing the love of God.

    A qualified candidate must believe the Bible is our one true and final authority for faith and practice, and be doctrinally sound in Restoration Movement beliefs.  He must demonstrate a passion for Christ and His Kingdom, and seek to grow in that relationship with Christ through personal spiritual discipline, education, accountability, and public service to His Kingdom.

    As a member of our ministry staff, the worship minister will apply his gifts and skills in every way that he can to help CCC fulfill its mission:

    Central Christian Church exists to glorify God by reaching people for Jesus and growing them in the Holy Spirit, both locally and globally, so that His kingdom may expand.

    The primary focus of this position is worship leadership.  Key responsibilities will be to serve as developer, coach and administrator of the music and other worship arts components over the entire worship ministry of the church for all age groups.

  • West Corbin Christian Church Corbin, Kentucky


    1125 Gordon Hill Pike
    Corbin, Kentucky 40701
    Weekly Attendance: 50
    Website: http://

    Contact Information

    Richard Garcia Phone: (606) 528-7411 Email:

    Position Description

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