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Here at Kentucky Christian University we are eager to come alongside church ministry staff to help, encourage, and support the work that you are doing within your congregations, youth groups, and communities. Many ministers find themselves wanting to host a worship or outreach team for a worship service, retreat, youth rally, or other event. However, their resources make it hard to do so.

KCU has a worship outreach team called Elevate that does just that.

Elevate is a team of five members that strives to create an environment of authentic, Spirit-filled worship as one body encountering God. These students offer their talents and gifts as a group of worship leaders and speaker. Elevate is made up of vocalists that play the keyboard and acoustic guitar, a lead guitarist, a bass player, drummer, and sound technician. Though each Elevate member varies in backgrounds and future life plans, they share the same passion for ministry.

Over the past year four years, Elevate has been invited to share their ministry talents in numerous churches, retreats, youth rallies, and camps. Their audiences have spanned all age groups.

This outreach team is free of charge to travel and serve your church body. We only ask that you assist in housing the members if an overnight stay is needed. We are also willing to send additional students who are trained as part of our ministry outreach teams if you are looking for more hands to help, speak, and interact with students.

Elevate would love to share their hearts for ministry, introduce your students to KCU, and be an inspiration to your congregation as a whole. If you would be interested in having them come visit and share at your church or event, simply fill out the form below so we can work out a date that works best for you. We are currently filling Elevate’s schedule for the 2016-2017 school year and are doing so on a first come, first serve basis.Bekah Bryant

We look forward to hearing from you and partnering with you in making Jesus known! Further Questions? Please contact Bekah Bryant at or 606.474.3288.



Elevate Booking Form

Prepared for the World

“Whether I continue working in Learning and Development, Organizational Effectiveness or choose another route altogether, my Humanities degree prepared me for the world, because it prepared me for deeply engaging with people, meeting them where they are and understanding their needs across all levels.”

Lindsey (Leach) Simpkins, Class of 2005


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