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Marion and Felicia Clifton
Arab World Outreach

Marion (KCU class of 2012) and Felicia Clifton are followers of Jesus that founded Arab World Outreach in 2016 with a simple mission in mind: promote Jesus. They’ve seen Jesus change their life and 1,000’s of others in just the short few years they’ve followed Him. They want to take this same message of hope to everyone in the Arab world. They are passionate about covering the Arab world in prayer, mobilizing followers of Jesus to engage in all spheres of life to make a difference, and sharing the life and teachings of Jesus with every Arab on the planet. Here is Marion’s story:

I recently had a great conversation with my barber. He is from Lebanon and began cutting hair when he was 14 years old. He came to escape the violence and poverty of his home. He just got his GED and is beginning to go to college. We try to stay connected as much as possible. He informed me just last week that I’m one of the only Christians he knows.

We believe that Jesus loves Arabs! Yet they are one of the least reached peoples in the world. Less than 6% consider themselves followers of Jesus and 94% of them have little to no access to the Gospel. We will not stop until every Arab hears about Jesus. That’s why we started Arab World Outreach. It’s a ministry in the largest concentration of Arabs outside of the Arab world. We make disciples and plant church-planting churches. Located in the Metro-Detroit area, we believe this is a gateway to reaching the rest of the Arab world. We have already begun seeing the beginning of this.

We have seen God do some amazing things since we got started just under one year ago. Because of the amazing support of friends and family, especially those of you at KCU, you raised over $28,000 to plant churches in Arab communities. And because of this, you were able to connect 45 people to the Gospel (some for the very first time). We believe this year is going to be even better! We’re so excited to have recently launched our Movement Makers campaign. We’re looking to recruit 1,000 people to give just $10 a month to support church planting in Arab communities. 

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Marion CliftonMarion Preaching

Nate and Whitney Hutchison
Church Planters to New Zealand
Class of 2002


We began working toward our first project in New Zealand in 2006. TEN YEARS AGO?! We can’t thank you enough for enabling us to support and plant new churches in New Zealand. Take a few minutes to watch some highlights from the past 10 years and a quick greeting from Reuben Munn, Senior Pastor at Shore Community Church: watch video.


Independent Baseline

By Kyle Chancellor Staff writer of The Gallup Independent of Gallup, New Mexico

For most people, the thought of running 100 marathons in 100 days sounds impossible. But for one Michigan man, it’s just another day at the office. Daren Wendell (KCU Class of 2003) has been likened to the character Forest Gump by many, and not without good reason. For the past 11 years, he has been participating in long distance endurance events across the country. In 2009, Wendell with friend Amie Hadaway, founded the organization Active Water, an organization whose goal was to use the athletic lifestyle to raise money to bring clean water around the world. And since 2009, Wendell has biked as well as walked across the country, hiked the Appalachian trail, swam 50 miles across lake Michigan, completed the Ironman Challenge as well as many other marathons and half marathons; all in the name of fundraising for clean water.

Independent Baseline

In 2014, Wendell’s organization joined forces with Lifewater International, a Christian organization that has been bringing clean water to impoverished areas since 1977. The combination of organizations have helped bring water to communities in Malawi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Uganda and Cambodia. This current campaign will raise money to help people in Ethiopia. Despite all of his past experience, his latest endeavor hasn’t been a walk in the park. “I started training two years ago for this,” said Wendell as he sat resting in his team travel trailer in the Red Rock campground Saturday evening after his 30 mile run and a quick jaunt up Pyramid Rock. Before even beginning his current cross country attempt, Wendell completed over 3,800 miles in training, sometimes running 40 miles each evening after work.Independent Baseline

But now, he feels strong and is improving. “After the first few days, I was just so exhausted. But now it’s better. I am getting stronger every day.” As he talks about the miles he’s passed and the people he’s met along the way, Wendell stops to say that even though the run is impressive, the miles aren’t what is important. “This run will benefit Ethiopia for a lifetime,” Wendell says. The goal of $100,000 will go directly to providing clean water and sanitation for 2,500 individuals in Ethiopia. But where Lifewater differs from other organizations is the way that they go about providing clean water for the people they help. Rather than buying fancy, expensive water purifying gadgets that are complicated to operate and often break down after implementation, Lifewater has pioneered the idea of teaching the native people how to clean and sanitize their water, as well as proper hygiene techniques. These processes are put into place in hopes of helping people not just for a while, but for the rest of their lives. Wendell will continue his run until April 10, when he hopes to end the event in Times Square in New York City with 100 marathons run in 100 days, $100,000 raised and 2,500 lives changed for a lifetime.

To support Daren and his clean water initiative for Ethiopia visit

Well Equipped

“I look back at my four years at Kentucky Christian University often and fondly. The classes were relevant, the professors were genuine, and the campus was focused on the schools mission: Christ, Character, Career. I was well equipped to minister to and lead worship in the hundreds of congregations we visit each year as the band “64 to Grayson”. If I went back and was faced with the choice to go to KCU again, I would do it in a heartbeat.”

Zack Shelton, Class of 2013

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