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A Major Built Around You

Musicians and music professionals often bring unique strengths and abilities to the table, and thus, it is our desire to help you discover and master your unique gifts.  At KCU, you will have the opportunity to develop into the musician you desire to be. With a choice of majors from music business to worship, to pre-graduate studies and performance, you can choose a program that matches your goals and unique talents.

A Stimulating Culture

choir rehearsalThe KCU School of Music has intentionally designed a stimulating learning environment that both challenges students through rigorous academic coursework and empowers them through one-on-one instruction, serving to unlock your full potential. KCU also has inspiring and challenging directors who will help you achieve your best work. Likewise, fellow students will encourage you as you contribute in worship bands and small ensembles.


Experienced & Encouraging Professors

steve with zack IMG_5186KCU music graduates will tell you that our professors gave them quality attention and encouragement. Large universities may use graduate students to teach many undergrad classes, but KCU’s professors devote primary efforts to all levels of instruction.



Performance Opportunities

At KCU, students often explore several different opportunities to perform and grow as a musician. Students can join the Marching Knights, the Concert Choir, Ars Nova (acapella vocal group), or one of our spring band ensembles such as the jazz band. In addition, KCU produces a drama/musical yearly.

pep band musical









Challenging Curriculum & Instructors

“The KCU Humanities curriculum and instructors challenged me to open my thinking beyond purely existing in a world to being intentional about living with active situational awareness and using critical emotional intelligence to process my writing, my development and other facets of my work.”

– Lindsey (Leach) Simpkins, Class of ’05

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