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Kentucky Christian University and Cincinnati Christian University Announce Merger Discussions

Kentucky Christian University (Grayson, KY) and Cincinnati Christian University are two schools that, though separated by only 100 miles, share much in common: similar heritages, constituencies, Christian missions, and student bodies. While the institutions have been healthy rivals for decades, that rivalry, always steeped in mutual admiration and respect, is now turning into unprecedented collaboration.

The boards of trustees of both schools have voted to collaborate deeply, beginning with a management consultancy agreement through which executive leadership at KCU will offer leadership assistance at CCU. The preferred future for both schools is consolidation, creating one of the largest Christian colleges among Independent Christian Church institutions of higher education.

Both KCU and CCU hold commitment to their respective regions and constituencies as a high priority. Even while sharing leadership for programs that are remarkably complementary and moving toward merger, the universities anticipate maintaining both physical campuses and university identities.

Merger will require approval by several entities, including accreditation agencies, financial institutions, and trustee boards. 

FAQs for Students

Q:  What does this announcement mean for me as a student?

A:  This commitment to a future partnership between Kentucky Christian University and Cincinnati Christian University will only enhance the future of both institutions. We will be stronger together. In the current academic year, programs and courses will continue in the same way, both on undergraduate and graduate levels. In future years, there may actually be increases in potential degree offerings, drawing from the unique strengths of each university’s programs.

Q:  Does a “merger” mean that either CCU or KCU will cease to exist?

A:  Quite the contrary. It is anticipated that the universities will each maintain their respective campuses and identities. Together, however, we would become one of the largest Christian universities among our fellowship of Independent Christian Churches.

Q:  What will happen to our athletic programs?

A: The plan is for each school to field its own sports teams. There will still be CCU Eagles and KCU Knights. The competition will remain spirited, but between two even closer members of a same family.

Q:  Why not just have each school continue to operate independently?

A:  It is growing much harder for smaller universities to remain financially strong in today’s world. But together, as a united university with over 1,400 combined students, we can enjoy a far more stable future. There are even ways in which we can reduce how much it costs us to do many things by sharing resources.


Q:  When will we get more information about plans?

A: Now that this initial announcement has been made, we will continue to keep you posted and have opportunities for you to ask further questions.

Q:  How do the leaders of both universities feel about this new partnership?

A.  The Trustees (the governing bodies) of both schools voted unanimously to take this course. The executive leaders of both universities have also been actively engaged in the study process. All have strong confidence that this is the wisest course for each school for a strong future.

Thriving in the Classroom

“Learning how to teach from a Christian perspective has taught me to face the challenges of the classroom with a positive attitude, rather than the negativity the world so often throws at us. KCU’s education department prepared me to not just survive my first year of teaching, but to thrive.”

Lela Ratliff, KCU Class of 2013

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