The Voice

The Voice is a publication of Kentucky Christian University.

Spring 2020 – The Voice: International Students Prepare to Reach Around the World
Fall 2019 – The Voice: KCU Welcomes Dr. Terry Allcorn as Sixth President
Summer 2019 – The Voice: 100 Years
Spring 2019 – The Voice: The Early Years: Christian Normal Institute
– Fall 2018 – The Voice: Keeran School of Bible and Ministry
– Summer 2018 – The Voice: Celebrating the Class of 2018
– Spring 2018 – The Voice: Making A Difference
– Summer 2017 – The Voice: Giving Back
Summer 2014 – The Voice: Prepared to be World Changers
Winter 2013 – The Voice: Why KCU Now?
Summer 2012 – The Voice: Covenant Churches: Committed to Students
Winter 2012 – The Voice: The Way Forward
Spring 2011 – The Voice: World Changers
Summer 2010 – The Voice: Faithful Partners
Winter 2009 – The Voice: For the Good of the Cause… The Next Chapter
Summer 2008 – The Voice: A Top Value Among Christian Colleges
Winter 2008 – The Voice: Leadership that Makes a Difference
Summer 2007 – The Voice: The Dick Damron Story
Winter 2006 – The Voice: Celebrating Community
Summer 2006 – The Voice: Summer 2006 Edition
Fall 2005 – The Voice: School of Nursing Graduates First Class
Summer 2004 – The Voice: Commemorative Edition
Winter 2003 – The Voice: Equipping Servant-Leaders to Serve and Lead Like Jesus
Spring 2003 – The Voice: 20 Years (Keeran School of Education)
Winter 2002 – The Voice: Encouraging One Another During Difficult Times
Spring 2002 – The Voice: Generation to Generation
Summer 2001 – The Voice: Covenant
Spring 2000 – The Voice: Tribute to J. Lowell Lusby
Fall 2000 – The Voice: Pray the Lord of the Harvest…

Spring 2020 – The Voice:  International Students:  Preparing to Reach Around the World

Lifelong Friends

“At KCU, you have the opportunity to make lifelong friends with other faculty, staff and students.  I know for
me, these friendships will continue into eternity as these will be some of my treasures stored in heaven.”

Dr. Mitch Marshall, KCU Professor

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