School of Biological Sciences


1. What careers can I pursue with my biology degree?

A career in biology would enable students to pursue opportunities in most all areas of the
medical field such as medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician
assistant and veterinary medicine. Outside of the medical professions, students could pursue
further job opportunities in the areas of bioengineering, ecology, public health and the health
department, the forestry service , science teaching, soil conservation, state or federal parks and
medical technology. A graduate could find employment as a botanist, zoologist, animal or science
photographer, microbiologist, wildlife biologist or marine biologist. Government opportunities with
exist with the Department of Agriculture or the Environmental Protection Agency.

2. Why choose KCU to study biology?

At KCU, students will be challenged by a well qualified and diversified faculty. The science faculty
view your vocation as an expression of your faith and will strive to provide the student with a unique
Christ-centered education. The ultimate desire is for every student to develop spiritually and
academically. Students enjoy the smaller student faculty ratio of 16 / 1 which enhances individual
attention and mentoring.

3. How long will I need to complete my degree?

Students who follow the suggested four year curriculum map should have no difficulty in
completing the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology within a four year time frame.

4. What are my chances of getting in to a professional school or graduate school after graduating from KCU?

Nearly 100 percent of KCU biology students have entered a professional school or
graduate program. Occasionally, some students have gained acceptance before completion of the
four year degree.

Well Equipped

“I look back at my four years at Kentucky Christian University often and fondly. The classes were relevant, the professors were genuine, and the campus was focused on the schools mission: Christ, Character, Career. I was well equipped to minister to and lead worship in the hundreds of congregations we visit each year as the band “64 to Grayson”. If I went back and was faced with the choice to go to KCU again, I would do it in a heartbeat.”

Zack Shelton, Class of 2013

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