Graduate Degrees

Master of Arts in Religion

The purpose of this program is to provide a generalist academic degree which allows the student to survey Biblical Studies, theology and ministry. This program is solely online.

Course Requirements (36 Hours):

Introduction Class (3 Hours)

  • FND 500 Introduction to Research Online

Ministerial Classes (9 Hours)

  • BTH 531 The Minister as Pastoral Care Leader
  • CMN 521 Christian Education in the Local Congregation
  • CMN 513 Contemporary Preaching Styles

Theology (9 Hours)

  • BTH 521 Theology of C.S. Lewis
  • BTH 505 Systematic Theology
  • BTH 526 Apologetics

Biblical Studies (15 Hours)

  • BNT 543 1 Corinthians
  • BNT 594 New Testament World
  • BNT 520 Mark
  • BNT Archaeology and Biblical Interpretation
  • BOT 525 Old Testament Theology

Final Project

  • Portfolio: Each MAR student will develop an online portfolio of work during his/her graduate career at KCU and will culminate with a capstone paper which integrates several components of the portfolio.

Thriving in the Classroom

“Learning how to teach from a Christian perspective has taught me to face the challenges of the classroom with a positive attitude, rather than the negativity the world so often throws at us. KCU’s education department prepared me to not just survive my first year of teaching, but to thrive.”

Lela Ratliff, KCU Class of 2013

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