The Voice

The Voice is a publication of Kentucky Christian University.

Spring 2018 – The Voice: Making A Difference
Summer 2017 – The Voice: Giving Back
Summer 2014 – The Voice: Prepared to be World Changers
Winter 2013 – The Voice: Why KCU Now?
Summer 2012 – The Voice: Covenant Churches: Committed to Students
Winter 2012 – The Voice: The Way Forward
Spring 2011 – The Voice: World Changers
Summer 2010 – The Voice: Faithful Partners
Winter 2009 – The Voice: For the Good of the Cause… The Next Chapter
Summer 2008 – The Voice: A Top Value Among Christian Colleges
Winter 2008 – The Voice: Leadership that Makes a Difference
Summer 2007 – The Voice: The Dick Damron Story
Winter 2006 – The Voice: Celebrating Community
Summer 2006 – The Voice: Summer 2006 Edition
Fall 2005 – The Voice: School of Nursing Graduates First Class
Summer 2004 – The Voice: Commemorative Edition
Winter 2003 – The Voice: Equipping Servant-Leaders to Serve and Lead Like Jesus
Spring 2003 – The Voice: 20 Years (Keeran School of Education)
Winter 2002 – The Voice: Encouraging One Another During Difficult Times
Spring 2002 – The Voice: Generation to Generation
Summer 2001 – The Voice: Covenant
Spring 2000 – The Voice: Tribute to J. Lowell Lusby
Fall 2000 – The Voice: Pray the Lord of the Harvest…

Prepared for the World

“Whether I continue working in Learning and Development, Organizational Effectiveness or choose another route altogether, my Humanities degree prepared me for the world, because it prepared me for deeply engaging with people, meeting them where they are and understanding their needs across all levels.”

Lindsey (Leach) Simpkins, Class of 2005


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