Alumni Events



Join us for KCU’s first digital, interactive, online Youth Ministry Crash! Pre-recorded interview sessions with Damian Boyd will be followed by breakout groups and problem solving. As always, we believe the local youth minister is the expert in their own context, in our creative format is designed to bring that expertise to the front and provoke great conversation, challenging questions, and practical idea.




Join us as we celebrate the graduates of 2020 and 2021.






Join us for a tour of the original Cane Ridge Meeting House, the birthplace of the Restoration Movement.




We love connecting with fellow alumni at the International Conference on Missions. Come find us at Booth 533.


Lifelong Friends

“At KCU, you have the opportunity to make lifelong friends with other faculty, staff and students.  I know for
me, these friendships will continue into eternity as these will be some of my treasures stored in heaven.”

Dr. Mitch Marshall, KCU Professor

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