Institutional Assessment

If you are investing your life and funds to receive a college education, you want to make sure that education provides a quality, fulfilling experience.  Newer regulations on outcomes measurements, while often intricate and labor intensive, give you a better picture of how current students are doing and what you might expect if you attend that institution.

The Office of Institutional Assessment at Kentucky Christian University is responsible for collecting and disseminating the information that could help you to understand more about the university.  As an accredited institution we provide numerous reports to a variety of agencies that assist us in representing the institution to potential and current students, their families, or supporting partners.

How we are doing is measured against our mission statement:

“The mission of Kentucky Christian University is to engage students in a transformative educational experience that equips them as effective Christian professionals providing servant leadership for the church and society.”

Director of Institutional Assessment

Federal Regulation 4.1

Lifelong Friends

“At KCU, you have the opportunity to make lifelong friends with other faculty, staff and students.  I know for
me, these friendships will continue into eternity as these will be some of my treasures stored in heaven.”

Dr. Mitch Marshall, KCU Professor

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