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Licensure Disclosure

While Kentucky Christian University strives to be in compliance with state licensure requirements where University programs are offered, KCU cannot guarantee whether a specific course or program meets requirements for professional licensure in a student’s state of residence. Licensure requirements are established by each state’s respective board(s) and must be met to be licensed. The student is advised to contact their applicable licensing board(s) to determine if the program meets requirements for licensure in the student’s state of residence.

SARA authorizes Kentucky Christian University to offer its programs in member states, there is however the possibility that other state requirements not covered by SARA (such as requirements from state licensing boards) could necessitate the restriction of certain programs in certain states. Please note that should a student choose to enroll in a restricted program in a particular state, there may be restrictions that could affect the student.

To determine if an online program is available in a specific state, please refer to the Kentucky Christian University-Yancey School of Nursing-Online Nursing Program Approval by State document.

If you have questions about Kentucky RN or APRN licensure, please contact the Kentucky Board of Nursing. .  For RN and APRN licensure questions in other states, please contact the respective state board of nursing at the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

A full list of all applicable state board contact information can be found at: Professional Licensure Directory | NC-SARA

The Yancey School of Nursing cannot guarantee all students can take the NCLEX-RN or national family nurse practitioner certification exams as that is the decision of state boards of nursing and certifying organizations respectively.  This is particularly important for students with offenses on their background checks.  There are also clinical sites that prohibit students with certain offenses from completing clinical hours in their facilities.

For additional information, please email the Yancey School of Nursing at nursing@kcu.edu.


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Kentucky Christian University-Yancey School of Nursing-Online Nursing Program Approval by State.


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